Top 16 Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Top 10 Online Data Entry Jobs Without Investment

Recently, I had published quite a decent number of freelancing opportunities and one of the most common questions I get is "What is the best data entry job for side income?"

I get it ...

There are many other forms of freelancing jobs to make money with Google but most of these require some level of commitment.

Which of course, leads us to these questions:

So, here's the deal.

In this post, you will discover the top 15 online (and genuine) data entry jobs without investment.

1. Captcha Entry Jobs

Captcha entry is the hottest and top online data entry job for you if you are not looking for a job that takes up hours of your time.

The earning from online captcha entry jobs is relatively lower than most data entry jobs in the market ...

But the tasks are extremely simple and anyone can apply to work on this based on freelance basis.

How captcha entry job works?

Basically, you will be given a software where you have to login with your username & password & then type the Captcha images. You are given 'scores' based on how success level for solving the captcha.

How much money can you earn from this data entry job?

Good question and you are going to be surprised.

If you devote several hours a day for this online data entry job, you are bound to earn as much as $500 per month.

Disadvantages of captcha entry jobs?

It can be really tiring and exhausting as you need to strain your eyes to solve the captchas.

2. Copy And Paste Jobs

Do you know that copy and pasting is one of the most popular online data entry jobs in the market?

Copy and pasting jobs is another cool freelance job that will earn you some decent money every month without investment.

This data entry job involves copying text materials from a Words or Excel file and pasting into another software.

If you are good with computers and shortkeys, this is an excellent online job for you.

3. Micro Jobs

What are micro jobs?

According to The Balance Careers, a micro job is, as the word implies, a very small paid task. A better word for micro jobs might actually be "gigs" because the word "jobs" might imply employment, and no micro jobs are for employees but only for independent contractors.

Micro jobs are best for you if you are not looking for long term commitments.

Generally, most micro jobs are easy and don't take a long time to complete them.

Plus, there are dozens of free micro job sites that allow you to sign up for free and earn a minimum of $200 a month working on very simple tasks.

4. Survey Forms

Do you know that filling up survey forms is one of the most genuine online data entry jobs in the marketplace today?

As we all know, surveys are used by companies to gather valuable feedback on particular product, service or brainstorming for ideas. 

If you are looking for a safe and genuine data entry job, participating in online surveys is one of the best choices for you.

5. Basic Typing Jobs

How fast can you type under a minute with zero mistake?

My speed is around 72 words per minute and this is because I write a lot.

Do you know that typing jobs is a very basic but super popular data entry job?

You don’t require any special skill other than typing speed of 40+ words per minute. In short, this data entry job requires you to produce fast writing speed with high accuracy.

As your earnings is based heavily on how fast and accurate you can type, this is a great online data entry job if you are fast (in typing).

6. Form Filling

Image credit:

As a disclaimer, I am surprised to discover that form filling is a very popular online data entry jobs for many homemakers.

Yes, form filling (literally filling up forms) is geared towards females and mainly in Europe and United States.

Basically, you are required to fill simple forms with the given information (which you can either be provided with or not at all).

Form filling is a recommend data entry opportunity for females and I highly recommend you to avoid using your real contact details when filling up the forms (to avoid being spammed massively).

7. Image To Text

Are you looking for a high paying data entry online job?

If the answer is "yes", converting image to text is one of the most tedious but lucrative data entry jobs.

You are given an image file containing text materials and you are required to write them down on a separate file (example Words file).

Note: If you are serious in making money online with this data entry work, I recommend you to invest into OCR software such as this one.

8. Medical Transcription Jobs

This is an online data entry job that is not everyone's cup of tea.

For starters, medical transcription jobs require you to be on a phone and write things down on what you had listen.

You are also required to have above average listening skills and write down as much information as you can when you listen.

Also, having medical knowledge is a good advantage — in which I conclude that this is the best data entry jobs without investment for nurses and medical practitioners.

9. Formatting Jobs

This is a very decent and average paying online data entry job without investment. 

You are required to format documents and in most cases, this job is great for those who have a wide knowledge in work documents, indentation, alignments and filling works.

For an experienced formatting part-time clerk, you can earn a minimum of $250 per month.

10. Content Writing Jobs

By far, this is my favorite data entry online jobs without investment.

Instead of keying in data into Words or Excel sheets, you are required to write articles and submit them to the publishers.

Having strong knowledge in search engine optimization, blogging, WordPress and online marketing are important advantages to help you shine in this industry.

11. Catalog Data Entry Operator Jobs

A catalog data entry operator focuses in creating an inventory list in an Excel spreadsheet.

Planning and experience are vitals as an inventory has many products with different segmentation (serial number, product names etc..

Apart from being a tedious task, this is one of the most common and sought-after data entry jobs without startup fees.

