5 Ways to Create Effective SEO Content

How effective is your website content? Does it get enough views, convert enough visitors, or is it clogging up your website and affecting the SEO performance? Around 95% of your website is likely to be content, so it’s worth learning more about crafting high-quality content that works.  

Compelling Headlines 

The healing of your content has a lot of work to do; not only must it accurately describe the body text, it needs to be compelling for people and satisfy the search engines. No pressure then! But don’t worry, crafting compelling headlines is easier with pro-layouts from redspotdesign.com

Creating a headline before you write the body text is a good way to start and guide your writing, but remember to use it only as a placeholder; chances are this headline will not be effective for visitors or search engines. Include a keyword in the headline and make it relevant to the text. 

Interesting Intros 

If you manage to hook a reader and they move on to the article, the first few lines are almost as important as the headline. Unless the introduction addresses an issue promised in the headline and elaborates on it, chances are your reader will decide that it’s low-quality and move away. 


the other hand, if you follow up with an intro that links to the headline and promises to resolve or address a core problem in the article, your readers will be further hooked and are more likely to stay on the page. Use this metric to analyze the quality and success of content.   

Target Your Audience

Effective content needs to be relevant to your business and your customers; there’s no point in creating general content in the hope of attracting a broader customer base because all this does is dilute the content for your readers and adversely affect your search engine ranking and SEO. 

You probably have a strong idea of your niche audience already based on your business niche, so leverage this to create effective content that solves practical issues for them. For example, if you’re a local plumbing business, practical DIY plumbing advice is better than general content.  

Controlling Ideas 

Sometimes called a theme, a controlling idea is a single clear premise for the content of your article. This clear premise should be evident in your headline, body text, and conclusion; it should also inform your arguments and takeaway advice. Again, more specific content is better. 

Creating specific content helps you target your readers better and generates more valuable content overall. If your controlling idea is very broad, the article is likely to be abstract and general; in contrast, an article with a specific title is tighter with a stronger controlling idea.  

Find a Brand Voice  

It helps to focus your online presence when you have a consistent brand voice across all of your content, online ads, and offline interactions. There are various ways to create a unique brand voice, so do some research and take some courses and find examples of similar brand voices.