Building Long-Term Customer Relationships: Lessons from the Casino Industry

Every business should have strategies in place to help it build long-term customer relationships. Customers who repeatedly visit your business, website or any other sales channel are much more valuable over time and can transfer their love for your business to others. Building these relationships is never easy, but there are important lessons to be learned from an industry that has been able to do this over and over again – the casino industry.

Complimentary Rewards

A common feature among casino websites is how generous they are with their complimentary gifts. According to several surveys, only about 40% of companies not in the casino industry give customers, leads or other businesses they are building relationships with complimentary gifts.

From free drinks and meals to hotel rooms, casinos lean heavily into this relationship-building strategy and it is relatively easy to find examples of Australian gambling websites doing this. To get started, think about what your clients and customers want. For customers, gift cards are inexpensive and work really well while for larger clients, you might have to go with something bigger.

Taking Advantage of Events

One of the best ways to make customers feel important is to invite them to events. Your repeat customers, especially other businesses, likely have a lot in common, and getting them together for an event makes them feel appreciated and thought about.

Additionally, you can use your social media as a way of building these relationships by inviting people who share your products on social media to VIP events.

Demographic Preferences and Segmentation

Although casino players might look like they have the same needs, that is not always the case. A close look reveals that older players spend about 80% of their budget on gaming and the rest on food while younger generations spend about 30% on gaming and 70% on other activities.

This means that if you were to come up with a marketing campaign, you would advertise your games to older generations while advertising a full-featured experience for younger generations that focuses less on gaming and more on the activities that surround it.

The lesson here is that by segmenting your demographics and cross-referencing them with their spending habits, you can find out what they prefer. You can then invest in the products and services they are likely to spend money on. Doing this makes your customers feel catered to which improves their relationship with your business.

Partner with Other Businesses

Casinos know that players do more than sit at the table and play. They may need food, drinks or even hotel rooms. They collaborate with other businesses to cut deals to offer additional services to their high-end customers and big spenders. For example, it is common to see casinos cutting deals with travel companies to offer discounts to their best customers.

To use this strategy, think about what else your top customers and clients need besides your products and services. Then, cut deals with other businesses to offer discounts to your customers and you to do the same for their customers who need your products and services. The casino industry builds strong customer relationships in ways other industries struggle to. The casino industry views relationship-building very differently, and if your business can have a closer look at how it does this, you could end up with valuable lessons that help you build stronger and better customer relationships in your business.