Written by Reginald Chan on August 2, 2020

Proven Ways to Market your eCommerce Business

Marketing is an essential growth aspect of eCommerce businesses. Since you operate virtually, your clients will only know of your progress through your marketing efforts. New clients will also learn about your business through the marketing techniques you adopt. 

Therefore, you should choose the right channels to market your online business strategically while still saving substantial advertising costs. If you just started an online store, read on to know the best marketing tips you can adopt. You can initiate these strategies on your own, or seek the help of eCommerce marketing experts if necessary. 

Use Social Media

Social media has made marketing easy. It connects businesses to a global audience and gives small firms the ability to compete with established firms. Some social media platforms also allow customers to interact with entrepreneurs through live features. The best social media platforms for your eCommerce business could include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Each platform operates differently and exposes you to a different audience. Understand how each platform works, create business accounts, and market your business. Follow the right people and actively interact with them.

Invest in Strategic Relationships

Find the leading players in the industry and connect to them. These could be influencers, established entrepreneurs, or people who have already made it in the industry. Like their posts, follow them, and even retweet their posts. Besides influencers, you might also form a business relationship with reputable marketing sites and agencies. The leading sites use the performance-based advertising model to help you get the best of your eCommerce marketing. You only pay for the results you get, thus allowing you to get the best from the marketing. Find out the best people or sites you can trust, follow them, and find out they can help your business grow.

Start Your Blog

Blogging is an exciting way of interacting with your clients. When you start the blog, you will increase your business visibility and gain a competitive advantage. You will only need to start the right type of blog, choose the content wisely, and write informative articles. You may write the articles yourself, or hire experienced freelancers to help in the blogging. For excellent marketing results on your blog, use the content which provokes your readers to reply. Also, use internal links to direct people to your site. The right content will keep your readers informed and will also help in marketing your eCommerce business.

Invest in a Website

Your online business should have a good looking website. The website should contain all the business information products and services offered. Your website should also include the strategies you use to satisfy your clients. You can create the website on your own, although a web designer would do it better. The designer should add the right features that make the site attractive but also informative as well. If the site is well developed and designed, it will look trustworthy and attract more clients. Don't forget to include the CTA section to help your clients contact you with ease. The CTA should be short and informative.

Encourage Reviews

Many customers consider the site reviews before they make a buying decision. This means that a business with many reviews gets more traffic compared to those without reviews. A site with reviews also shows that the company is trustworthy, and the products are credible. However, many customers may not leave the reviews, unless you encourage them. When you transact, encourage them to leave their remarks regarding the product and services. Appreciate the positive reviews and reply to the negative reviews well. Also, do not hide negative reviews. Let them stay on your site, provided that you have given the right replies. Learn from the reviews, too, and make the necessary changes.

Improve Your SEO Strategy

SEO improves the visibility of your online store if you use the right keywords. You should find out the standard terms your clients use when searching for products online and add them to your content. For instance, if you sell shoes online, your content should mention your shoe business, location, etc. You might not readily guess the right keywords, and that's why experts advise entrepreneurs to use the keyword finder apps. When you use the right keywords, you will enhance your visibility, increase your traffic, and boost your eCommerce store's profitability.

Optimize For Mobile

You should improve the responsiveness of your website if you wish to attract many people. Today, the number of people with smartphones and other mobile devices surpasses those with computers and desktops. 

Consumers, therefore, get online by using the handiest tool- which is their mobile phone. Therefore, your site should be easy to access via the mobile phone to win more people. Optimize the right features too to simplify the user experience.

Consider Pay Per Click Advertising

Probably, you are wondering why you need PPC marketing when you have great keywords. The PPC ads support your SEO and make your business more visible. The best way to gain from PPC marketing is by using Google AdWord or the other tools which display the ads. You will not pay anything if people do not click on your ad. If you choose the right keywords, more people will click on your ads, and you will increase the exposure of your online store.

Email Marketing

You may also advertise your online business through email. To start, you will only need to collect your loyal customers; you can also ask your new customers to leave the emails. Create a solid list of the emails, and send them regular updates regarding your business. For motivation, you may include coupons, discounts, and other lucrative deals to the customers who leave you emails. Alternatively, you may ask them to subscribe to your email. In this way, you will keep them attached to your business, and you increase the success of your business.

The eCommerce world changes daily. The techniques which work for you may not be valid tomorrow. To stay relevant, you should adopt the changing technology and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly. Work closely with digital marketing experts and follow the above tips to enhance your online business's success.

Article written by Reginald Chan
A meticulous entrepreneur by nature and a serial entrepreneur. Founded a few awesome startups including Marketing Lancers, WP Maven and TheMarketingHuddle.com. Reginald is a sought-after success coach, digital marketing consultant and TEDx speaker from Asia. Currently, he teaches others how to make money online for free.

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