12. Proofreading And Copywriting Jobs

Proofreading And CopyWriting Data Entry Jobs

This form of data entry does not involves entering data into spreadsheets or Words file.

Copywriting is very similar to content writing and proofreading is geared towards finding mistakes in a sentence.

Requirements for proofreaders and copywriters:

  • Strong command in language (knowing more languages is an advantage)
  • Take time to understand the topic
  • Ability to convert normal words into powerful ones to convert readers into buyers

13. Medical Coding Jobs

Are you looking for an online data entry job that has low competition?

Introducing medical coding jobs.

Medical coding is data entry work where you have to write codes of various products. These products are medicine of different kinds.

You have to be careful while entering those medical codes. You need some experience to take this job.

14. Payroll Data Entry Operator

This is a form of online data entry job (without investment) that constantly has strong demand. 

A payroll data entry operator is required to create a payroll list for various companies. You have to create a list of employee name, address, salary etc in Excel spreadsheet.

The job is very similar to the catalog data entry operator where you fill information about products in the inventory.

15. Email Processing Jobs

Looking for online data entry jobs that doesn't suck?

You should consider email processing jobs!

Email processing jobs are about processing emails. You have to read emails and find out what their content is about. You might be asked to process thousands of email in a day. ​

More importantly, this job could be very exciting for those who are extremely curious (in a good way).

16. Customized Data Entry Jobs

Last but not least, customized data entry jobs is a new entry of data entry job opportunity.

The work that you are required to do is rather huge as you could be asked to do anything a company requires.

The job is not specified and customized according to the needs of the company. You job could be anything; from being an administrator, clerk or as a finance assistant.

What are the best online data entry jobs without investments?

In today's world, there are many free online typing jobs without investment and registration fees. 

However, you have to be extremely stringent and careful as you should only be looking for genuine data entry jobs without investment (and not spammy or scammy ones).

Do you know an online data entry job that I had not mention above? Tell me in the comments below!

7+ Business Opportunities To Make Money Online With Google This Year

10 Ways To Make Money Online With Google In The Next 30 Days Without Leaving Your Day Job

Do you know that you can make money online with Google?

The answer is "yes" and there are many ways you can make money online using Google. From blogging to YouTube-ing, the investment cost to start making money online very small.

Carry on reading below to find 10 ways to make money with Google in 2019 (and beyond).

1. Make money online with blogging

Creating a blog, publishing content and make money from blogging is one of the easiest and most common strategy to make a decent earning online.

If you are planning to start a blog and make money online, follow these steps:

  • Register for a domain name (any name that resonates with your niche)
  • Get a shared web hosting that is affordable (I recommend BlueHost that costs under $3 per month)
  • Install WordPress CMS
  • Install WordPress plugins (important ones are JetPack and Yoast SEO)
  • Install a free WordPress theme (here are the top free WordPress themes for the year)
  • Register and add Google Adsense code on your blog
  • Enable Google Adsense for AMP version
  • Do keyword research before publishing a post (use free SEO tools such as KWFinder)
  • Publish one post per week (minimum) that has more than 500 words
  • I recommend focusing on one niche per blog (here are top 50 niches you can blog on)
  • Add images and relevant videos on the blog posts

And if you spend enough time doing this, you will start earning money online using Google Adsense.

It takes around 3 to first see any results from Google Adsense. Therefore, it is important to be patience and keep publishing new content every week.

Make money online using Google Adsense is a long term investment. For starters, earning the first $100 will be the toughest but once you get more traffic coming towards your site, you will be surprised on how much money you can make online.

2. Make money online using Google with affiliate marketing

When we talk about blogging, affiliate marketing comes close to it.

Affiliate marketing is my favorite way to make money from Google.

Let me show you what I mean ...

Take a look at the screenshot below.

This is the snapshot of one of my affiliate marketing program I'm currently in.

Using a single blog, I was able to generate traffic to the blog and promote various affiliate products to the public.

As a result, I was able to generate $14,036 through this single affiliate marketing program.

If you are constantly searching "How can I make money with Google?" - affiliate marketing is the answer you are looking for.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best marketing strategy if you are building passive income streams to quit your day job.

Here are the exact steps you need to take in order to start making money using Google (with affiliate marketing):

  • Create a niche-specific blog
  • Focus on publishing content and media related to a single topic (example, weight loss or supplements)
  • Focus on sharing information that is valuable to the audience / website visitors
  • Turn website visitors into paying customers by moving them between sales funnels (here's the best tool to build sales funnel)
  • Create follow up emails to focus on selling after sending the 7th follow up email (the biggest mistake is to sell right in the first email). I recommend using AWeber for email marketing

The trick for affiliate marketing is to drive as many website visitors as possible into the sales funnels as this is where you convert them into potential buyers.

3. Make money online using coupon sites

I did this one ...

And trust me, it was a lot of work!

Basically, the concept is simple.

