What Is The Best WordPress Hosting Site?

Best WordPress hosting site. I'm sure the answer varies and it is highly dependable to individuals. For me, I have my fair share of experiences using shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting and even virtual private servers (VPS). In this post, I'm going to share with you the best WordPress hosting sites based on price and more importantly, server performance.

The Best WordPress Hosting Site

Top choice: WP Engine - Excellent performance and customer support

Plans: As low as $35 per month (25,000 visits)

Advantages using WP Engine

Limited Time Offer - 2 Months Free

Disadvantages using WP Engine


Secondary choice: FlyWheel - Affordable pricing and unique billing feature

Pricing: As low as $14 per month (5,000 visits)

Advantages using FlyWheel

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Disadvantages using FlyWheel


Third choice: SiteGround - Excellent pricing with a scaled down performance

Pricing: As low as $3.95 per month

Advantages using SiteGround

Try affordable WordPress hosting with SiteGround.

Disadvantages using SiteGround


New entry: Kinsta Hosting - Blazing fast servers powered with Google Cloud Platform

Pricing: As low as $30 per month

Advantages using Kinsta

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Disadvantages using Kinsta hosting


What is the best WordPress hosting site?

Personally, I would choose for WP Engine as my first choice. For the price of $35 a month, I can rest assured that my sites are always protected and secured. More importantly, downtime is never a problem and the support team over at WP Engine is willing to go beyond simply because they could. For me, this is definitely a deal breaker as I do not want to be charged for every support I require. Take a look at this post and you will understand why.

If you are a web developer, FlyWheel (or GetFlyWheel) is a great choice for you because it provides easy billing features. In other words, you can transfer the charges over to your client through FlyWheel's dashboard. There is no more mess and you can focus on the thing that you are best in ... which is designing the site. The downside of FlyWheel is the plans are pretty much similar to WP Engine and therefore, you will get a better deal when using WP Engine instead. The Tiny plan from FlyWheel allows up to 5,000 visits in a month and let's be real honest -- that is really insufficient for most bloggers.

SiteGround is the lowest in the comparison tier. While the low plans are great for starters and beginners, the servers are optimized for WordPress hosting but they are still shared web hosting. This means that it is NOT managed WordPress hosting and you will get lower performance servers when compared to WP Engine and FlyWheel.

Last but not least, the newest entry is Kinsta hosting. Kinsta offers a simple solution for both entry level websites and business websites. With pricing starts at $30 per month, Kinsta offers top notch VPS performance (thanks to Google Cloud Platform) and inbuilt cache plugin that makes your website loads insanely fast. Plus, the support team is available 24/7 via live chat to answer all your doubts and challenges you may face in web hosting.

What do you think? Leave a comment below and tell me which web host you are currently using!

Comparing Synthesis And WP Engine With Zero BS Review

When it comes to choosing the best managed WordPress hosting, nothing come close to both WP Engine and Synthesis by CopyBlogger. With both the hosting offering top-notch services and tons of juicy bits to boost your website speed, I know how hard it is to decide.

This site has been running on both Synthesis hosting and WP Engine for sometime now and thus, I believe that I am in a very good position to share my view points on both the WordPress hosting. Yes, there will be no cover ups and no bias in this write up which I hope this will benefit those who are deciding to get either WP Engine or Synthesis web hosting.

Synthesis web hosting by CopyBlogger

Synthesis web hosting review

Synthesis is often considered all-in-one package for managed WordPress hosting; performance and pricing under one roof

Synthesis is managed by the team behind the popular, Genesis Framework and child themes. Since I am a huge fan of Genesis, Synthesis was the first managed WordPress hosting for me. With CopyBlogger's industry standards, all hosting plans come with a full 30-days money back guarantee and you can cancel anytime without any questions.

The lowest plan starts at $27 per month to have your WordPress site hosted on Synthesis and each plan comes with Scribe SEO and W3 Total Cache Pro (will explain in a minute). The current Synthesis discount is 10% of the total bill if you decided to pay quarterly.

