How To Become A Successful Stay At Home Dad

​How To Be A Successful Stay At Home Dad? [True Story]

​Being a father of two is by far the best blessing I had got from God (aside from having a loving wife). I work online and my livelihood counts on the Internet. Ouch.

​With that being said, I always consider myself as a stay at home dad. Recently, my boy came up and say that he wants to be like me!

​Now, that may sound normal for many, it is not for me. I wanted him to know that I'm an awesome dad and more importantly, a successful stay at home dad. I had been doing this for the past 4 years now and I cannot be more thankful.

​In this post, I'm going to layout some of the craziest, zero BS and zero fluff tips to become a successful stay at home dad.

​You with me? Good!

​Get Your Time Right

We all have things to do—either making a living from the Internet or taking care of the kids. As a stay at home dad, it is really hard to get a good time to work on your hustle.

​Getting the time right doesn't always go as planned (dads out there, you know EXACTLY what I mean)!

​I like to list down things I need to accomplish on a daily basis. For example, this is exactly what I do every day:

  • ​My ​take 5 hours sleep a day (3am to 8am)
  • 8am to 8.30am — Schedule my plans for the day
  • ​8.30am to 9am — Quick blog post
  • 9am to 10.30am — Breakfast for the kids, some father-son and father-daughter time
  • 10.30 to 2pm — Time with family and lunch
  • 2pm to 3pm — Putting the kids ​to bed (nap time)
  • 3pm to 5pm — Work
  • 5pm to 11pm — Family time
  • 11pm to 12 midnight — Quick movie and rest
  • 12 midnight to 3am — Work

​And during the time, I work in between a.k.a. reply emails, texts and questions from my clients (yes, I'm a business consultant too).

​Becoming A Successful Stay At Home Dad Is Not Easy

I'm human, and there be will be times where I felt that I could do better.

  • ​Make the bed (more often)
  • ​Do the dishes (more often)
  • ​Spend more time with my wife

​And the list goes on and on.

​Do you noticed the common nominator here?

​It is "more often" and let me ask you a quick question.

“​When was the last time you felt that you could do that thing but you thought you were too tired?”

- ​Reginald Chan -

​You see, you can't tell your kids or wife that you are just too burned out at work and you can't do 'that thing.'

It's not fair for them.

​It is your responsibility to put food on the table—and that's what you need to do.

​So, don't give excuses that you are too tired or you thought you could do more.

“​I make over 6-figures in 2019 with my online marketing (while staying at home). It is tiring, but I know that I am doing it for my family.”

​Reginald Chan

​Now, let me ask you a question.

​What are you going to do right now to become a successful stay at home dad?

How To Be A Successful Stay At Home Dad?

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