As a beginning in the blogging world, one of the most important things you can learn to increase your audience base and make your content rank higher in search engine rankings is building links. Search engines such as Google are continually improving their algorithms to weed out any spam links or unnatural link building. In all of this constant change, the only thing bloggers can make sure to do is to focus on natural link building and organic link creation. There are link building agencies such as Healthy Links that build links organically through a process called blogger outreach - a process that revolves around reaching out to bloggers and guest posting on their website.

What are these links?

To start, you must know what backlinks and internal links are. Backlinks or external links are links that bring a viewer from one website to another. In simple words, a backlink from a reputed and well-visited webpage to your website tells the search engine that your reputation is stellar and that your content is worth promoting. Internal links, on the other hand, are links that you can create between different pages of your website. These allow the reader to browse different kinds of information within your site without having to search for other websites that might answer their queries. If viewers use your website’s internal links to navigate your web content, then this shows search engines that your content is actually diverse and is used by viewers consistently.

What do these links do?

Both of these links show search engines that are content is excellent and reliable, and that it is relevant to the search engine queries of the audiences that click on it. In other words, search engines use these links to determine the reputation and credibility of your content and then boost up the rankings of your website or blog accordingly.

Five link building strategies

#1 Use an external resource

You are one of those that bloggers that cannot invest the time and energy into gradual organic link building and growth, then it is best to leave this sort of work to a link building agency. They can help you create outreach for your content, build reputed and high-quality backlinks, and ensure a higher ranking for your blogs.

#2 Guest blogging

A young blogger, one important way to build quality links is by searching for reputable and famous blogs that have a large following. Requesting these blogs to do guest posts which link back to your content is a great way to direct relevant traffic to your website, and to ensure that the external link showcases the reputation of your content.

#3 Social Media Presence

Blog, your content, or your company must have an active social media presence that interacts with followers, increases the audience base, and continuously links the content to the social media posts. Facebook, Instagram, to Twitter posts that link the audience to web content is an excellent example of an external link that directs relevant audiences to your blogs. This link building plan is a long term ideal, takes a lot of time, and builds healthy and natural links. Even though this sort of link building takes time, it yields very positive results.

#4 Using broken links

A broken link on a website or a blog is a page that does not work anymore. With a lot of websites owned by busy bloggers, older content may disappear, or websites may malfunction. In this case, young bloggers can search for relevant websites in their niche and see if there are any broken links on those sites. If there is content on your web page that can substitute for that missing content, then young bloggers can reach out to website owners to propose that these broken links be fixed by linking to your blog content.

#5 Using anchor text

Text is text that helps search engines determine the topic of your page. Multiple links that are leading to a page that has similar words or phrases allows for this anchor text to be highlighted by search engines as relevant. These search engines can then rank these pages with multiple links pointing back to them higher in rankings. However, this must be done with caution because when ten different backlinks are based on the same phrase, then these can be flagged as spam. It is best to use variations of phrases instead.