You launch a coupon site, drive traffic to the site (using paid ads for example) and watch the conversion grows.

If you are promoting high ticket items, you will get a pretty handsome earning.

The downside, this method of making money online using coupon sites is very tedious and time consuming.

If you have the time and effort to spare to build a coupon site, this is a great option to make money online with Google.

4. Make money online through eCommerce

Have you tried selling anything online?

I did ... and I made handsomely from it.

Yes, it is very possible to earn money with Google by selling things online.

Let me tell you a quick story.

I bought an iPhone case from China (replica of the original UAG case) for around $5 with shipping. Before the product arrived, I got myself another case and decided to sell the case which I had yet to use. I sold the case of $90 and it was a 1,700% profit!

The above happened 2 years ago and many things had changed in the recent years especially on the eCommerce platform.

Today, it is way easier to start a Shopify store and start selling your first product under 30 minutes.

And the best part?

You don't have to quit your job to manage the online store. You just need to spend sometime every day to manage the orders.

If you need help setting up an eCommerce store, click here to reach out to my creative agency where we help startups create awesome Shopify stores.

5. Make money online using Google through subscription-based business model

If you want to make money online with Google, one of the best way is by creating a subscription-based business model.

So, what is a subscription-based business model?

A subscription based model is a business where customers would require to pay a specific fee every month to be a part of the membership. And this can range from financial newsletters to membership groups.

How to make money on Google using subscription-based business model?

  • The first step is to define a niche you want to provide a service (for example, daily financial newsletter)
  • Decide a platform for content delivery (email, membership site etc.)
  • Decide the frequency of the delivery
  • Understand your competitors (if anyone do it)
  • Understand the pain point of the potential subscribers
  • Decide on the pricing structure

A subscription-based business model is one of the easiest way to earn money from Google.

If there is a demand, you will be surprised on how far and wide you can go with this business opportunity (which leads to make money online with Google).

6. Make money online through freelancing

If you are not ready to ditch your day job or you are a student looking for ways to make money from Google, you should definitely consider freelancing.

Freelancing allows you to make money online and build strong passive incomes.

Yes, you can make money online from home using Google with freelancing!

Here are some of the popular freelancing opportunities for you to make money online today:

  • Content writing
  • Social media marketing
  • Data entry
  • Proofreading
  • Translating
  • Graphic design
  • Logo creation
  • General writing

Freelancing allows anyone (you and me) regardless of experience to make money online using Google.

With multiple freelancing platforms in the world, you can easily make money online using Google with freelancing.

7. Make money online with business consultancy

I first started making money online using Google in 2004 and since then, I went from an average Joe in blogging into an influencer. Several years back, I decided to take the leap and moving into business consultancy.

That led to the growth and launch of Marketing Lancers, a full-service marketing agency in Malaysia.

There are many types of business consultancy that you can focus on and my favorite one is definitely being a freelance SEO consultant.

How to make money online from Google as a business consultant?

  • Choose a specific niche as a business consultant
  • Focus on helping your local businesses before going out of state or international
  • Know your competitors (and learn how to beat them)

Want to reduce cost especially during your first two years of starting a business consultancy? Work from home and avoid getting an office space until you are confident of being able to afford it!

Summary: How to make money online with Google?

As a summary, there are many ways and jobs that you can do to make money online using Google.

With millions of searches on Google every day, the opportunity to earn money from Google is very real and possible.

Love this post? Leave a comment below.

How To Quit Your Job (And Still Earns Monthly Income)?

How Do You Quit Your Job And Still Gets Paid Every Month?

I'm publishing this post based on my personal experience. Before we start, is this how you feel right now?

You dislike your job (for whatever reason) and you can't wait to quit your job but you are worried because you have a family to take care.

Does this sounds familiar to you?

If you are happy with your job and just looking for an alternative route to earn more money, this post is not for you.

You should read these posts instead:

Now, let's get started on how to quit your job and without you needing to worry about monthly income.

Take Control Of Your Monthly Commitments

Knowing Monthly Commitment Before Quit Job

The first step is to figure out how much you need to survive every month.

I live in Malaysia and this goes out to every Malaysian who is looking to quit your job (and still get paid monthly).

Here's my monthly commitment.

As you can see, my financial realization (as I call it) is slightly different because I have earnings from a day job (my digital marketing agency) and freelance gigs that I do on the side.

Click here to download the Financial Realization Sheet to get a strong understanding on where you stand financially.

Now that you are fully aware of your monthly commitment, let's get started with how to quit a job.

How to quit my job (and still get paid)?

Aha, aha ...

This is what we all wish for, right?

Getting ready with "how to quit my job and travel?" type of information?

Not really.

What I'm about to show you is how to quit a job and start with your own dream job.

Step 1: Find a freelance gig

Before you even thinking of quitting your job, you need to find a solution to solve all your financial worries.

