Written by Reginald Chan on May 10, 2022

What You Need To Know About Eco-friendly Packaging

Are you wondering whether or not you need eco-friendly packaging for your products? With everyone campaigning for eco-friendly products, your packaging needs to reflect the same. Here’s what you need to know about eco-friendly packaging and how it can help.

1. Printing Needs

Your packaging is what your customers will see first. It’s the best way to convey your brand’s message. You should choose packaging with enough printable space. This way, you can label the product accordingly and have enough room to list the various attributes of the product, especially those that make it unique from the competitors.

Square bottom pouches are beneficial in these circumstances since they are fully printable in the front, sides, bottom and back. Clamshell packaging offers a number of possibilities for branding. Another ideal option would be custom eco-friendly mailers. This is because they are strong enough to be shipped in the mail. They will not take up any unnecessary space in the landfills. Additionally, they can be custom printed with the appropriate company’s branding.

2. Is It Recyclable?

The main principle behind eco-friendly packaging is to reduce the overall impact on the environment. Recycling is the best way to achieve this. Note that, Kraft paper is compostable and recyclable. On the other hand, PET plastic offers excellent barriers when it comes to the preservation of food products and other edibles.

Before choosing recyclable materials, make sure the packaged products are the right fit. Yes, recyclable plastic bags are perfect for packing dried food, crackers, pasta, chips, crackers, seeds and nuts. However, recyclable bag materials don’t have the strength and durability of other materials. As such, they are not a great choice for bulky products since they are likely going to burst.

3. Are Big Retailers Looking For It? 

Regardless of whether or not you are a startup, you always need to dream big. The best way to boost growth is by partnering with the leading retailers. Walmart recently released a playbook on sustainable packaging to assist other companies with their packaging needs.

One out of the nine metrics in consideration for eco-friendly packaging is the use of recycled materials. Additionally, Amazon is on the lookout for packaging that is both eco-friendly and hassle-free. If you can follow the guidelines that these leading retailers are looking for, you should be able to notice a huge bottom line in the long run. 

4. Strength 

Always settle for packaging material that is strong enough to avoid tearing or bursting with any amount of tension. The right amount of tensile strength ensures that the packaging can resist a direct pull, especially for packaging used in child food products. 

It’s easy enough to ensure that your children don’t ingest dangerous products by making it harder for them to access the contents of the packaging. The best packaging should have high resistance when it comes to tearing, puncture, impact and bursting strength to prevent spilling contents, especially during transportation. 

5. The Maximum Temperature It Can Withstand 

The current generation is often referred to as the microwave generation since everyone is always looking for convenience. Everyone is looking for something they can warm by simply throwing in the microwave. No one has time to wash dishes, especially when you are focused on climbing the corporate ladder.

As such, as a retailer, you need to make your customers’ lives easier by packaging their food in microwave-safe containers. Your customers will definitely appreciate it. Eventually, you can count on more sales. Note that, when microwaved, plastic releases phthalates and BPA into food.  Eventually, BPA disrupts the natural hormonal system since it has the same effects as estrogen.

6. Will It Keep Products In Good Use?

Certainly, you don’t want to lose your customers if they have to throw away food if the packaging reduces the shelf life. With the harsh economic times, every dollar saved will go a long way into guaranteeing your customer’s future. Choose the right packaging that will improve food safety by preventing contamination of food. Additionally, it should extend the food’s shelf life. 

7. Does It Facilitate Storage In A Controlled Environment?

You must have come across food labels that warn about keeping the product away from direct sunlight and in a cool and dry place. It’s a simple instruction to follow but what about the moisture levels required to preserve overall freshness. You need to facilitate a controlled environment with your packaging material.

For instance, cannabis users need to be assured that their stash will hit the right spot every time they open their package. Humidity control is important, especially since cannabis should not be stored in an environment above 65% RH. Anything more than this will risk the occurrence of mold. On the other hand, your packaging should not promote evaporation since the cannabis will lose potency. If not checked properly, it can cause a lot of damage, especially if it is used for medicinal purposes.

Article written by Reginald Chan
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