E-learning is big business. More and more web users are actively searching for information online, and many are keen to take advantage of online learning products and resources. If you have content to share, and you’re looking to attract new customers and boost your income, this handy infographic has some useful information.

As you can see from the graphic below, using browser notifications is an effective means to connect people with your content and promote your website or the products you have available. If you run webinars, for example, you can use notifications to tell users about new content, special offers, free trials, and provide information about accessing related products, for example, guides and ebooks. If you’ve already got a lead, you have the chance to maximize the opportunity to convert that lead. 

According to the infographic, most people spend up to 6 hours per day on a digital device, and 80% of their time is spent searching for information. Almost a third of people are looking for a personalized experience, and the most popular products by click rate are guides, webinars, ebooks, and demos. Statistics show that notifications can elevate conversion rates to 10 per cent. The growth of e-learning is a global trend, but North America is leading the way. 

Browser notifications can be hugely influential, but it’s wise to explore other options, especially if you’re in the early stages, and you don’t have an established following or client base. Use SEO to get your content noticed, and make sure your website provides an enjoyable, interactive user experience.