How To Choose The Best Attorney For Pedestrian Accidents

What else can be worse than getting involved in a pedestrian accident? It’s not getting justice or compensation, and the wrongdoer goes scot-free. The pains and scars don’t disappear overnight, and getting justice and closure over the incident might just be good.

You need to get the best pedestrian accident attorney to help you for that to happen. However, finding one is not as simple as you think, but a guide can help you choose the most suitable attorney.

●    Research online

Another thing you can do when looking to hire a pedestrian accident lawyer is to research online. Search for well-known injury attorneys in your state, hometown, or nearest proximity.

Then, you can check rating sites online to see reviews about them, their reputations, and their skills. That’ll help you with a list of lawyers you can trust before deciding who to go with.

●    Identify the qualities you’re looking for

Before choosing a lawyer, you need to identify what qualities and criteria you’re looking for. Choose the qualities you feel are the most important to you.

For example, the criteria may include their experiences with such cases, fee, personality, expertise, and others. Your list will make it easier for you to shortlist the best lawyers.

●    Ask for referrals

One of the ways to find and hire a pedestrian accident lawyer is by asking for referrals. You can start by asking your friends and family if they have ever hired an attorney before for similar reasons or others.

If they have, ask about their experience with the lawyers and the case’s outcome to help you gauge what your experience with them will be like.

●    Shortlist your top picks

Use your selected criteria to compile a list of attorneys with those qualities. Instead of having a long list of lawyers and too many options, you can limit your list to four or five.

This will save you time and stress of consulting with too many lawyers because this will require long talks either on the phone or physically.

●    Review their credentials and track records

Before calling or setting a meeting with any lawyer, you need to review and confirm their credentials and track records. Check their licensing, certification, and success rate to know if you have a high chance of winning if you hire them.

●    Consider availability, experience, and firm size

Another thing you should check is the attorneys’ availability, experience, and firm size. Of course, you need someone who has access to adequate resources to work with and doesn’t have too many workloads that they won’t have enough time to dedicate to your case.

If they work in a large firm, it is good for you because it means they will have more resources to work with, and they would have had a lot of experience working on different cases.

●    Set up meetings and meet with different attorneys

After cross-checking all the necessary details and confirming that your list of lawyers is the best choice you can make, you need to call and set up meetings with them.

Some personal pedestrian accident lawyers offer a free initial consultation. When you meet up with them, ensure you give every detail of the case without leaving out important details so the lawyer can review and give you an estimate of expected compensation.

You also need to ask important questions like their fees, how long it will take to resolve the case, if you’ll be involved, what happens if you don’t win, etc.

●    Works on contingency

You should check if the attorney works on contingency; you pay them from the award proceeds instead of paying hourly. The average contingency rate is 33% but could be higher depending on the case’s complexity.

●    Choose someone you feel comfortable with

It is important that you choose someone you get along with and are comfortable with. They’ll have access to much of your information, and you’ll probably be in close contact for weeks or months, depending on how long the case drags on.

It’s also good if you have someone empathetic, especially if you get frustrated with the case, so they can make you feel better.

●    Choose the best lawyer

After examining and interviewing multiple lawyers, you need to choose the best lawyer you think would do the best job based on their qualifications and your experience talking to them.


Finding lawyers isn’t hard, but choosing the best for your case to help you feel heard is more tasking. You need to ensure that the lawyer you choose is highly qualified, empathetic, and ticks other important criteria you’re looking for.