How to Make Money With Your Blog (7 Tested Tips)

Love to write about things that interest you? Why not make money along the way! Even if you don’t consider being a writer as your full time job, you can still do it as a hobby and get some extra money on the side. The important thing is to be motivated enough to do it, and the rest will come along eventually, especially if you know all the tricks! Here’s how to make money with your blog with these 7 tested tips!

1.Have an idea

The best advice to anyone who wants to start a blog and make money off of it is to just start writing! But, it’s better to have a plan and ideas before you jump into writing and editing your texts. The sky’s the limit when it comes to the topics, you can write about whatever you want, and however you want – there is always someone who would read it, and hopefully in most cases monetize it. Think about the themes and motivations behind those texts, how it can be connected to a certain item or service and go from there! The important thing is to know why you are writing something and the ideas will come naturally, just be innovative and creative with your thoughts!

2. Affilliate programs

You need to consider your priorities, are you going to make your own website and write posts about certain things, or you can use your blog and put ads of certain companies that hire you. That way you are using affiliate marketing, bz having your readers click on the brand’s ads through your blog. There are so many ways you can establish a monetization through your blog as experts at state, it all depends on what type of blog you want to run. Affiliated marketing and getting paid with ads is a great way to still write about the things you like, while making money unnoticeably!

3. Work under a company

A good way to have a secure pay from this is to be under a certain company and write for them. Many brands go with this, to the extent to have contracts with certain bloggers. This is a bit limiting, but it’s better than freelancing and feeding multiple companies to sponsor your blog posts. You still need to be creative and inspired while writing those posts, even if they are solely there to promote something. If you are lucky, you can find a company that makes and promotes products or services that are something you like. This way you-ll earn money and still write about things that you like. 

4. Freelance promoting

By writing about certain items or services, like writing a review about something is a form of a promotion in it of itself. But that won’t bring you money, not in the beginning tho. If you are interested in a certain product or company and are constantly writing about those same items, or new releases – you might get a sponsorship! Sponsors usually go for people who already have readers and followers, but this way you can build your blog alongside a company you admire. Brands often use influencers and bloggers as a way to promote their products, so if you are interested in something like that it-s a good way to earn money. You can find all sorts and kinds of companies and brands and review and write about them, from skincare brands to foods – there is something for everyone!

5. Use social media

Writing something you are passionate about and releasing it to the world is totally okay, but you might want to do a bit of marketing in order to attract readers, and possible sponsors. The power in social media is its algorithm and the endless possibilities for exposure, you can reach such a large variety of people, or you can find specific groups if you want.  People spend lots of time on their social media platforms, and chances are that they would find you through that rather than by a desktop. By putting your blog out there by yourself, you can save money and earn it along the way – social media is free and the best way to attract and make contact with possible sponsors.  

6. Write about relevant things

Writing about random topics is totally fine if that’s what you want to do, chances are there is someone who would be interested in the same topics. But at the same time, writing about the relevant things can be a great way to attract people. The more traffic your blog has, the more likely it is to monetize it. The truth is, relevant and popular topics get more views and reads, and it’s easier to monetize them. Having a good balance between writing about things you like and staying up to date with the world is the best thing you can do. 

7. Know who you’re writing for

Writing can be pretty personal and subjective, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t display it to someone. That’s a sole purpose of blogging, at the end of the day you want to write about your personal experiences, opinions and ideas – and there is always an audience for everything. Finding a niche can be a great way to boost your reads, as you’ll know exactly who to market for. Obviously you don’t have to base your whole blog over it, you can have multiple groups to cater to, depending on the blogpost you are writing, but keep in mind that sponsors usually opt for bloggers with a certain group of readers who could be their possible customers.

At the end of the day, writing is a relaxing and creative process you should enjoy doing on your off times. Find something that really interests you and motivates you to write, and not to mention the fact that you can actually earn money. The important thing is that you are informed of all the possibilities that you can work with, the restrictions and the shortcuts so you can reach success as soon as possible! Who knows, maybe you are destined to become a great blogger, just remember to have fun and not look at it as a job if you don’t want to!