Written by Reginald Chan on June 7, 2021

7 Gaming Accessories That May Enhance Your Gaming Experience

Regardless of the kind of games you play, having the right accessories can drastically improve your in-game performance and the level of enjoyment you get from gaming. While most of these accessories are meant to provide you with higher quality performance, the various style options that they are available in means that you can find a piece that suits your aesthetics and reflects your personality. 

Where you are probably spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars on the gaming setup itself, why not spend a bit on its looks and create something which is visually appealing to you? If you enjoy the minimalist look and would prefer a setup that looks completely stock but is tough competition even for pro-rigs, you might want to consider these options for a serious performance upgrade. Here is what you need to take your gaming to the next level. 

1.  Headset

Poor sound quality completely ruins a good game. Regardless of how high your FPS is and how vivid the visual display is, if you can't hear well, you can't play well. With a better quality headset that delivers a surround sound experience, you will feel a lot more immersed in the game, and it gives you a much better idea of what's happening in the game. Many gamers would say that high sound quality can compensate for low graphics quality, but not vice versa. There are plenty of wireless options that have enough battery time to get you through even the longest of gaming sessions. Top-tier headsets incorporate high-frequency mics that make communication crisp and easy, adding more value to multiplier games. With things like surround sound features and high-quality sound canceling, these headsets are great for listening to music, watching movies, and getting great audio output for everyday tasks.  

2.  Mouse

If you are playing shooter games or even strategy games, accurate mouse movement is critical. In racing games, the mouse isn't that important, but it would still feel much better to have a high-quality mouse. The latest gaming mice options have programmable buttons which are extremely useful when you want to customize your layout and the different RGB lighting options make for a fantastic visual experience. Some gamers give a lot of importance to the weight of a mouse, modern gaming mice give you the option to customize this aspect of the device as well. 

3.  Playmat

With your gaming mouse, you need a quality surface on which you can realize its accuracy, smoothness, and weight advantage. The folks at yourplaymat.com suggest creating a custom-made playmat so that you can get the exact size and image of your preference. There are multiple fabric options you can choose from and of course you can get them designed with your custom image or a theme to suit the rest of your setup.

4.  Keyboard

The second thing to go on your play mat and arguably one of the most used gaming devices is the humble keyboard. However, gaming keyboards are far from humble, with tons of options there are so many features that you could choose to have in your ideal gaming keyboard. This completely depends on your style of play, the games you play, and what you consider an aesthetically appealing keyboard. Modern gaming keyboards also incorporate displays that keep you updated with vital system stats without you ever having to toggle away from the game and eliminates the need to have an on-screen window to display the information. With these things displayed on the keyboard itself, you can dedicate your entire screen to the game.  

5.  Monitor

If you have invested in a solid rig with top-of-the-line specs, it wouldn't do it justice to use a 1080p monitor to visualize the experience. It would be better if you saved some money on the internal components and invested that in your display setup. Modern games make use of high-resolution screens and blink-of-an-eye refresh rates. Without these things, not only will you get limited gameplay in terms of graphics, but you will also experience a significant difference in the feel of the game. Some of the latest titles make great use of 4K screens, however, if you choose to invest in a 6K or 8K option, that wouldn't be a bad decision. Some of the upcoming game titles will efficiently use these super-high output monitor features and also make use of multiple screen setups.

6.  VR Headset

If you are ready to take the plunge to the next level of immersive gaming experiences, then VR headsets are what you need. It delivers an unbelievable gaming experience, something that simply cannot be emulated on a monitor regardless of its size or specs. The only catch is that you will need to ensure your system is compatible, if it is, then this is definitely the most valuable upgrade you could make.

7.  Seat

Gaming seats are designed not only for comfort but also to maintain good posture and help keep your back healthy. A lot of people are using chairs designed for gamers to use in their day jobs that require them to sit in front of a computer for several hours on end, just like a gamer. If you can invest in a good-quality gaming chair, it will most likely have proper orthopedic and chiropractic research that has gone into it to make it perfect for long hours of use. Combined with the fact that they are highly customizable, you can adjust them to exactly meet your height and sitting style. They can be pricey, but well worth it.

Sure, you can game with just a standard setup and the average chair and table, but that stands equally true for the components that you used in your rig. While you could get by using a simple processor with inbuilt graphics to play even the most graphic-intensive games, the only difference would be you wouldn't really experience the game the way it should be experienced. The same thing applies to all external equipment that you can add to your gaming rig. Combined, it enhances your gaming experience many folds.

Article written by Reginald Chan
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