7 Clever Tips to Improve Your PPC Performance

PPC (pay-per-click) advertising has one of the highest outreaches of all forms of advertising. It’s something that almost all companies are on board utilizing and you probably are as well. 

If you’re looking to increase your PPC performance and make the most out of this advertising tool, there’s a few simple guidelines you can follow:

Grab their attention

One way to enhance your PPC performance is to use keywords that have gathered the most attention. If keyword “x” provides a 200% outcome than keyword “y” it makes sense that you should utilize the keyword with more success. Keep keywords that work effectively for you, but you should be continuously changing your strategy and experimenting with different variations of successful keywords. This way your strategy doesn’t become stagnant and you’re always looking to optimize performance. The professionals at elearningindustry.com provide promotional ideas and tools that will make the most out of your marketing strategy. Having a professional “helping hand”, with others who have experience in the industry will increase your PPC success rate.

Use negative keywords as a tool

Sometimes using certain keywords will bring in an unintentional audience. If you’re selling a service that provides phone repair, and you use “phone repair” as a key word you may be linked to results that provide alternative products in regards to phones. If you don’t want to be associated with a business that sells a product, consider inserting negative keywords that will limit what audience you gather. It sounds counter-intuitive to have a method that reduces your audience, but you’re increasing the relevant interactions you’ll have with your site.

Discontinue use of keywords with low success

When you’re reviewing what keywords work for you, and which ones don’t, you obviously don’t want to continue using low performance words. However, prior to pausing a keyword investigate why this might be the case. A confining keyword, or a keyword with a broadly applicable term is going to depreciate performance rate. Consider altering the keyword combination prior to completely discontinuing use.

Always experiment

Consistently change up your ad text and see what the performance rate will be. You obviously want to keep high-performing words, but you’re also going to want to be finding the next combination that works well. Review the progress of these keywords, alternate them, or abolish them, and you’ll strive towards developing relevant content that targets your viewers.

Extensions, extensions, extensions

Facilitate the use of sitelink extensions, this way you’re optimizing the amount of content that users will decide to click on. If you have extensions leading to various links on your site, as well as the main site, users will be more likely to click. They might have a specific question in regards to your FAQ page, or maybe they’re looking for a specific product directory. Using site extensions makes the navigating process easier for your audience, and they’ll be more likely to continue on to your site.

Try and perfect keyword bids

Keyword Bidding PPC

Keyword Bidding PPC

After selecting keywords that optimize your PPC performance the most you’ll also want to take a look into perfecting your keyword bids to increase performance. You can choose between manual, Target CPA, and Target ROAS bidding. Manual bidding allows control as needed whenever you choose, target CPA bidding allows for increasing your conversion rate, and target ROAS bidding will increase the value of your conversions. Find out what method works best for you and use it to optimize your PPC strategy.

Your landing page should make sense

All of your ads don’t need to directly send users to your main page. If you have specific ads targeted at specific services or products, they can be customized to an appropriate landing page. If users click on an ad and then need to navigate your website in order to get the information they need, the value of your conversions will decrease. So optimize performance by creating customized ads that lead to relevant landing pages.

Continue to use keywords that have successfully worked for you in the past, you might even be able to increase their performance by utilizing negative keywords. Don’t forget to play around with these words and see if you can find the next successful option for you. Make sure you aren’t just culling keywords that aren’t working effectively, experiment with their success and narrow down to the reasons why they might not be effective. Offer extensions in your advertising so your audience can see what you’re all about and navigate even before they get to your website. Optimize your keyword bids, find out what strategy is going to work for you, and hone it. You’ll also want to create ad specific landing pages to your website to avoid your audience having to navigate your site themselves. If relevant ads take them to relevant pages you’ll be more likely to see value out of your conversions.