1. Why is Scribe SEO good?

This is a pretty cool SEO tool for those who are serious in SEO. For your info, I have long been using Scribe SEO and having this SEO tool incorporated into my hosting plan is definitely a dream come true. Read more on Scribe SEO here.

2. The real deal about W3 Total Cache Pro

w3TC Pro is a premium service which is great because it provides Fragment Cache feature. This is a feature exclusively for Genesis Framework users only and it basically turbocharge your website performance between 30 - 60%. Source.

3. Site Sensor and Sucuri scanning

All Synthesis hosting plans comes with Site Sensor which will automatically scans your site to ensure that your site is up 24/7. A simple downtime and you will automatically get an email notification on that.

And now you ask ... how cool is that?

Sucuri is also a great addon as it will automatically scan your WordPress website(s) once every 6 hours. This doesn't only help build a safer website but as well as you know that your site is in good hands.

Synthesis Hosting Plans

Starter plan:

Professional plan:

Advanced plan:

Enterprise plan:

WP Engine - The most popular managed WordPress hosting

WP Engine hosting review

WP Engine offers scalability and top-notch performance ... plus bulletproof security features

When you talk about managed WordPress hosting and WP Engine could be the most mentioned hosting on search engines.

So, what is WP Engine?

At the first look, WP Engine certainly looks more superior than others in terms of WordPress premium hosting. WP Engine promises superior WordPress hosting and on top of that, 60 days money back guarantee.

Not convinced enough?

Nearly all WP Engine staffs know their 'thing' when it comes to WordPress and hosting. This means that you could be talking to the billing team and still ask them for WordPress guidance.

WP Engine offers EverCache Technology, scalable hosting service, free restoration of website if you ever get hacked and of course, the all-time-famous Staging Area. If these sounds weird to you, the below are the explanations.

1. EverCache Technology

Worry not about cache plugins when you hosted at WP Engine. With EverCache technology, WP Engine does all the caching for you and this means good bye W3 Total Cache and Super Cache plugins. Source.

2. Scalable hosting services

If you are ever worried that your site might go down due to high traffic, WP Engine could be your choice. WP Engine hosting environment is very scalable where your site does not goes down even if the traffic is hitting the roof.

3. Top notch security and hacked sites

When you are using WP Engine to host your blog, you do not need to worry about being hacked. However, just assume that if your site (ever) got hacked, WP Engine will restore it for you ... for free. Period.

4. Staging area

This is the only hosting provider that provides a staging area for clients. For example, you can deploy new pages, themes, plugins or widgets without worrying about your site crashing down. Once you are happy with the changes done, you can easily copy the staging area to your live site with just a click of a button.

5. International datacenters

For all WP Engine clients, you are able to select one out of three international datacenters to host your files; United States, United Kingdom or Japan. This means that your website will load faster for your visitors ... regardless where they are!

WP Engine Hosting Plans

Personal plan:

Professional plan:

Business plan:

Premium plan:

Comparing WP Engine vs Synthesis hosting

With the above comparison, you can easily see that both Synthesis and WP Engine are basically on par with each offering something more 'unique' than another. To make things easier, here are a few of the important decision making factors:

1. The amount of traffic

Allow me to be very clear on this. Synthesis is offering 2,500 daily traffic and WP Engine is 25,000 visits per month. A simple calculation will show that the Synthesis is offering 75,000 traffic monthly which is the clear winner here.

One thing you should consider about WP Engine is that the visit counts are calculated based on interactions; This means that human visits and bot / crawlers are both calculated into the visit counts. For those taking WP Engine starter plan, make sure you perform a quick calculation to ensure that you will not go over your plan. If you ever go over your plan, you will be charged $1 for every 1,000 traffic at WP Engine.

