7 Ways to Generate UGC from Your Customers

Just bought something cool? Chances are you want to share it with the world! It could be a new phone case, a cute dress, or even a tumbler. 

If the product is good, customers are likely to promote it themselves! This is what you call user-generated content (UGC). Using UGC in your marketing campaigns is sustainable, scalable, and virtually free!

But before discussing where to get UGC, let’s learn the basics. 

What is User-Generated Content (UGC)?

Every piece of content customers post online is an example of UGC. It could be images, videos, testimonials, reviews, and more.

UGC allows marketing campaigns to be organic. People become the face of the brand, creating authenticity, social proof, and trust.

In order to use this effectively, we need to know the different types of UGC we can encounter.

Types of UGC

Finding places to search for UGC is easy. There’s a wide variety of UGCs we can choose from. Here’s a list of the most popular:

  • Social Media Content – Platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube make it easy for people to share their own content.
  • Reviews and Testimonials – Reviews are like personal recommendations. Studies show that 92% of online shoppers read reviews before buying. 
  • Videos/Blog Posts – Customers can create video content about products such as unboxing videos or product reviews. These show the actual products in action. 
  • Surveys – Brands may use UGC surveys to display graphs, infographics, and data on their websites.
  • Case Studies – Case studies are formal brand marketing in digital work. Companies may boost website engagement and traffic.

Benefits of UGC in eCommerce

Using UGC as a marketing strategy works because it removes doubt from customers. Before buying products, most customers look to others to see if it’s worth it.

User-generated content identifies what customers need, how products can improve, and how they can be marketed.

With UGC, an eCommerce business can also do the following:

Showcase Your Products

Ecommerce UGC shows customers using your actual products. It’s organic and promotes authenticity and trust.

But sometimes, customers can share good reviews with low-quality photos. Before using the photo, you can run it through an image upscaler to increase the quality. 

Personalize eCommerce Campaigns

Consumers now trust real, honest, and tailored ads instead of unrealistic ones. People want to connect with brands at a personal level.

Using UGC promotes personalization as it uses organically driven content. 

Promote User-engagement

Your business inspires creative content. Brand awareness increases as more individuals contribute material.

Your content’s authenticity will draw customers in and urge them to explore further with every engagement. 

Improve Customers’ Shopping Experience

UGC enhances the buying experience. It engages, inspires, and sells. Customers have streamlined, informative, and exciting buying experiences thanks to this.

Increase Conversion Rates

UGC influences 53% of millennial purchases. Ecommerce brands that publish user-generated content across consumer touchpoints encourage positive purchase decisions and brand sales. 

7 Ways to get UGC from Customers

Marketers must analyze customer patterns because UGC is readily available. They must know who uploads UGC, when, and why.

From there, marketers can: 

Curate Customer’s Product Photos

You can use hashtags or look up your brand name on social media and look for photos from customers. Look for photos that are unique and eye-catching, don’t forget to tag the uploader. 

Create Hashtag Campaigns

UGC is about customers and how they interact with your brand. You may want to create something unique. It’s even better if fans relate to it. 

Sponsor an Influencer

Influencers make UGC easier. Sponsor an influencer for product promotion or review. It’s more credible if they’re unbiased during the review.

Create or Join Events/Contests

Creating events or contests promotes customer engagement. A good example is the pen brand Titus. They hop on the “National Doodle Day” and create contests around it. Customers use their pens to create amazing art and the brand gets excellent UGC. 

Use Social Engagements as Currency

User-generated content can encourage brand engagement. Discounts, free samples, and the chance to do something for your brand encourage participation.

Offer On-site Review

Many eCommerce stores provide visual UGC and review submissions. It lets customers upload UGC or product reviews directly to the product page.

Start a Trend

Social media content can inspire companies to produce eye-catching marketing strategies. You may create your own trends to draw in your audience. 

Key Takeaways 

UGC is everywhere. The challenge is curating the data and presenting them in an engaging way. It’s sustainable and cost-effective. Done right, it can lead to massive conversion boosts.

Here’s a rundown of why businesses should use UGC:

  • UGC uses customers’ content. It’s virtually free.
  • It can be found primarily on social media.
  • You can find UGC in review sites, vlogs, or videos as well.
  • Use UGC to engage with customers directly
  • Include UGC for critical CTA to improve conversions.