5 Reasons Why You Need To Work Harder (Even When You Are At The Top)

Work Even Harder When You Are At The Top

This is not a rant — but serves as a reminder not only to me, but to all of you (bloggers, entrepreneurs and business owners).

We work hard to be at the top … and you are required to work even harder to maintain the status quo.

And I have a story to back me up on this.

Read. It only takes two minutes or less (I promise)!

I have been doing affiliate marketing since 2004 and until date, I am capping averagely $2,500.00 per month easy. And for a part time blogger, earning that much money online is no small figure.

As a matter of fact, it is so important that it helped me with my financials.

I was happy, my family was happy and everything was good.

So much so that I became too complacent with the whole make money online thingy and let my blog run on automation for a month.

Do you know what happens next?

My income went from $2,500.00 per month (easy) to a mere $1,300.00 per month. Now, if you do some math, it’s a 48% drop and I gone crazy. 

I scrambled to find what’s going on — and how to rectify the messed I had made.

It. Was. Bad.

I found out that I thought it was easy money by not doing anything. And as the saying goes, “easy come, easy go.”

I tripled my work the next 30 days — and I not only achieved the target of $2,500.00 per month in blog earnings, I exceed it by $1,210 … making it a whopping $3,710.00!

So, here’s the moral of the story.

Success is easy to achieve. Maintaining success is the hardest part of all.

Carry on reading below to learn the 5 reasons why you need to work harder when you are at the top.

Reason #1: The top spot is ALWAYS for grab

First On Google

No one ever last at the top, especially when they don’t take the needed action.

Everyone wants to be at the top because it fame, glory and all the good vibes you can ever imagine.

So, it is definite that being the top means more hard work.

Do you know that you will easily garner at least 50% of the entire business opportunity just by being at the top in your industry?

Reason #2: Success is NEVER final

How To Stay Top

This goes dearly to my heart — and I’m sure you know what I mean.

As the economy and industry changes, what works yesterday may not work today. And what works today will not be working tomorrow.

We need to be on our toes to make sure that we are constantly working on our strategies to ensure that we will always be dominant.

Reason #3: Work harder means getting AHEAD

Stay Ahead Of Competitors

Years ago, my wife would ask why I would stay up all night working on my side gigs a.k.a. blogging. Back then, I was making dollars a month and I told myself to keep trying hard.

Now, she understood.

On average, I earn around $2,500.00 per month from blogging — and that does not include the leads I generated for my other businesses.

I co-founded Marketing Lancers and last month itself, I generated four new clients with over $10,000.00 for business consultation and digital marketing services.

Reason #4: Businesses are going GLOBAL

Business Going Global

Do you know that only 15% (or less) of businesses around the world were visible online in 2015?

Now, there are around 45% of businesses around the world who have strong business presence in the digital world.

In order to compete, business owners are going online and having an online visibility allows you to be global.

Always remember that the Internet never sleeps. We do though.

Building a website for online presence is easy, and you certainly don’t require thousands of dollars to do so. You can start with a simple web hosting at only $2.95 per month that comes with a complementary domain name. Click here to see what I mean (or to grab the deal)!

Reason #5: Technology makes it even more COMPETITIVE

Technology In Business

Do you know that the advancement of technology makes everything more complicated and challenging?

While Toys R Us closing down, big brand such as the Lego group are leveraging technology to garner bigger market share. Here’s the snippet of their press release:

“We are especially satisfied with our performance given the challenges of the changing retail landscape, including the closure of Toys R Us in the US, UK and Australia.

We are well positioned to capitalise on new opportunities to delight consumers and shoppers across all channels and are particularly encouraged by growth from activities across digital and e-commerce platforms. 

We will continue to work closely with our retail partners and in LEGO-branded retail channels to create great experiences for consumers whenever and wherever they want to shop or play.”


It pays to work hard and be at the top of your game.

But here’s the thing – It doesn’t come easy.

And even if you are at top, you shouldn’t settle. 

Focus on dominating the market, not just being the best.

What do you think?