Some people have mixed feelings about fighting, but there is a time when it becomes vital. When you find yourself threatened by other individuals, you must find a way to defend yourself. This can be possible if you know some basic fighting tips that you can use against your opponent. 

If you want to stay safe, you can consider the following suggestions.  

The Importance of Self-defense

If you find yourself faced with imminent danger from another person, you cannot just watch in awe. Self-defense is not only about fighting back, but it also includes other elements like your general physique. You can improve your fitness by participating in different sporting activities. 

There are certain scenarios where you might find yourself in a tight corner, and the only way out would be fighting back. For instance, a street mugging and heated arguments in bars are common sources of confrontation. Fighting can cause serious bodily harm or even death. This is when different fighting skills come in handy since you can use them to subdue your opponent if you do not have a weapon. Always be prepared; better safe than sorry.

Assess Dangerous Situations

Before you are forced into fighting, you should assess dangerous situations. When you are in a bar, try to think of a safe escape route to avoid unnecessary injuries. Think of your situation like a bet; in sportwetten, you need to find the team that is likely to win. So, if you do not think you can emerge victorious, do not engage in a fight in the first place. For instance, when confronted by a mugger, you can consider the option of surrendering the valuables you have rather than risking your life. Muggers usually carry deadly weapons, so avoid taking chances. 

If the fight is imminent, then there is no way out. You should fight for your life, but make sure that you maintain your composure and balance. Always watch your opponent’s hands so that you can swiftly react. Some people can fight using both hands and legs, so you should be watchful to avoid unexpected blows.   

Protect Your Vulnerable Body Parts

Our bodies consist of vulnerable parts that are also known as pressure points. When these parts are attacked, you will be severely weakened and at a great disadvantage. These vulnerable body parts include the eyes, ears, nose, knees, throat, testicles, and neck. While you are attacking your opponent, make sure your pressure points are not exposed.

The other important tip is to tighten your muscles so that you can absorb blows in a way that minimizes the likely damage. You must also master the skill of evading hard blows from your opponent. This can also tire them if they continue to miss the target, and then you can attack. 

In the same vein, you can also attack your opponent’s pressure points to gain an edge. For example, poking the eyes causes severe pain that completely distracts your attacker. A kick in the testicles can drop any man, no matter how strong he may be. Once you strike a sensitive part, you can find your way out while the other person is writhing in pain. 

When you are sure that your opponent is down and harmless, there should be no reason for attacking again. Your aim is to defend yourself, so once you achieve that goal, you can move away to avoid undesirable consequences.  

Use Objects Around You As Weapons

The most important thing that you should understand is that fighting has no rules, and there is no specific formula that you should apply. Survival is the only goal when you find yourself fighting an equally aggressive opponent. Therefore, you can use an object that you can get a hold of as a weapon, no matter how small it can be. 

You can use different objects, such as beer bottles, keys, a broom, or anything that is close to you, as you would not like nursing injuries due to a fight. Your body has natural assets you can use to defend yourself. For instance, you can use your head, elbow, or knee to deliver a strong blow that can crush your opponent. Your teeth can also act as effective tools when you are in a tight situation. 

You must be careful of deadly weapons like knives when fighting. Watch your attacker’s actions to ensure that you do not get caught unaware. If possible, you can attack from a distance so that you do not sustain severe injuries if your opponent draws a weapon. 

You should also make a lot of noise when you are fighting since this helps to distract the other person or intimidate them. This will give you an opportunity to escape. Furthermore, noise can draw the attention of passersby who can come to your help.  

Avoid Fighting

Though inevitable at times, the rule of thumb is to avoid fighting when possible. It does not help you in any way to pick up unnecessary fights with other people over petty issues. Before the situation escalates to physical confrontation, especially in bars, find a way to apologize to stop it. This is a smart way of defending yourself from a fight that does not benefit you in any way.  

Know the Consequences of Fighting  

Fighting is legal if you are doing it in self-defense. However, you should know the other consequences that are likely to arise. For example, make sure that you do not kill your opponent. While the law may protect you in the event of using deadly force, you are likely to live with the consequences that can haunt you for the rest of your life.

Fighting can be inevitable in some instances, especially when you are confronted by aggressive opponents. Wherever possible, you should try to avoid it, but if you cannot control the situation, then you should fight for survival. You need to master the basic skills that you can use in self-defense when you find yourself in a tight situation, and you must always know that there is no formula for fighting.