10 Video Tips That Can Make Your Website More Eye Catching

Video content is becoming an increasingly important aspect of online marketing, and it can be used to communicate a message much more effectively than text or static images alone. It comes as no surprise that visual media are more appealing than text, according to Forbes. Not only is video content engaging, but it can also make your website more appealing to visitors. In this article, we will discuss multiple strategies and video tips that you can start using today to make your website more appealing, engaging, and fun.

Keep your video content short and sweet.

People have pretty short attention spans, so it is vital to keep your videos under two minutes. If you can manage to get your point across in less time, even better! An ideal goal would be one minute or less. You don’t want your video to seem like a chore to your viewer, and you don’t want to waste their time either.

Make sure your videos are of high quality. 

This means investing in good equipment and taking the time to edit your videos properly. Poorly lit or shaky footage will only turn people away, so make sure your videos are well-lit and steady. Professionalism is key! You don’t need to spend an enormous amount of money on camera or audio equipment. You can always research more budget-friendly options that will adequately do the job.

SFX to your video content.

One way to make your website more appealing is by adding SFX, or sound effects. This can help to add an element of fun and excitement to your website, and it can also help to draw attention to important elements on the page. You can use SFX sparingly, or you can go all out and use them throughout your entire website. Just be sure not to overdo it, as too much SFX can be overwhelming and off-putting.

Add copyright-free music.

Another way to add appeal to your website is by adding copyright-free music. This can help to create a more relaxing and pleasant atmosphere on your website, which can be great for businesses that want to promote a sense of calm and relaxation. You can find copyright-free music online, or you can create your own. Just be sure to get permission from the copyright holder before using any copyrighted material. If you’re using a well-known, legitimate royalty-free music site like Soundstripe or Epidemic Sound, then you can have worry-free unlimited downloads at your fingertips.

Add videos to high-traffic areas.

If you want to make sure your video content is seen by as many people as possible, you should add videos to high-traffic areas on your website. This could include the homepage, the About Us page, the Contact Us page, and any other pages that get a lot of traffic. By adding videos to these pages, you can be sure that your video content will be seen by a wide audience.

Make your videos mobile-friendly.

In today’s age, where 85% of the population has a smartphone (according to the Pew Research Center), it’s important to make sure your website is mobile-friendly. This means that your website should be designed to work well on all devices, including smartphones and tablets. By making your videos mobile-friendly, you can ensure that they can be viewed by anyone, no matter where they are.

Add transcripts or captions to your videos.

If you want to make sure your videos are accessible to everyone, you should add transcripts or captions. This is especially important if your videos are in a foreign language or if they contain complex concepts that might be difficult to understand without written explanation. By adding transcripts or captions, you can ensure that everyone can enjoy and understand your videos, regardless of their language skills or level of understanding. It also ensures that your videos can be seen and understood even without sound. (i.e., the folks who are watching your video on the bus or in the elevator.)

Furthermore, transcripts and captions are great for SEO. One Nashville SEO agency notes that SEO is not only important for search rankings, but for local SEO reasons as well. So even if you are a small company only wanting to rank locally, transcripts and captions can help you do that.

Insert videos into your DM and email marketing campaigns.

Email and DM marketing are great ways to reach out to your target audience and promote your business. And what better way than by adding videos? By adding videos, you can make your communication more engaging and exciting which can help to increase open rates and click-through rates. Plus, you can use video to show off your products or services in a more engaging and exciting way.

Link your videos to your social media accounts.

Social media is a great way to promote your website and video content. And by linking your videos to your social media accounts, you can ensure that more people will see them. You can post links to your videos on your Twitter, TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram account. You can also include links in your email signature or in the bio section of your social media accounts.

Add videos to your website’s blog.

If you have a blog on your website, you should definitely consider adding videos. This is a great way to add more interest and excitement to your blog posts, and it can also help to increase the amount of time that people spend on your website. Plus, if you include videos in your blog posts, you can be sure that they will be seen by more people, as they are more likely to be shared on social media.

It’s also a good idea to transcribe your videos and post them as a blog entry. That way, people who can’t watch the video for whatever reason can still read what you have to say, and search engine results can still lead new customers to you. You can also use videos as a way to break up long blog posts or as a way to add more visual interest to your website.

The Bottom Line

Video content can make your website more appealing because it is engaging, visually attractive, and can help to set the tone for your website. By using SFX, copyright-free music, and adding videos to high-traffic areas, you can make sure that your website stands out from the rest. And by making your videos mobile-friendly and adding transcripts or captions, you can ensure that everyone can enjoy and understand your video content. Once you add another level of engagement and excitement to your website, you’ll be sure to see an increase in traffic and conversions.