In this case, freelancing is the best (and free) way to get financially stable before making the jump.

Best freelance works to start with:

  • Freelance writer
  • Web developer
  • Data entry (low paying)
  • Proofreader
  • Video editor
  • Social media marketing (posting and advertising)

There are also, and where you can score yourself some quick freelancing gig.

Going Freelance

You won't make much from freelancing and in most cases, each freelance project will generate around $20 to $100 per job (RM80 to RM400 if convert to local currency). Once you have a strong freelancing career, you will be surprised that the overall earnings will increase multiple folds.

Step 2: Building a strong passive income stream(s)

You should only quit your job when you have a strong passive income stream.

And it starts by creating a small income stream (such as doing freelancing gigs) and slowly building it up to success.

Here's the thing.

You can't just build a passive income stream (or a few streams).

Building a passive income stream is easy but generating enough money from it is tough.

The magic word is "Scale" ...

You need to learn to scale your income stream.

Let me give you an example.

I've been an affiliate marketer and how much do I make from online marketing?

Quite a lot.

To be exact, USD $14,036.

And here's the screenshot.

Here's what you need to know:

  • I don't get this earning overnight
  • I did sacrifice many sleepless nights to work on this
  • I invested some money into tools and others to make this come true

Here's the thing.

If you can't wait to quit your job and want to earn not just as much as I do but want to make way MORE than I do, then carry on reading.

Step 3: Scale by replicate success

As a freelancer, online marketer or whatever you decide to be (to replace your day job), you are bound to fail at least a few times (before hitting the 'gold mine'.

But like what Rocky said ...

"It is not how many times you get hit and fall. It is how many times you get hit, fall and stand right back up."

When you find your tune, that's exactly when you need to scale your business to new heights.

For example, you decide to start a blog which is good way to build passive income while still having your day job.

The first few months, you are not going to much money (probably no money at all) but when the traffic starts to kick in, you will see your earning increases.

Now, It starts with a couple of dollars and once you hit the $100 or 1,000 mark, this is where you ask yourself "How can I scale this to 10x?"

This is where you dive deep into your website (or whatever your side gigs are) and understand which is the platform that makes you the MOST money.

All you need to do now is to replicate the same method and you will be on your way to 10x your side gig income.

A lot of freelancers talk about replicating the results but they do not take enough effort to do so. Therefore, they are constantly not getting the results that they are looking for.

How to quit a job like a boss?

The moment when you submit your resignation and when your superior ask where you are going, your response will be like "I'm quitting my job for real and start my own business."

And when this happens, it is common for them to ask you if you are sure of your decision.

That single decision ... is always the best decision ever for most entrepreneurs.


  • You know that is one decision you had thought over and over again
  • You are finally making your own dream come true (not the dreams of your bosses)
  • You have more time with your family and loved ones

In order to make that come true, you need to build a strong income stream, aside from your day job.

So, how do you do so?

By working on new ventures, becoming a freelancer or start your own local digital marketing agency like I do.

And before you decide to quit your job, make sure you have your financials calculated correctly to avoid facing financial challenges once you quit your job!

Do you want to quit your job? Leave your comments below.

How Omnichannel Marketing Can Be Used to Drive Growth?

Let’s admit: marketing automation has shed off a lot of responsibilities from your shoulders. As an ecommerce marketer, you no more need to invest your time in repetitive tasks, as these are now easily taken care of by automated tools and the like.

But is that enough? To say the least, one area where automated marketing still needs immense improvement is – providing customers with a unified experience.

Confused? Well, read the article to find out.

Problem Area #1: You Fail To Reach Customers Where They Are

While marketing automation can help you in reaching out to the customers at the right time with the right message, it still would not help you in reaching them at all the places they are at.

In this digital age, customers probably exist everywhere. While your email marketing automated tool can help you in dropping hundreds of emails with exclusive discounts and offers within a minute to your targeted customers, but it still would not help you in reaching the customers on messaging apps and social media.

Thus, irrespective of that fact that every $1 spent on email marketing provides you with $44 in return, it is still vital to be active on various other channels, but marketing automation proves to be of little help in this aspect.

Problem Area #2: You Fail to Provide a Unified Experience

Omnichannel marketing is important, and this is the reason why you use different automated tools to reach your customers at social media, messaging apps, emails, and various other channels.

But this is where you fail to provide a unified experience. As we talked about the limitation of marketing automation tools above, you are probably using different tools to cater to multiple channels which creates incoherency and prevents you from delivering a seamless and smooth experience.

Thus, although marketing automation can keep you active on various channels, it doesn’t help you in delivering a flawless experience, and this is what prevents your brand from connecting better to the customers.

Ultimate Solution: Omnichannel Marketing

This might sound like a buzzword at first, but believe us, it is a lot more complicated and beneficial than that.

