Written by Reginald Chan on November 20, 2021

MINE Pylon: Why the Token Is Becoming Popular

Have you ever wished that you bought Bitcoin or Ethereum when they were new? Looking back, we can now see how a small investment would have grown exponentially. We can learn from these missed opportunities by discovering and researching new cryptocurrency investments that look very promising. Then, you will be ahead of the game when the right opportunity comes your way.

MINE Pylon is currently trending among crypto enthusiasts all over the web. This is the native token for the Pylon Protocol, a payment and DeFi protocol on the Terra blockchain. It is designed to ease the recurrent payments of crypto in the DeFi ecosystem and also facilitate yielding redirection. This innovative cryptocurrency has a lot to offer.

Would you like to invest in MINE Pylon today? The Pylon gateway is on standby for you. You can deposit stablecoins accepted in Terra using the protocol and enjoy access to a plethora of services such as charitable donations, free subscriptions, and a lot more. Later you will be allowed to withdraw your principal investment.

So, why is the platform gaining a lot of popularity? There are many appealing reasons, and we are going to look at the most important ones here. Read on if you are interested in this investment.

Ease of Token Swapping

If you want to lock your Terra coins, it is best to first change them into MINE. As complex as it may sound, MINE Pylon enables the swapping of TerraUSD (UST) to MINE. Then, the investment is locked for a month.

During this one month, investors will enjoy benefits as mentioned above. The list of benefits keeps growing. At the expiration of the subscription, a reverse swap is done at a calculated rate, which allows the MINE holder to get rewarded.

MINE Pylon Tokens Are Available

There are 200 million MINE tokens allocated for investment by crypto enthusiasts. You can still buy MINE tokens while they are affordable. So, there is no reason to fail to invest in this great opportunity. Here is how it is lined up.

·       First pool – This linear investing plan has set aside 130 million tokens. Investors are required to pledge for 18 months but can claim their rewards after 9 months. It is anticipated to be the most popular in the Pylon protocol.

·       Second pool – This involves a 12-month pledge, but investors can claim the investment in as soon as 6 months. If you are looking for a medium-length investment period, this is the option to go for. The good thing is that 50 million tokens are set aside for the project.

·       Third pool – The last pool is the smallest in terms of MINE set aside; it only has 20 million tokens. It is meant for an investor who wants a short-term investment of 6 months while enjoying the opportunity to claim returns after only 3 months.

How to Claim MINE Pylon

The opportunities surrounding MINE Pylon are endless. After investing and the lock-up period is over, you will claim the reward. But it is highly recommended that you stake the tokens to earn further. You will provide liquidity to the MINE-UST projects on the Terra platform and get rewarded handsomely later. According to experts, this is a great passive investment that does not require a lot of your effort. After all, the Loop platform and others that support MINE Pylon investment are very reliable.


From the above points, it is clear that investing in MINE Pylon on the Pylon protocol is very easy. Exceptional opportunities like this are not always readily available. With MINE Pylon, investors and crypto enthusiasts have the chance to become involved in a new and exciting cryptocurrency while it is growing in value and expanding in popularity quickly. Now that you understand how it works and what you will get in return, it is time to get started.

Article written by Reginald Chan
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