Written by Reginald Chan on October 11, 2021

6 Good Packaging Solutions For Your Product

Choosing the best type of packaging for your product is very important.  As you may know, one of the most common problems that people run into with their products is that they're not selling as well as they'd like.  One of the reasons this can happen is if there's no right type of packaging for their item. 

Often though, it can be an issue that the product doesn't come in the right type of container for what it is or it just doesn't look good.  So when you're looking to sell your goods online or offline, make sure you understand good packaging types and how they work best for different types of items. Here are  some of the best options out there:

Box packaging 

When it comes to boxing packaging, the number one thing to remember is that if you can find a way to turn it into something attractive or at least unique, then it will stand out more than normal box packaging. Even better than this is if you can use different types of interior liners within the box to help separate whatever product you're selling from other objects. If your customer knows that their item is safe and secure inside because of what's around it, then they'll be more likely to purchase it because they don't have any doubt about its safety during shipping.

Box packaging requires many different tools like banding machines, shrink wrapping machines, or strapping to secure products for transportation or display purposes. Shrinkwrap packaging uses a material that shrinks when exposed to heat so it can be wrapped around different objects to keep them safe during transport or storage. When trying to compare banding machine vs strapping machine, and decide which one will better suit your needs it mostly depends on the size of what you need to secure. If it's a smaller item, then strapping machines are usually the best for this type of application, but if it's something bigger, then a banding machine can do the job. 

Gift packaging

More often than not gift items are highly attractive to consumers because they know that if they like what's inside the gift box, then it will make a great gift for somebody else (which could be them). This means gift packaging can help increase sales, especially if they know a recipient will be excited to get it when it's been gifted from somebody else.  You can also use things like changing the color of the wrapping paper for different seasons to create a larger window of opportunity when it comes to selling your products.

you may also include your logo on the gift wrap or box for extra brand exposure which can further your company's reach. This is also a great way to make the box itself stand out and grab people's attention, so it can be a huge help with getting your product sold.

Bottle packaging for cosmetics

For a lot of people, it's often hard to find good ways to package cosmetics because they want something that is both effective and attractive at the same time. The good quality packaging for cosmetics not only ensures that you have an eye-catching container but it also has a top that will help keep everything from spilling out when being carried around by a customer. This ensures not only a better product but a happier customer as well.

The bottle packaging is also the best option if you need to have a large quantity of smaller bottles that can be filled with different products or substances for customers.  Since they are usually easily stackable, manufacturers will often use them to create larger displays like the ones seen in convenience stores and supermarkets. This means they'll help your product stand out, even more, when it's on display since there are dozens of other options within the same category nearby.

Food packaging

This type of packaging is important because it not only keeps the food that you sell safe and fresh but also separates it from other objects that could contaminate it or cause it to go bad more quickly than normal. For example, restaurants often use disposable take-away plates and cups so they won't have to worry about using up all their reusable ones before throwing them out at night. This means there's a lower chance for this kind of item to get broken or even secretly mixed in with somebody else's order.

Another reason why food items need different types of packaging is that they need a way to be displayed on the outside as well as kept safe on the inside. Whether you're selling something like cakes or candy bars, both need some kind of wrapper around them to keep them from being damaged as they're handed over to a customer.

Clothes packaging

Packing clothes requires a good amount of creativity because you want people to still think your product looks nice even though it's packed away inside something else. It can be difficult for clothing items like shoes and hats because most people don't expect them to come with their cases unless they're formal or dressy in some way. For most things that you see on store shelves, however, the case is usually part of the box package itself which means there needs to be an extra way for people to choose whether or not they want to buy it.

This is why a lot of clothing manufacturers use a plastic bag that can be closed up by a drawstring, clip, or sticker so it's easy enough for people to keep but also keep all the pieces together. This ensures you have less mess if any of the things inside try to work themselves out from being too bulky and causing problems with the wrapping paper design.

3D packaging

Another popular type of box package right now is one that uses 3-D printing to make parts appear inside when someone looks from certain angles. Because of the use of light and shadows, it makes it more appealing and interesting than a lot of other options out there. This means it can be different from everything else on store shelves even though you're still using the same types of boxes for your product.

If you want to make 3-D packaging work effectively for your brand, however, you'll need to do some careful planning beforehand so that your customers aren't overwhelmed by all the features.

Different types of packaging serve different purposes that work better for specific kinds of objects. This is why it's important to be careful about what you choose for your business as well as how much time and effort you want to spend on getting the right kind of design. With these six tips in mind, you should be able to come up with a good idea for packaging your next product.

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