Winner - Synthesis

2. Web hosting features

Web hosting features is one of the biggest factors that distinguish both the web hosting. For starters, Synthesis dashboard is very simple and while WP Engine offers a much detailed one.

Synthesis Web Hosting dashboard

Synthesis dashboard is clean and simple

WP Engine Dashboard

WP Engine dashboard is filled with more lots of data and latest WP Engine news


WP Engine's selling point is rather different compared to Synthesis. At WP Engine, they promise top-notch hosting and excellent cache system. As a matter of fact, what attracted me the most about WP Engine hosting are the EverCache technology and the staging feature. Staging feature is a great tool especially if you are constantly changing your theme while EverCache is a great advantage for those who are looking for a fast and scalable web hosting.

Synthesis offers Scribe SEO and W3TC Pro (fragment cache) which are extremely great for both website loading speed and SEO ranking. Comparing the lowest hosting plans, Synthesis offers pretty much everything out of the box for both beginner and professional blogger. The biggest advantage using Synthesis is that it offers Site Sensor and Sucuri scanning which are great for security. I love to consider Synthesis as a all-in-one package for performance, SEO and security. While Synthesis doesn't have staging area, it offers clients to backup their site using Database Snapshot. Basically, this is one great 'one button' backup feature for Synthesis.

Winner - Draw

3. Web hosting support

When it comes to support, both are pretty impressive and I totally dig into them. With over 8 years experience in customer service, I am really a hard customer to please.

Personally, both support teams are equally good but WP Engine has an edge over Synthesis with the Live Chat feature. With that, you are able to address your issues to a support agent immediately without needing to pull a hair. Synthesis support works on emails only and when it comes to problem solving, I believe live support is always the best solution.

On average, it would take about 30 minutes to an hour for WP Engine staffs to reply to my tickets while at Synthesis, it would take around 1 to 3 hours to have an email reply. Therefore, WP Engine is slightly superior over Synthesis when it comes to response time.

Winner - WP Engine

4. Website loading speed

Both WP Engine and Synthesis offers below 1.5 seconds loading on a highly optimized theme. I noticed that WP Engine is loading about 0.05 to 0.1 seconds faster than Synthesis. With the small variance of under 0.1 second, I don't think it is worth to judge. This is a definite tie as both offers blazing fast speed.

Just to add, WP Engine is powered by EverCache technology while Synthesis is working closely with W3 Edge team on W3 Total Cache Pro version.

Winner - Draw

5. Ease of setup and migration service

Setting up and migrating from one hosting to another is relatively easy with both of these hosting companies. For those who have limited expertise, you can find a team of migration companies at your service recommended by both WP Engine and Synthesis.

Migrating to Synthesis is done by Fantasktic at $99 per migration while WP Engine has a truck load of companies offering migration service at an affordable price. If you are tight in budget, you can easily opt for my WP Engine self-migration guide or the step by step tutorials are available on the main website.

Winner - Draw

6. Best value for money hosting

Synthesis is offering 10% discount on the quarterly bill while WP Engine is offering 2 months free (by default) when you sign up for a yearly plan. WP Engine is definitely a better value for money in terms of discount as 2 months free provides more saving than the 10% flat discount. Furthermore, WP Engine has limited time offers from time to time. For example, they are offering 4 months free hosting in conjunction with Cyber Monday 2013.

However, Synthesis has something under its sleeves too. Synthesis has Scribe SEO, W3 Total Cache Pro, Site Sensor and Sucuri scanning where they packed quite a value into the hosting plans.

However in terms of forking out your own money, the constant discount provided by WP Engine proves to save me slightly more money compared to Synthesis.

Winner - WP Engine

My decision - Synthesis vs WP Engine hosting

For me, this is a tough call to decide. I knew I have to decide and I ended up with WP Engine Professional hosting at $99 per month. With CDN service inclusive, I knew this is probably the best choice for me to go with.

