Introducing Easy Affiliate Plugin for Membership Sites

Are you an online business owner that has missed out on the opportunity to generate income? Do you want your own affiliate marketing program or are just curious as to what it entails? It’s very likely that if so, then 30% of increased revenue is being lost from this opportunity!

Affiliate programs can be a good way for internet marketers with their own products and services to increase sales and broaden brand awareness across the web. All they require time wise may not even put them at risk in terms of money or effort spent by themselves.

Having your own affiliate program is the easiest and fastest way to increase sales, broaden brand awareness across the web through power of referral marketing. The best part? It requires very little time or effort – you could literally make money while sleeping!

What Is Easy Affiliate?

Easy Affiliate is the latest WordPress plugin that runs out-of-the-box on your existing WordPress eCommerce website. Its powerful and out-of-the-box features allow you to make money from your existing website without any additional work.

What Does Easy Affiliate Do?

Easy Affiliate helps increase sales by making it easier for customers to refer friends, family members or anyone with an email address as a potential customer. For every referral that becomes a customer, the referring party receives a referral fee.

Why Is Easy Affiliate An Excellent Choice For Website Owners?

MemberPress, by extending Easy Affiliate as an affiliate program for its membership sites, provides a unique solution to the problems other affiliates present.

Affiliate programs are becoming more popular, especially since they’ve become easier to manage. Easy Affiliate ranks above all other affiliate programs because it is affordable and has most of the features that an online retailer would want in an affiliate program.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Starting an Easy Affiliate Program?

MemberPress will provide easy-to-use tools for managing your affiliate program.

The first time a customer makes a purchase, they are automatically enrolled into the member’s easy affiliate program and their referral link is sent to them via email.

They can then log in at any time from anywhere (via MemberPress) to see which sales they have earned.

MemberPress also allows easy access to all referral links at once and easy integration with popular shopping carts, including WooCommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Zen Cart etc.

It’s easy to track what your affiliates are doing by reviewing reports on how much revenue has been generated from their campaigns.

Easy Affiliate Is An Affiliate Program That Puts You In Control

Easy Affiliate is designed to help membership site owners in building traffic, generating sales, and increasing profits.

MemberPress allows easy access to all referral links at once and easy integration with popular shopping carts, including WooCommerce, Shopify, Bigcommerce, Zen Cart etc., for easy tracking of affiliates’ activities.

Easy Affiliate is an affiliate program that puts you in control by giving you the tools needed to build a profitable membership site in just a few clicks — without any coding skills.

Easy Affiliate puts the power in your hands by removing the middleman. By keeping tabs on their marketing activities, such as banner ads and converted sales, you’ll be able to hold your affiliates more accountable and keep check of your success rate.

Multiple Payment Gateways

Easy Affiliate also integrates perfectly well with a wide range of payment gateway, including PayPal and Stripe.

One of the great features of Easy Affiliate is that it only requires a user’s payment email address to process their orders or affiliate commissions. This means no credit card numbers are stored on your site so they’re easy to protect from hackers who might want them!

Personalized Affiliate Dashboard

Last but not least, Easy Affiliate comes with an excellent affiliate dashboard that you can customize to suit your needs. This is an easy and intuitive way for both the affiliate and manager to keep up with their performance stats in a single location, while also keeping it easy on the eyes!

For beginners and busy course creators, Easy Affiliate is definitely a powerful tool to increase your overall sales and affiliate commission.


Easy Affiliate is a powerful plugin for membership sites that allows you to easily increase your sales and affiliate commissions with easy-to-use tools like personalized dashboards, email capture forms, and one click upsells!