Written by Reginald Chan on January 12, 2021

Social Marketing Trends That Will Make Your Business Stand out This 2021

When starting a business, grasping consumer attention by elaborating who you are and what you offer becomes one of the most fundamental operations at the initial stages. Once you attract a certain percentage, the objectives then diversify to include retaining them as return customers and attaining a wider market reach.

That is where vigorous marketing comes in handy. However, getting the market talking about you and identifying themselves with your brand requires a smart and calculated move. In the modern age, technology plays a significant role in how people interact. A significant percentage of the young's demographic to the old are active online on social media platforms. Therefore, building your clientele portfolio through social media becomes the move to actualize.

Do You Have a Social Media Community?

Having a communal feel has, from time immemorial, become a significant influence on human interaction. It gives people a sense of belonging. It helps them feel appreciated, valued, and cared for at all times. Additionally, it provides a space for interaction without worrying that you will have judgmental and critical responses.

For instance, if one struggles with certain addictive behavior, a communal approach in reminding them they are not alone goes a long way in dealing with the situation. It is no exception with a social media community. Give your market a different and custom opportunity with a community that stems from your business.

Live Streaming is the Way to Go

When you want to have an interactive session with your audience, live streaming is one of the ways that will offer instant results. It will increase user experience and engagement, which will, in turn, help social media users associate with your brand.

Through live streaming, you can also promote your products and services. Customer satisfaction is fundamental in increasing your consumer base. Thankfully with live streaming, you can hold an interactive question and answer session where you answer any queries and concerns that your audience may have about your business. Additionally, live streaming offers an authentic approach that customers find pleasant to interact with and become return clients.

Conversational Marketing

Does your audience talk about you? If not, you could use a boost. Digital and social media marketing, as  e-innovate.co.uk highlights, is helping you open up your social media platforms for a wider target reach. If only a considerably lower percentage of your audience market knows about your business, even when you have intense marketing, you could be doing something wrong.

A significant influence of social media marketing should have conversations flowing naturally around your business. It becomes easier to align your business objectives around what gets people talking.

Custom Social Media Influencer Marketing

Social media influencer marketing has significantly grown over the last couple of years. It allows you to use a well-known brand in marketing your products to their audience. With such a strategy, consumers will want to associate themselves with your business as they can vouch for the brand influencer's opinion.

However, the influx of social media influencers has seen a shakeup in actively using the marketing strategy. In such a situation, it may dilute the marketing effect you hope to achieve as consumers may doubt the authenticity of brand marketing.

Here's how you can make it tight- micro-influencer marketing. Look out for smaller brands with a loyal following. That is your gold mine. Such influencers will have an easy time reaching out to their audience in vouching for your product and services. Additionally, the audience will then reach out to their followers, which will, in turn, help you market your business.

Video Content

A great way to jump on social media marketing in 2021 is through videos. The essence of social media platforms is to have a visual boost. Thanks to videos, you can quickly illustrate what your business offers. Remember, the attention span of the average consumer is a few minutes.

Therefore, a significant percentage will shy away from reading very long content in your business. On the other hand, creating short minutes of videos will quickly grasp their attention and communicate effectively when they are still interested.

  1. Stories are Ideal

The use of stories like Instagram offers a real time consumer interaction that is hard to ignore. It allows your audience to interact with you when a day to day basis without putting too much information on your feed. The stories last for a day, giving you ample time to keep your audience up to date on what you are up to throughout.

Ultimately, remember that technology is the future. Consequently, social media is also part of technology. Therefore, increasing your presence in the different social media platforms will have you boost your market tremendously.

Article written by Reginald Chan
A meticulous entrepreneur by nature and a serial entrepreneur. Founded a few awesome startups including Marketing Lancers, WP Maven and TheMarketingHuddle.com. Reginald is a sought-after success coach, digital marketing consultant and TEDx speaker from Asia. Currently, he teaches others how to make money online for free.

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