I had in fact, fallen in love with WP Engine staging area feature and it is a must for any bloggers who customize their sites. Everything can be done easily without worry and I have absolutely nothing to worry about crashing my site anymore.

Here's what I think.

WP Engine is expensive but you are definitely paying more than just service. Ask the support staffs on anything and they basically sort it out for you. If you think that you need help with codes, they do it for you too ... for free! That's what WP Engine is all about.

If you are looking for a managed WordPress hosting with affordable price, Synthesis is definitely a good price. For starters, they are already selling cheaper than WP Engine. Don't forget that with Synthesis web hosting is configured accordingly to make Genesis powered sites running blazing fast. This is definitely a great deal for your money.

60 days money back guarantee >> Try WP Engine and get 30% off hosting today!

WP Engine HappyNewHost14 Special Offer

The final decision has to be based based on your own requirements. Basically, if you are a developer who needs a lot of 'space' for modifications and testing, WP Engine is definitely the best bet for your money with the almighty staging area. If you are looking for more visitors but a lower price hosting package, Synthesis could be a better choice.

30 days money back guarantee >> Try Synthesis and get 10% off your quarterly bill!

Don't take my word for it though as my web hosting expectations might not the same with yours. When it comes to deciding between WP Engine or Synthesis, it is best if you put serious consideration on traffic, performance and features.

Oh wait! If you can't decide, both hosting comes with money back guarantee (trial period) and thus, you have nothing to lose!

So, which web hosting will best fit you? Tell me using the comment form below!

The Best Managed WordPress Hosting - WPEngine Review

When it comes to the best fully managed WordPress hosting, nothing comes close to WPEngine.

Before we go into detail, a fully managed WordPress hosting is great for bloggers or webmasters who are lack of technical skills.

This is because managed WordPress hosting companies take care of your website speed, up time, updates and many more.

If you are a business owner or serious blogger, you have only two options. Hire a system admin to manage your website which will cost you a bomb, or you can use managed WordPress hosting.

What WPEngine can offer?

Why do you need managed WordPress hosting?

Let's take a look at the advantages below.

1. Website security

With the numbers of WordPress sites being compromised yearly, you can finally rest your worries when you are using managed WordPress hosting service.

These web hosting offers very tight security layer that actively scans for malware and block all hacking attempts.

2. Support is just a click away

At WPEngine, all their staffs are highly trained and they know 'stuffs'. So at anytime you need any assistance, they are there for you. It is like having an army of WordPress experts on your side for assistance.

3. Good bye downtime

With managed WP hosting, your website will probably not go down ... at all. Do you remember when was the last time your site went down and how long it took to get back on?

WPEngine servers are strong enough to withstand a sudden burst of traffic and thus, your site is always up.

4. Blazing fast website speed

This hosting servers are specially configured for WordPress. Therefore, you know that your website is always on 5th gear 24 hours a day, 7 times a week.

5. Daily database backup service

WPEngine handles all backup service for your website and thus, you do not need to worry about installing a backup plugin for the matter.

Do you know that WPEngine also offers a 1-click restore point if you ever want to revert?


6. Automatic cache a.k.a. EverCache Technology

Google says they lose 20% of their traffic for each additional 100 milliseconds it takes a page to load. Speed matters. Google also incorporates your page-load time into your site's search rankings. Faster sites win, literally. That's why WP Engine custom-built our EverCache technology to deliver WordPress fast enough for Google, and at scale. - WPEngine

The Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Honestly, there is no web hosting company that comes close to what WPEngine can offer.

Large companies such as HTC, foursquare and SoundCloud uses it. Therefore, you know your money and trust is in safe hands.

With a 60-days money back guarantee, I see no reason why you shouldn't give it a go.

Current promotion: Use special offer "HappyNewHost14" and get 30% discount for your first managed WordPress web hosting service! <-- Promotion lasts until 31/12/2013 only.

Or click on the banner below to see what WPEngine is all about!

WP Engine HappyNewHost14 Special Offer


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