How To Download Spotify++ For IOS Without Jailbreak [100% Working 2020]

How To Download Spotify Plus Plus For IOS With No Jailbreak

​Download Spotify++ For IOS [No Jailbreak & 100% Working]

This is the most updated guide for Spotfity++ download for iPhone and iPad. If you are searching for Spotify++, you had come to the right place! In this post, you will find the most complete tutorial about Spotify Plus, including how to download, install and use Spotify++ on your iPhone/iPad.

​Here’s what you will you will find in this Spotify++ for iOS today.

​What Is Spotify++ or Spotify Plus?

The most important part before understanding and learning how to download Spotify++ for iOS is to understand what Spotify Plus is all about.

In short, Spotify++ is a Modded version of Spotify Official IOS App, With Spotify Plus, you can use all the Spotify Premium Features for free Like play millions of songs and podcasts without any advertisement from all over the world.

​Here are some of the features of Spotify Plus:

  • ​Listen to your favorite songs and podcasts
  • ​Discover new music, albums and podcast
  • ​Search for your favorite song, artist or podcast in just a few clicks
  • Create and manage playlist made by you
  • Share your favorite playlists with others
  • Find music for any mood and activity
  • ​Listen on your iOS mobile or tablet
  • Play music for free and at anywhere

​With Spotify Plus, you have access to a world of music, curated playlists, artists, and podcasts you love. Discover new music, podcasts and listen to your favourite artists, albums, or create a playlist with the latest songs to suit your mood.

How To Download Spotify++ For iPhone/iPad?

​To be honest, there are many ways to download Spotify++ for iOS (thanks Google). In this Spotify++ tutorial, I’m sharing the simplest and easiest way to download and install Spotify Plus in your IOS Device.

​More importantly, you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone or iPad (if this term still exists) and this guide works perfectly well in 2020.

​Let’s ​learn how to download Spotify++ on iOS now, shall we?

​Step 1: Download The Required Files

​Head over to Safari and click the button below to download the configuration file ​to install Spotify++ for iOS devices.

Step 2: Install Spotify++ on IOS

Once you have downloaded the file above, the next step is to install the program.

​iOS devices have inbuilt security feature, which you need to bypass/turn off before you can install the app. Follow this steps to install the Spotify++ app for iOS (don’t worry, this file is clean!).

“​Installing Spotify++ for iOS is a 2-step process. You need to install AppValley and followed by Spotify++ for iOS.”

Head over to Device Settings » Profile Downloaded » Install (enter passcode if you have one) » Next » Click Install » Click Install (second time).

Download And Install Spotify Plus for iOS

​You will receive a notification that the profile is not signed. This is normal because in order to install Spotify++ for iOS, you are using ​downloading and installing AppValley directly and not through the App S​tore. 

Installing Spotify++ on iPhone iPad

​Step 3: ​Run AppValley And Search For Spotify++ ​For iOS

​Once the installation for AppValley is completed, head back to your home screen and search for AppValley.

​You need to use this app to download Spotify++ for iOS devices.

Installing Spotify Plus For IOS

​Upon clicking the Get button, you will see a popup to install Spotify++. Hit the Install button to install Spotify++ to your iPhone or iPad.

​Step 4: ​Permission Setting For Spotify++

​The last step is crucial. You need to give the needed permission for Spotify++ to work properly on your iOS devices (iPhone or iPad).

​To do this, you need to follow these steps:

​Settings » General » Profiles » Trust the profile of Spotify++

​What Are The Features Of Spotify++ For IOS Devices?

​By installing Spotify++ for iOS devices using the steps above, you will have unlimited access to all the Spotify Premium Features for free.

​While there are many features, these are my favorite features (which I’m sure you will love them too).

Best Spotify++ Features


​No Ads. ​Do you love an ads-free experience when listening to music. That’s why this is the best feature of this mod apk. By installing Spotify++ for iPhone or iPad using the above steps, you are not going to face any ad interruptions while listing to your favourite songs.


​Unlimited everything. The Spotify free account allows you to skip six songs per hour and that can be really annoying (don’t worry, I get it). With Spotify Plus, you can skil the ads part and get unlimited shuffles and skips when listening to Spotify on iPhone.


​Download music offline. At this point in this, this Spotify++ for iPhone hack doesn’t come with Offline mode. I’ll publish a new guide on this once it is ready so that you can download music from Spotify for free without any premium subscription.


​What are the advantages of downloading Spotify++ for IOS?

​This hack allows you to:

  • ​Install Spotify++ for iOS witout jailbreak (no jailbreak required)
  • ​Unlock Spotify connect
  • ​Seek FWK button added
  • Seeking is enabled
  • Search is enabled
  • Unlimited shuffling
  • Choose any songs
  • Extreme audio unlocked
  • Repeats is enabled

​I hope this guide on how to download Spotify iOS for free useful. If you love what you read, hit the share button and share with your peers!