Written by Reginald Chan on April 29, 2022

Custom Packaging is Great for Your Brand

The economy of product-based goods has been focusing more and more on the packaging of their products.

Since businesses are constantly trying to win over more customers and beat out their competitors, even a little bit of diversity can go a long way. This is where they start prioritizing making their packaging more appealing to the customers so that they can get more people interested in their products and hence, bring in more revenue for the business. Keep on reading to find five reasons why custom packaging is great for brands.

What Is Custom Packaging?

Custom packaging refers to the personalization of the boxes that contain a brand's products. They are usually designed in an eye-catching manner with different types of imprints. This makes it so that customers may be intrigued by the packaging, hence drawing them in to check out the product.

This is a very useful method of gaining recognition in the market as the packaging is capable of conveying information about the brand, its products, and the owners of the product. Primary, secondary, and tertiary packaging are the three types of packaging used.

Primary packaging is the usual way of packaging a product while the secondary and tertiary is where custom packaging comes into play.

This is where film wraps, boxes, cartons, and pallets are used to package a product that is typically shipped to a different location.

The packaging undergoes several processes such as designing, engineering, mockups, and assessments. There are different types of custom packing materials and custom packaging tape which are both important pieces in marketing.

Different Types of Packaging Materials

First is the usual paperboard box which is quite simple and gets the job done. These boxes can also be made with solid bleached sulfate and coated with unbleached kraft as well as chipboard paperboards.

Other than regular paperboard boxes, there are also corrugated boxes which are the best for shipping products over long distances. These packages have a flute size which can vary, and the larger it is, the more cushioning and less compressed the product will be inside.

You can also use paper bags, which are probably the most customizable of the bunch and are perhaps the oldest method of packaging in the books. These are also very eco-friendly. Lastly, there are the rigid boxes that are used to pack expensive products like jewelry and mobile phones. These are sturdier than regular paperboards and provide more protection. Now let us get to why a brand should customize its packaging.

1. Brand Recognition & Awareness

Customized packaging makes it easy to recognize the brand at first sight of the product in stores. This packaging should have detailed information on the brand and the product that is inside it so that customers have full knowledge of what they are spending their money on. Additionally, a fancy logo will also help in this process and may just be your golden ticket to attracting new customers and increasing sales for the company.

The marketing team can also create variations of different packages to target different types of people. For example, they can target a specific generation of people who have different preferences than others.

2. Better Experience for Customers

A creative package will automatically pique the interest of customers and get them excited before they even get their hands on the product itself. Oftentimes, what is inside the box matters less; the packaging is what attracts the customers. A sleek and aesthetic design is bound to get you a bunch of loyal customers. This is almost as important as digital video marketing nowadays. Customized packaging also gives the advantage of added security which we will discuss down below.

3. Additional Security

Once you successfully manage to get your customers interested, the next step is to not disappoint them with a broken product. This problem can easily be prevented with custom packages that are specifically made for keeping different types of products safe.

This is especially the case for online shopping as customers wish to get the same product they saw on the web page. They do not want to receive a product that has been damaged during the shipment. This also builds a good brand image and makes customers loyal as they become satisfied with the company's services.

4. Adds to the Brand Value

Since customers usually receive the same dull brown boxes, when they find that your packaging is unique and well-designed, they are sure to be thrilled. As said before, different types of packaging can be used on different occasions and so a surprise change during Christmas or other holidays may just give customers that extra bit of joy to get them hooked on your product line.

Furthermore, a lot of customers, as well as product reviewers, tend to show off the received parcel online, which does a bit of advertisement for you. After all, there's nothing as exciting as a well-designed packaging waiting to be torn open!

5. External Benefits

In contrast to the usual, boring packaging, most custom packages are made with materials that make them easily recyclable. This gives your company an eco-friendly impression where no social costs are being produced since the packages can be recycled and reused once again. This also adds points to your brand image and so customers are sure to be impressed!

Furthermore, when it is known that a company produces less waste in an economy, it is often recommended by the government and is provided with subsidies so that they can keep up the good work. Subsidies help in lowering your overall business costs, making it a win-win situation for both parties!

In Conclusion

Custom packaging is great for your brand, but quite a diverse subject, so trying out different variations to figure out what helps you keep your costs low while also providing the best possible products to your customers is key to leading a strong and successful business endeavor. We hope that this article has helped in intriguing your customers with your packages and we wish you good luck in your future business endeavors.

Article written by Reginald Chan
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