  • Omnichannel is different than multichannel marketing

Confused between multichannel and omnichannel marketing? Well, you are not alone!

Let’s make things clear.

While multichannel marketing is about reaching the customers on different channels, omnichannel marketing is all about reaching them via different channels but additionally, also ensuring that you deliver a unified experience throughout.

You use multichannel marketing, for instance, by sending luring messages to your customers through popups, emails, push notifications, retargeting ads and so on.

This is similar to omnichannel marketing. But what if the customer responds to your messages on one channel? Do the other channels change their behavior automatically? In the case of multichannel marketing, this is seldom the case, and this is where omnichannel marketing goes extra and provides a unified experience.

  • Omnichannel marketing integrates all your platforms

Omnichannel delivers a unified experience by connecting all your channels to one platform, thus, enabling the quick sharing of data.

Thus, when a customer sees your ad and makes a purchase, the behaviour of other platforms will change automatically. For example, if a person made a purchase through retargeting ads, a popup message on other channels can read something like this: “Congratulations on your purchase. You might also like to try our spring collection!”

This not only creates a better customer experience but also helps you in customer retention, which in turn, translates to better sales.

That said, the single-channel or multichannel approach is useful only when you are starting out and are focused mainly on making your first sale and acquiring new customers.

But if you have spent quite enough time in the industry, it is the right time to focus on customer retention, and this is what omnichannel marketing equips with.

Believe the figures or not, existing customers are 60-70% more likely to make a purchase compared to just 5-20% new visitors. Not only this, but it was found that loyal customers are five times more likely to forgive bad experiences and four times more likely to refer a brand.

Omnichannel Marketing Case Studies

#1. Net-a-Porter

Net-a-porter is an online-based luxury clothing store. When they started out, they had a big challenge in front of them – how to build a brand that is exclusively online?

To succeed, the brand focused on three important aspects – improving sales, enhancing brand loyalty and nurturing long lasting customer relationships.

They did so with the help of omnichannel marketing. They focused on three channels – social network, email marketing, and retargeting ads.

They blended the three channels wonderfully, and the results were equally captivating too. They generated more than $3 billion in 2017 alone and witnessed a year-over-year growth of 16.9%.

Further, they were even able to increase their order value to $400 which is one of the highest for any online store.

#2 Mainline Menswear

Launched online in 2014, Mainline Menswear is focused on men’s fashion and is a British based ecommerce store.

As expected, this ecommerce business found it hard to keep up with the ecommerce industry. But they took one step at a time and focused mainly on improving traffic and sales. Initially, they focused on email marketing but soon found out that this is what other similar brands of the same niche are doing, thus giving them little opportunity to stand out.

That’s when they adopted a different approach and embraced Omnichannel marketing. For their Winter Sales, they used retargeting ads, cart abandonment rates and sent coupons to the customers via SMS.

As expected, the results were unbeatable. Their 2013 campaign witnessed a 45% increase in direct traffic and a 27% increase in overall traffic.

Why is Omnichannel the New Growth Hack?

It is evident by now that if properly implemented, omnichannel marketing can provide your customers with a unified experience which leads to better user engagement, enhanced brand awareness, and improved sales.

To sum up, Omnichannel marketing helps you in:

  • Integrating different channels seamlessly
  • Delivering a unified customer experience
  • Controlling different channels easily
  • Improving ROI
  • Nurturing long term relationships

Thus, adopt the right techniques and marketing methods which other big players of the industry deploy, and make your way right to the top!

SEO Freelance Career: 3 Reasons Why You Are Afraid Of Starting

SEO Freelance Career. If I had ever read one of these “how to become a SEO freelancer” guides, I would have probably dropped the idea before even trying. 

For beginners, the first thought of starting an SEO freelance career may sound very tempting especially with the freelance earning (SEO mogul, Neil Patel charges anywhere between $10,000 to $30,000 per hour just on SEO consultations) but when reality kicks in, most of us get cold feet.

​At this point of time, you might have thought of starting your career as a freelance SEO consultant, or might even put aside the ideas for months. I get you and I know exactly how it felt like.

Freelance SEO Career

When I was offered my first SEO project, I was NOT even doing SEO. I was a nobody in SEO and starting a career in search marketing was never in my thought.

Boy oh boy, jumping into the SEO industry was probably the best thing ever happened to me. I might even call it the best decision in my life (if I have not met my wife)!

Let's get serious and get started by facing some real questions when it comes to freelancing and search engine optimization.

  • ​Do I have enough knowledge in SEO?
  • ​What type of SEO services should I offer?
  • ​Can I make a living being a full time SEO consultant?

​My goal in this post is to address all of these concerns and ultimately, helping you to kick start your soon-to-be amazing SEO freelance career.

​Should you work 9 to 5 or go the freelance path?

