Kajabi Review: How Kajabi Enables You to Market Your Online Course

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What is Kajabi? In this Kajabi review, we will dive deep into Kajabi program and how Kajabi is an awesome tool for course creator to market their online course.
Kajabi Review

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Are you planning to create an online course and sell it? Courses are great avenues where you can share the things you are passionate about and teach others how to do something you’re skilled at — all while making money at the same time.

If you want your online course to sell like hotcakes, however, you need to have a learning management system (LMS) that won’t just help you with “housing your courses,” but that can help you market your elearning business effectively, as well.

Given how noisy the internet has become, you’ll never be able to keep your online course business afloat if you don’t market it effectively — let alone keep other aspects of your business thriving.

That’s where LMS platforms like Kajabi come in handy.

In this review, we’ll look into the robust features that this leading platform offers in the areas of design and marketing — including marketing automation — that you can use to advertise and convert more sales for your online courses.

Are you ready? Let’s begin.

Website Design and Business Analytics

Website design is crucial for marketing your online courses. Without an attractive design that exudes trust and inspires action, no one will get immersed in your content, no one will register as leads and no one will purchase tuition subscriptions. 

Fortunately, Kajabi has a collection of pre-made themes and layouts to choose from. Kajabi also gives you control over your website appearance from your library to your store, sales and thank-you pages, and more.

You can personalize various aspects of your page such as visibility, branding, and typography, as you can see below:

Custom Made Kajabi Themes

Kajabi lets you take charge over several elements of your pages like your header, footer, images, measurements, and language, etc.

You can even alter your URLs, descriptions, and titles, so they’re SEO-friendly. In this way, your website attracts prospects visually, reflects your branding, and is optimized for search rankings. These are all essential for marketing toward better conversions and sales.

Aside from the ability to design, you can also assess your website’s performance. Kajabi provides analytics on your sales and net income for the past 30 days, all-time net revenue, affiliate commissions and purchases, opt-ins, and page views.

With these figures, you can come up with better action steps to improve your site.

Automated Nurture Pipelines

One of the unique and advanced solutions Kajabi offers to help you market your courses effectively is their Pipelines feature.

The feature allows you to create your marketing funnel and visualize your customer journey from marketing to sales. It also allows you to automate your multi-stage marketing journeys with triggers that span multiple channels and actions, such as email clicks, landing page engagement, video views and course registrations.

Marketing automation is crucial since it helps increase your efficiency and effectiveness in promoting your courses. Kajabi’s top competitors – including Thinkific, Podia and Teachable – don’t offer anything nearly this powerful or easy when it comes to marketing features.

Here’s how a sample pipeline looks:

Kajabi Pipeline

Kajabi has template pipelines that you can tweak or new pipelines for you to build from scratch. These are called Blueprints.

For each phase in your pipeline, you can add automations and modify their content, design, and conditions.

Triggered Email Campaigns

The Email Campaigns feature allows you to plan, develop, and automate your email marketing series.

You can create email campaigns for your sales, freebies, influencers, coaching and others. As with Pipelines, Kajabi’s email sequence creator comes with templates you can use, or you can opt to make one from scratch.

As an example, I clicked on the Sales Page Opt-in-Value-Offer (OVO) email sequence template. Here’s how it looks like:

Sales Page OVO Email Sequence

You can add triggers for the email sequence to begin, as well as actions or automations.

Kajabi then gives you free reign to customize your message, subject line, and the day your email should be sent. Finally, you can view analytics for every email in your sequence. Kajabi reports to you the percentages of opens, sends, and clicks.

One-Off and Recurring Events

Using Kajabi, you can set up Events to support your marketing initiatives. Use it for your course and product launches, additional webinars, and others.

To set up an event, go to your dashboard, click Marketing > Events > New event.

When you’ve initially created an event, Kajabi will lead you to a page that looks like this:

Launching Online Course

In this page, you can further customize various aspects of your event.

Specify the title, date and time, and time zone. You can also opt to repeat your event from 15 minutes to a whole year.

If you want to send emails, you can write and format your message accordingly. You can also automate and define the conditions for sending emails to your target recipients. Clicking on Registrations shows you the users who have signed up for your event.

Forms for Capturing Leads and Gathering Information

The Forms feature of Kajabi allows you to produce, automate, and insert forms into your email sequences, offers, and events.Forms are essential when you want to segment your enrollees, gather emails for your pipelines and email campaigns, and more.

Let me show you how creating a form on Kajabi looks:

You can edit your form title and add more fields.

You can even decide which actions should happen after a subscriber submits his form, such as sending him to a thank-you page, and others.

You can also automate and define the conditions for sending out your forms.

Empowering Affiliates to Spread the Word

Through the platform, you can also onboard affiliate users to help market and sell your course.

Your affiliate marketer is assigned a unique link that points towards your web pages such as your landing page, checkout page, etc. Your affiliate then receives a commission for every person clicking on that share link and completing the purchase on your website.

An affiliate program is helpful to widen your market reach, boost your traffic, and produce sales fast.

Kajabi Affiliate

Ideally, you should choose affiliate users with significant clout and large followings.

Affiliates can also bolster your reputation as a reliable instructor and convince their audience to enroll in your course. After all, consumers tend to believe a trusted third-party opinion when deciding to buy a product.

Kajabi lets you import your affiliates and manage different areas of your affiliate program. You can view and modify your affiliates’ profiles, transactions, percentage allocation for their commission, share links, and others.

Kajabi also presents figures on the clicks, form submissions or opt-ins, conversions or purchases, and conversion rates. Knowing these figures allows you to assess the effectiveness of your affiliate program.


Kajabi has a compelling set of features that enable you to promote your online course effectively. We discussed these features and how you can use them for marketing your product:

  • Web Design attracts your prospects to explore your learning website and courses.
  • Pipelines let you visualize and automate your customer journey from marketing to purchase.
  • Email campaigns allow you to create and automate delivering your email sequences.
  • Events help you set up supplementary marketing activities like product launches.
  • Forms allow you to automate collecting your prospects’ email addresses.
  • Affiliates let you manage your affiliate program for a wider promotional and sales reach.

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