Written by Reginald Chan on December 17, 2021

6 Ways To Improve Communication Between Your Employees

Communication is one of the most crucial aspects of our life; it allows us to plan, talk, and disagree with one another. Communication is essential in business; without it, the workflow would be disrupted, and misunderstandings would be common. We'll attempt to show you some techniques to increase general communication and, as a result, the pleasant mood in your company.

Utilize Group Chats

If you want to boost communication, create this group chat a location where individuals can discuss their workplace issues as well as schedule some events. You may also post information about active activities there. They may also talk about what has happened in the past, potentially an amusing incident, which will allow them to get to know each other better.

A group chat reduces the necessity for face-to-face meetings as well. Physical meetings that aren't essential detract from your company's efficiency. Many decision points that would have needed a meeting can now be decided via group chat. Email and teleconferencing are examples of traditional techniques of business communication that may restrict the natural back and forth of a fruitful dialogue. Using text to communicate enables a collaborative and participative approach to information exchange, which can increase the data quality. If you operate in a fast-changing business, you may need to convey crucial information in real-time. Your team will be able to share information and coordinate responses more quickly via group chat.

Team Building Exercises

One of the most important segments for your employees is to be a team. When they sense that they are a team, every assignment will be much easier. Once people feel that they belong to a certain group, they start to relax and get to know other workers better, and thus communication and understanding are reached. There are many businesses that work on the principle that you should not talk with one another, except if it matters for the job. This notion can be very problematic, people are never able to truly express themselves, rather they just do what they are told to, without much joy which over time can lead to depression, and anxiety. Team building exercises bring cohesion to the table, people start to know other staff members if the employees enjoy the company of other staff members, and when they think that you are part of the team also, it will make them more eager to discuss with their colleague what he or she should do, and that conversation will be more thorough because of them getting to know each other better. Also, these types of exercises train the people how to work together which will make for a more efficient unit.

Organizing Events

For some employers, this may seem like a time-wasting and money-losing option, but it is not in most cases. Employees love to get out of the everyday routine of coming to work, doing it, and then going. Because of this type of monotonous life, many cannot continue to work at a certain place or they do not do their job appropriately, with a sense of responsibility. Now, if you would throw a 2-hour event every month or two, your employees would be a lot happier, especially if they have something to eat there. These events should be loose, everybody just takes something from the buffet and walks around to talk with other people. Them getting to know each other will make a better connection between them and thus communication will be achieved easier. You as the leader need also to socialize with them, let them know that you are open to advice and help. Some people will perform a better job if they get to know their boss better and realize that you care about them. They may also give you ideas on what needs to be changed.

Talk with Them about What Is Happening

This suggestion is aimed squarely at managers. Because successful communication necessitates everyone being in the loop, one of the finest things you can do is keep your staff informed about what's going on at work. Once they are familiar with some aspects of the firm’s dealings, they will be able to tolerate some decisions, especially if they agree about what needs to be done. Talking with them will also lead them to pitch in, and be involved more in the business dealings, giving advice, also they will talk about the business more between themselves which will result in better understanding what needs to be done. If your company includes its employees it will result in a cohesive unit that knows what their goals and task are. 


It's no secret that an employee's level of engagement is strongly influenced by their amount of recognition (or lack thereof). In fact, one of the underlying reasons why employees quit their firms is a sense of being unappreciated and devalued. Give your staff what they desire, and communicate with them to keep them engaged. Recognize employee worth through techniques such as praise from top management, more autonomy, or meaningful awards. If you give the most hard-working of them a raise or promotion, the others will see that if they work hard they, can move up the chain. It is very important in this segment to be fair and just, you don’t want someone to think that a certain employee was not deserving that post because it would lead to the opposite mindset from the one you are seeking. Because the employees see how they would get rewards if deserving, then they would want to talk with others so that they can do their tasks quickly and well. 


Nobody would like to work in a hostile environment, and when that is the case, the last thing you want to do is to talk with others or the boss about how to get something done. You as the head of the business should be talkative, ask your employees about their problems, do they need some help, what can you do for them. 

Without proper communication, company’s are destined to fail. So keep in mind that you need a proper environment to establish good communication which is brought up over time.

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Article written by Reginald Chan
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