Full Time versus Freelance

​There are a whopping 53 million freelancers working in the United States (alone). This means that over 34% of the national workforce are either full time, or part time freelancing. Source: Freelance Statistics 2015.

​These 34% of people are lucky because:

  • ​They acquired professional expertise(s) which can be offered remotely
  • ​They found their niche and products which others are willing to pay for
  • ​They probably have workflows and repeated clients to ensure the money keep rolling in

​Does any of the above ​are stopping you from starting a freelance SEO career?

Let me tell you that the 'massive' problems above are least of your concerns. Here are the major ones which will hamper your SEO career.

​1. ​​Do I have enough knowledge in SEO?

​Here's the cold hard truth you should know before starting a freelance SEO career.

People who will hire you are most likely business owners who paid some guy (or agency) to create a simple website for their business. You know, those 5 to 10 pages websites without blog posts, type-of-thing.

After asking around why they don’t get any orders, they have been told (or advised in any manner) that their website is not optimized for Google and that they need to invest in SEO.

Those people (business owners) don’t want to learn about SEO more than enough to ask the right questions during the hiring process. Well, being a business owner, the goal is to make sure they get sales and not the technical aspect of getting a sale such as sales funnel, backlinks, Google rankings and all those crazy stuffs.

And if you know your ways around On Site, Technical, and Off Site SEO, you will for sure generate enough value to justify your paycheck.

The other type of people who will most likely employ you, are online marketing agencies.

Those are in general providing new hires with information and education, plus, depending on your skills they assign you a fitting work position. Which means, the question “Am I skilled enough?” is sorted for you by the agency.

If you want a better understanding where you stand at with your current skills in the job market, visit UpWork (or any other freelance platform) and check other SEO professionals.

So, the moral of the story is simple. If you want to stand out and start your journey in the freelance SEO career, learn as much as possible about SEO techniques right now.

Need some crazy resources to help you get started?

  • Your Complete Guide To Freelance SEO Success (Beginner Friendly). Written by me and recently published, this is the only guide to help you get started in the SEO freelance career.
  • Backlinko by Brian Dean. His team spends an average of 80 hours per article, focusing on actionable SEO content.
  • ​Moz Blog + Whiteboard Friday. If you are new to SEO (and want to start an SEO career,the blog posts and discussions here could easily help you in many ways. Bear in mind that these are very advanced SEO discussion especially for beginners.
  • Check Circle
    Ahrefs Blog. When it comes to search engine optimization (tips and tricks), Ahrefs is one of the best in town as the editorial team is great in transforming complicated information into really simple ones.
  • Check Circle
    Search Engine Journal. Last but not least, my favorite (go-to) portal for all SEO related news. More information are shared in a timely manner here compared to anywhere else in the Internet.

​Now that we have completed your first concern starting a career as a freelance SEO, let's head over to the second part.

​2. ​​What type of SEO services should I offer?

SEO Services Freelance

​There's a huge list on the type of SEO services you can offer. Here are some of them:

  • ​Manual link building
  • ​On site SEO ​optimization
  • ​Off site SEO optimization
  • Check Circle
    Forum profile creation (and management)
  • Check Circle
    SEO training and consulting
  • Check Circle
    SEO content creation
  • Check Circle
    Full website audit
  • Check Circle
    Backlink profile audit
  • Check Circle
    Lead generation through SEO
  • Check Circle
    Removing website from Google Sandbox (penalty)
  • Check Circle
    Black hat SEO

​When it comes to SEO freelance career, you should think out of the box and do not limit yourself with any form of limitation. 

What does this mean?

English is not the only language that require SEO. If you can speak different languages such as German and Chinese (Mandarin), you can make way a lot of money compared to a typical freelance SEO consultant.

​You can also sell SEO services through creating highly shareable applications or infographics which are extremely in demand now.

Mean time, here's a quick bonus for you!

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​Help! I don't know what I'm good at.

​You might know some stuffs about SEO but not too much in detail - and that could be a problem, right?

Don't worry!

​Here's how you can solve this part:

  • ​Read. Start reading SEO blogs and watch "how to" videos.
  • ​Try to replicate what you had learn and get some results.
  • ​Send direct emails (yes, emails are not dead) to anyone who shared that post/guide on social media as they might be interested in the service.

​Phew, that was easy, right?

​3. ​Can I make a living being a full time SEO consultant?

Make A Living In Freelance SEO Career

​When it comes to business, there will be good and bad times.

During good times, you may many leads and life seems to be all good and figured out.

But during the bad times, you may run dry several times.

Fret not. This is exactly the path of a freelance SEO consultant (or someone who sells SEO services).

The best way to start a freelance SEO career is through freelancing. Start as a part time gig, probably a couple of hours over the weekend, or several hours after your 9 to 5 job. Plus, this is also a solid choice to determine if SEO is ​your passion.

