Ensure Your Customer’s Loyalty With Unified Communications

When you want to foster improved loyalty in your customers, you shouldn’t underestimate your customer service’s influence.

One statistic shared by Business News Daily reveals that 93% of customers are likelier to make repeat purchases from businesses that excel in customer service.  

This helps to explain why, as numbers cited by CustomerThink indicate, companies offering the best customer service outperform others by up to 80%. However, why could unified communications prove the secret weapon in your loyalty-boosting arsenal?

Unified communications ties together various communication channels 

Unified communications (UC) enables users to access and use a range of communication channels via one management system. The channels in question can include text messaging, voice calling and emailing.

Therefore, once you have a UC system, you will be able to flick through these options quickly and seamlessly without ever having to abandon one device for another. All of this adds up to a smoother experience for customers who get in touch with you.

You can improve your First Call Resolution (FCR) rates 

Naturally, when a customer calls you to obtain your help with an issue, it would be convenient for you to resolve it on that one call. This type of resolution is known as First Call Resolution (FCR) — and UC can make it much easier to achieve. 

That’s because, if you can’t rectify the caller’s problem by yourself, UC would let you speedily connect a work colleague who is capable of helping you.

The customer can choose how to contact you 

The customer probably has their own preference of how to make the initial enquiry with you. Fortunately, once your business has a UC system unifying all of the communication methods listed on your corporate website, you will need to check only one place to see the enquiry.

UC can also enable you to efficiently switch the customer between channels. For example, if the customer calls but gets cut off, they could easily recommence the conversation via email. 

UC delivers better audio quality 

This is compared to the audio available with traditional telephony, and can give the caller the impression that the customer service agent is speaking to them privately rather than in a crowded, bustling office. 

According to research mentioned by CustomerThink, 82% of consumers appreciate feeling as though they are having a private call with customer service agents. The improved sound quality offered by UC can thus increase customer satisfaction and, as a result, assist in spurring sales.

UC is also cost-effective  

For example, not only would a UC system from the telecoms giant Gamma be fantastic for enhancing your communications, this solution would also be easily scalable. 

In other words, you could, as when and necessary, extend or rein in the amount of UC infrastructure available to your business — meaning that you can avoid paying for more of that infrastructure than what you genuinely need.

The financial savings consequently made can allow you to increase your spending on other aspects of the business, a tactic that can help with customer loyalty.