Written by Reginald Chan on March 20, 2021

Immigration: How do foreigners feel at US universities?

Many international students dream of getting into the best universities in the United States. The best education and excellent prospects await every American student. For some students, this is the only opportunity to migrate to another country. Recent government laws have restricted migrants from entering the country. But if you have a student visa, then there will be no problems. The number of international students studying at US colleges and universities has fallen in the last few years because of limiting and restricting migrants. Although there is a restriction for entering, there are many pupils studying at US universities.

The question is, how do Americans treat immigrants? What immigration problems may international students face at the university? How to facilitate living there? There are many student stories and free essay samples about immigration and discrimination experience that can broaden your view on the topic. Now, let's see how foreigners feel at universities where education is their main goal.

Foreigners at American universities

International students studying in the US face many challenges. These challenges group into various categories such as freedom, independence price, homesickness, making new friends, language difficulties, and nationality/race/ethnicity. Let's talk a little bit more about them.

Freedom And Independence Price

Many international students feel the taste of freedom that comes with living away from home. As they enjoy the different sights and sounds of your new city, all should be prepared to ante up — freedom and independence come at a cost. Many student stories about racism tell us how hard it can be to be a foreign student. 

They will not only do their laundry, cooking and cleaning; but will also think. In the American college classroom, pupils are expected to weigh facts, form intelligent opinions, voice their approval, ask questions, engage in debate, and more.


Students who want to study college abroad should be prepared to miss home, especially during the holidays and special family occasions. They will cook the food from home when missing and call from the computer to hear their families’ voices. This is often the main common problem between problems until they get used to living in the US.

Language difficulties

Many international pupils struggle with coursework because English is not their native language, which is common amongst learners abroad. It can also make it challenging to take advantage of lectures and tutorials and participate in general small talk.

Making friends

The first day of university is hard for anyone, let alone from another country. However, it is worth remembering that whilst local pupils might outnumber you, they will all be feeling just as nervous. Saying hello to the person next to you might not seem like a big deal, but they will likely appreciate the gesture. Also, joining a sporting club or student society is another great way to socialize and make friends.

Americans' attitudes toward foreigners, foreigners at American universities

Americans are deeply rooted in American race relations'' sociological and historical context. International students, viewed through the lens of national origin from the admissions office's perspective, are also viewed through the prism of American racial and ethnic classifications once they arrive. Since these distinctions differ from the pupils'' understanding of differences, they could be jarring and alienating.

To sum up, students face many difficulties during their education in the US. Many think that a teacher is a main and crucial factor at the university where they study. Why? Because there should be more teachers that will give proper education and give classes to be remembered. A foreign student will get the necessary knowledge only when feeling accepted and motivated in a brand-new environment instead of feeling like a stranger.

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