When you are just starting out, be frugal and be really (and I mean r-e-a-l-l-y) stingy. For example, choose the tools that you really need and focus on maximizing the effectiveness of each tool you use. After all, the more you save now, the easier your freelancing SEO career will be in the future.

When you are absolutely ready to be a full time SEO consultant, always have a plan B in mind. A well-thought plan B is going to save you (oftentimes) in the financial part.

​You see, you can be 100% certain of your capabilities and even your existing clients. However, there will be bad times and there will be some good times.

Having plan B will keep you saint (and relaxed) especially during the hard times.

​Do you know that only 30% of your work time should be spent on looking for new clients, sending offers, networking and personal branding?

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​Getting clients is one thing - keeping your existing clients happy is another. Therefore, focus on what matters most in your business (which is the 70%).

Recap: Starting A Freelance SEO Career

​It is tough to admit that freelance SEO career is not for everyone. It can be very challenging and it can seriously make you go nuts (or bankrupt).

​If you are interested to become a freelance SEO consultant, start doing it small by working as a part time gig before moving to bigger, more time consuming projects. Ultimately, take the leap once you are really confident of making money from freelance SEO career.

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

Complete Guide In Becoming A Freelance SEO Consultant

Freelance SEO Consultant. My first (ever) consultancy work is related to search engine optimization. Happened around 6 years back and back then, SEO was much simplier. The client that engaged with me wanted me to increase website ranking by doing black hat SEO for his business which back then, was easy to do. I remember fire-ing up ScrapeBox, loaded some custom scripts I did and boom - it was the easiest $200 (work from home gig) I ever got for 12 months. For the record, the client knew exactly what I was doing and he has no issues with it.

​You might be interested to bookmark this

​Want to start a freelance SEO consultancy but afraid of failure? Read this guide: 3 Reasons Why You Are Not Starting A SEO Freelance Career (And How To Solve Them)

From my first freelance consulting gig, I started to fall in love with SEO and soon, I was messing my head around GSA SER, Ultimate Demo, Magic Submitter, Money Robot, FCR Networker, XRumer and recently, RankerX​. I have tried literally every SEO tool in the market and spend thousands of dollars doing so (and happily).

​After some years, let me tell you think. The ecosystem for SEO had changed over the years, but the basic remains the same. Quality comes first - no matter it is for backlinks, keyword research, publishing content on blogs or even guest postings.

​I've learned a lot being a freelance SEO consultant and I hope that you will find these tips useful.

1. ​Keyword research is king

​If you want to become a freelance SEO consultant, you got to be a master in keyword research. You may have the best SEO link building tool but if you are not good in keyword research, you are not going to be able to rank any keywords or terms.

Must read: The best keyword research tool and steps to do keyword research fast.

​What is keyword research?

​Before that, it is important to go into details as in what keyword research really is. In this case, keyword research is a process where you find the best keywords to rank for your (or your client's) website. A good keyword research is not about finding the most popular keyword but instead, to find keywords with high search volume, medium to low competition and has high conversion power. 

​So, how do you conduct proper keyword research? Here are some steps to follow:

  • ​Define a niche or main keyword (just one)
  • ​From the main keyword, list down 5 to 10 related/seed keywords
  • ​Use tools such as KWFinder to find related keywords from the seed keywords (along with competition, search volume etc.)

​I use KWFinder for keyword research and this is one tool I recommend to everyone who wants to become a freelance SEO consultant. Try KWFinder for free here.

As you can see below, I am able to determine different keywords with opportunities to rank on first page of Google.

how to find long tail keywords

​KWFinder is an affordable and efficient SEO tool for freelancers

While KWFinder is good at keyword research, it is worthy to mention Ahrefs as it is one of the most used keyword research tool by SEO consultants. Here's how it looks like on the backend.

Ahrefs Keyword Research Tool Analysis

Ahrefs keyword research feature is more in depth

​Every freelance SEO consultant should focus in learning the basics of keyword research. Always remember that SEO tools are only there to help in your daily SEO work. Therefore, the foundation in SEO (such as keyword research) is extremely vital for your success.

​2. Checking on competitors

​Want to run a successful SEO consultancy project? Take time to understand your competitors and what they are ranking for is critical.

​This is another long step but is extremely important if you can to become a freelance SEO consultant.

There are many tools you can use to spy on your competitors and for this example, I'll use SERPChecker by KWFinder (read the review here).

how to use SERPChecker

SERPChecker gives you detailed information on the top 10 results

​Why this spying on your competitors important for every freelance SEO consultant?

The answer is simple. You want to know exactly what's working for them (and you replicate the actions from there). More on this below.

Now that you have a list of the top 10 websites that are ranking for a specific keyword. Head over to Screaming Frog to get more details of the page.

free seo tool for freelance SEO consultants

​Screaming Frog is a free SEO tool for freelance SEO consultants

​Screaming Frog is not only used by freelancers, small and large digital marketing agencies also use it as it is really effective.

