6 Things To Do After You’ve Been Wrongfully Fired

While being let go is not always out of the ordinary, being wrongfully fired can have an alarmingly negative impact on your mental well-being. If you feel as though you have been dismissed from your job unfairly or unjustly then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve put together some a list of what to do next so that you make the right choices for a more positive future. Check out our ideas below.

1. Seek Legal Counsel

Unless you’re on a casual contract, being fired could cause negative implications for your former employer. There are laws in the US to protect workers, so if your company has broken one of these laws to remove you from your position then you’ll likely have a case to fight. Speak to a professional employment attorney who will be able to advise you on your situation and see if there are grounds for a legal suit. Click here to find the best employment attorneys in your area.

2. Look After Yourself

It can be very emotionally and mentally challenging to come to terms with wrongful dismissal, so looking after yourself and practicing self-care is important to help you move on healthily. Try channeling your negative or difficult-to-deal-with emotions into something constructive such as journalling, working out, or a hobby.

3. Ask Your Employer Why You Were Fired

An employer or HR personnel should be able to provide you with a good reason as to why you were fired. If they’re unable to articulate a proper reason why they let you go, you may have been dismissed unfairly. Were there any warning signs? Did you mess up a bug project? If they can’t provide you with an answer in the meeting, follow up with a politely worded email asking them to explain in writing why you were fired.

4. Get Familiar With Your Contract

Understand your contract with your employer to check if you were underperforming in any necessary areas. If you were performing well, it could be that you’ve been unlawfully fired. Gather proof of your work whilst you were on the job to protest against any issues. If you worked in sales and were consistently hitting targets but were still fired, it may count as evidence that you should not have been let go.

5. Stay Calm

Whilst you may feel angry or sad that you have been wrongfully dismissed, staying calm will benefit you in the long. Do not react negatively to your former employers or HR and certainly stay away from posting your thoughts on social media. If a case does go to court, they could use your words and behavior against you, even if it is typically out of character.

6. Look For A New Job

If you’ve been fired, you’re likely not receiving ongoing paychecks. Unless you’re in a fortunate enough position to not have to work, you’ll need to start looking for a new job as quickly as possible. It’s easy to be disheartened if you’ve been let go, but getting back on the horse right away will help you from getting stuck in your head and bring in enough money to keep you and your family fed and with a roof over your heads.

Have you been wrongfully fired? What did you do? Share in the comments to inspire others.