Exabytes Malaysia vs GoDaddy 2019 Comparison

When it comes to domain name, web hosting and email hosting, both Exabytes and GoDaddy are two of the biggest names in the market.

As a Malaysian, it is normal for us to compare products and finding the best hosting provider that money can buy.

Carry on reading below to compare Exabytes vs GoDaddy.

Exabytes Malaysia Review 2019

Exabytes Web Hosting Services Malaysia Review

Exabytes is the leading web hosting company in Malaysia — and it is used by both bloggers and business websites.

Exabytes comes with years of hosing experience as well as top tier customer support which truly is a great web hosting company in Malaysia. As a matter of fact, it is one of the best to compare directly with GoDaddy.

Advantages using Exabytes

  • Super affordable packages
  • Easy to use and integrated with major CMS
  • Professional support staffs
  • Live chat, email and phone support
  • Easily upgrade-able and high scalability
  • Multiple web hosting packages to choose from

How much does Exabyte costs?

  • Shared hosting starts at RM 14.99 (USD $3.75) per month [Get this deal]
  • Linux SSD web hosting starts at RM 34.49 (USD $8.60) per month [Get this deal]
  • Email hosting starts at RM 17.99 (USD $4.50) per month for 5 users [Get this deal]
  • Domain registration starts at RM 14.00 (USD $3.50) per year [Get this deal]

How good is Exabytes (summary)?

Exabytes is a solid web hosting company that offers very affordable domain, web hosting and email hosting services not only for Malaysians but for everyone around the world.

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GoDaddy Review 2019

GoDaddy Web Hosting Services Review

When it comes to domain name, web hosting and email hosting, GoDaddy is already the household name for many. 

GoDaddy offers not just affordable, but very affordable services for those who are looking to cut the best deals.

Comparing GoDaddy vs Exabytes, GoDaddy remains popular due to its international presence. Well known world wide, it certainly stands over the edge compared to its peer, Exabytes Malaysia.

Advantages using GoDaddy

  • Affordable pricing (thanks to the numerous coupons available)
  • Web hosting services for all types of websites
  • Wide range of services including support and migration
  • Multiple servers located around the world
  • High scalability
  • Supports various CMS

How much does GoDaddy costs?

How good is GoDaddy (summary)?

GoDaddy is certainly cheaper for some products when compared to Exabytes Malaysia. However, it is clear that you have to be wary especially with the services you plan to take up from GoDaddy.

There are several terms that you need to be well aware off — especially with the renewals. For example, GoDaddy shared hosting plans (Starter) costs RM 4.49 per month and upon renewal, the price will be revised to RM 14.99 instead. That's 233% more expensive compared to the time when you sign up.

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Exabytes vs GoDaddy — Which is the best web hosting choice in 2019?

This is challenging, but required.

If you are looking for a clear winner in terms of long term pricing and service, Exabytes is definitely the clear winner.

While Exabytes is very much of a Malaysian brand, Exabytes has data centres around the world and serving over a million websites around the world.

In terms of performance, Exabytes offers above average hosting services and definitely one of the best in the world.

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