Aside from Screaming Frog, Ahrefs is also one of the top favorites for many professional SEO consultants around the world because it is extremely powerful and accurate (yes, more accurate and feature rich compared to Screaming Frog).

Ahrefs Competitor Research Tool Analysis

Ahrefs SEO tool allow freelance SEO consultants to spy on competitors more effectively

​3. Analyze your own website (or websites of your clients')

​No, you are not jumping into creating link building (at least for now). The third step is to analyze your website or websites of your clients'. 

​Generally speaking, it is really easy to rank a website and if the website is not ranking well on Google result pages, then something is really wrong. It is your job as a freelance SEO consultant to figure that out and you can figure it out by doing a full SEO audit.

​Wait, what? An SEO audit instead?

Yes, I admit that SEO audit is time consuming and takes up a lot of resources. However, if you want to start ranking your client's website to the first page of Google, this is beyond important. This is also why SEO consultants earn big bucks from a single SEO project!

​How to do a full SEO audit?

  • ​Conduct an extensive keyword analysis (if you have done this in step 1, you can skip this now)
  • ​Search business in Google and other search engines (local SEO)
  • ​Scan the Google+ Local Page to access page health
  • Clipboard Check
    Audit the company website or blog for duplicate content (now we are talking)
  • Clipboard Check
    Build a citation check for link building opportunities
  • Clipboard Check
    Conduct a backlink/penalty analysis

​Do you know how long it takes to ​complete all the tasks above? 45 minutes.

Do you know how much you can charge for a full SEO audit? At least $200.

Now, are you still having cold feet of becoming a freelance SEO consultant?

​4. ​Presenting your findings

SEO Consultant Presentation

​By now, you should know exactly what's lacking to rank on the first page of Google. This is where you showcase your expertise as a freelance SEO consultant.

​With the three steps you had taken above, you can now meet up with the client and share the findings with confidence.

​Hard work + data + action = Win

​Doing keyword research, analyzing and reporting are tedious jobs. Therefore, go out there and showcase your reports to the clients. With the amount of work you had done, they will be impressed to say the very least. Of course, the only thing you need now is confidence in yourself (even if this is your first SEO project)!

​5. Take action

Freelance SEO Consultant Guide

​Being a freelance SEO consultant is not just about sharing your findings and analysis. You need to help clients to rank their website on the first page of Google.

​Right after sharing your proposal or action plans, you need to kick start and get to work. In this case, you got to have a plan or SEO framework.

What is an SEO framework?

  • ​An SEO framework tells you exactly what to do, and when to do
  • ​It gives you a good understanding on what to expect
  • ​It gives you timeline for completing an SEO project

I wanted to make this freelance SEO guide as complete as possible. Therefore, for a limited time only, I'm opening up the Pandora's box for you and sharing with you one of my most effective advanced link building strategy (white hat SEO) which you can download for free.

This is how much time you had left before I stop sharing this SEO framework.


​Disclaimer: Do note that I have NEVER and WILL NOT share this advanced link building strategy on any of my blog. Therefore, grab a copy of it before I turn it off!

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​6. ​Keep track of the results (daily)

Reporting For Freelance SEO Consultant

​Last but not least, being a freelance SEO consultant requires daily tracking of the results. Through past experiences, we all know that what works yesterday will not work today. And, what works today ​might not work for tomorrow.

Tweaks are constantly required when it comes to SEO and search optimization. For starters, keep track of the results based on your actions.

​After sometime, you will notice certain patterns which will lead to higher ranking, higher conversion and ultimately, more traffic.

​There are many ways (and tools) you can use to track and record the progress. For me, my favorite is still Evernote as it allows me to jot down everything. While Evernote Premium is a great asset for a freelance SEO consultant like me, Evernote Basic (which is free) is sufficient for many.

Create an Evernote account here.

​When it comes to tracking SEO performance, it is not that easy to be honest. As search engine algorithm changes every day, it can be really challenging to track each project (especially when you have more than 10 SEO projects at the same time).

​For keyword tracking, my favorite tools are SEMrush and SERPstat.

This is what it looks like using SEMrush.

keyword monitoring using semrush

SEMrush offers detailed keyword monitoring

​This is what it looks like using SERPstat.

serpstat seo tool

​SERPstat is also a great SEO tool to monitor keywords ranking

​Summary: The Complete Guide In Becoming A Freelance SEO Consultant

​With today's technology, everyone can become a freelance SEO consultant but only a few can be really good. Being the best as an SEO consultant allows you to earn thousands of dollars for every project (while feeling good and satisfied about it).

​Before I end, I hope that you find this guide in becoming a freelance SEO consultant useful. If you need help getting started, leave a comment below and let's talk!