The 4 Types of Emails Your Brand Should Be Sending

Email marketing is the best way for finding new customers and creating relationships with them. It has the power to increase your revenue, improve customer engagement, and build your brand image among other things.

Furthermore, you will easily reach an excellent return on investment (ROI) because studies show that the average ROI for email marketing is $36 for every $1 spent. That’s a better return than any other type of marketing.

But planning a successful email marketing strategy sometimes is a very complex process. You can use various email types, but you need to make sure that they are relevant to your target audience. Emails enable businesses to educate customers and prospects, drive traffic to their websites, make announcements, and much more. 

So, if you notice that your email marketing campaigns have low click-through rates (CTR), you will benefit from learning which types of emails may produce better results. Below, you can find the best email types to send to your customers.

But first, grow your email list

An active email list is a business’s most important asset because, unlike followers on social media platforms, you have full control over it. Email isn’t affected by sudden changes to algorithms; it lets you tell your brand’s story; it has a far larger reach than paid social media ads; and is much more affordable.

However, building an effective email list takes time and, most importantly, a strategy. The best way to build an email list is through your company’s website. Potential customers visit your website to learn about the services and the products you offer. So this is the perfect opportunity to build a quality email list. 

Deploying an email pop up form on your website is one of the best ways for converting first-time website visitors. When designing your pop-ups, you must keep the user experience in mind to ensure your message is relevant and well-timed. 

For instance, you can create an exit-intent pop-up, which shows up when a visitor is about to leave your page. To get them to stay on the page and provide you with their emails, you should offer them an incentive. Incentives should include anything from discounts to free shipping.

Keep your pop-up messages straightforward and include a clear CTA in order to maximize your efforts and quickly build your email list. Now, let’s the types of emails your brand should be sending.

Email newsletter

Newsletter emails are commonly used and sent on a regular basis. These emails may include company updates, events or promotional announcements, and content from the company blog. 

Newsletters can be a great means of advertising to your current customers by sharing content regarding the use of your products or services, positive customer stories, and any promotions, in addition to gaining new clients. Newsletters are an effective way for companies to stay in the minds of their readers.

Establish the purpose of the email to maximize the effectiveness of your newsletter. Then, concentrate on including only relevant and important information. It can be tempting to include too much information, but newsletters allow you to repurpose existing content from your website, social accounts, or blog, making these emails less time-consuming to create in contrast to the other email types.

Check-in email 

Just as we check in on friends we haven’t seen in a while, brands should reconnect with past customers on a regular basis. Consider sending a friendly “what’s up?” email to demonstrate your care and appreciation for them. This way, you will also remind them that your company and the services and products you offer are the ideal choices for them.

Also, you can use this opportunity to thank them for showing constant loyalty toward your brand. It is an excellent option because you can offer a “thank you” token in the form of a freebie, deal, or shipping perk applicable for their next purchase.

Survey email

The key to forming a quality relationship with your customers is by paying attention to their remarks, and survey emails can help you get there. Demonstrate to your customers that you are committed and want to improve. 

For starters, create a list of questions and send the survey within a week of the customer’s purchase to obtain new feedback. Additionally, consider conducting a yearly survey to check customer satisfaction. You could also compile a list of lapsed customers and survey them to find out why they haven’t returned and what you can do to improve your offerings.

Final thoughts

Sending emails is the quickest way to reach your customers. With a quality plan, you can send automated, personalized email newsletters or survey emails at an appropriate time. This way, you can build a unique relationship with them and make sure that they choose your company whenever they need the products and services you provide.