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4 Best Universities to Study Marketing

In America, the marketing profession was born with the birth of the market economy. A marketer is a specialist who promotes a company's products and services. His/her goal is to build a sales system that will bring the company the most profit. The name of the profession translates as "market research" because the marketer identifies the needs of potential customers in order to offer a product or service that will meet those needs. Marketing seeks to build long-term communication with the client so that the buyer becomes loyal to the brand and buys again and again in the future. Now a marketer is a very popular profession and therefore universities offering training in such a profession are extremely popular. However, since there are so many of them, you can get confused about the choice. Luckily for you, we've put together a list of the best universities in marketing, so read on!

Why Should You Study to be a Marketer?

Marketing is one of the highest-paid professions in America. Careers in this industry are developing rapidly, which guarantees a stable and high level of income. But the main thing to remember: promotion is given only to the most hardworking and attentive employees. A marketer is one of the most promising professions. You get a lot of opportunities that are just waiting for the moment when you decide to use them. Indeed, in addition to simple highly specialized positions, the doors to the top management are opening before you. Marketers always have something to strive for and where to grow. This is important and allows you to constantly improve yourself, even while at the very top of success.

One of the main advantages of this profession is its youth and a wide range of responsibilities. After all, having such a huge amount of knowledge, skills, and abilities, even with a failed career as a marketer, you can easily find yourself in a number of more narrowly focused specialties.

1. York St. John University, UK

York St. John's University is known not only for its wide range of marketing and business programs but also for its diverse internship and practical experience options. Not surprisingly, as many as 95% of university marketing program graduates find employment abroad within 6 months of graduation. The university offers bachelor's, master's, and doctoral programs in marketing with specializations in subjects such as hi-fi management, hospitality, international marketing, sports marketing, etc. At their will, students can study abroad during the year or undergo an internship in one of the marketing agencies. However, you should understand that studying at the university can be too difficult at times and you should remember useful services such as an essay writing site that will help you with choosing marketing essay topics and much more.

2. Liverpool University

The University of Liverpool is one of the top marketing universities. The Liverpool Marketing Course offers a wide variety of complementary units. Marketing is a topic that deals with product advertising. The school provides a good faculty and learning environment. Many students from different countries come to study at the Liverpool School.

3. Charles University, "Marketing Communications and PR"

The Institute for Communication Research and Journalism, where this specialty is studied, belongs to the Faculty of Social Research. The undergraduate program is designed for 3 years. The main goal of the university is to provide quality education, both at a theoretical and practical level, in which the graduate can apply in professions related to communications: from a press secretary to a senior level in PR.

Education is built on the principle of holistic education of the individual, therefore, students receive a broad knowledge of professional ethics and the consequences of working with the public. After that, there is an opportunity to continue studying in related fields or start serving in government agencies, commercial and non-profit organizations.

4. University of California, Irvine

The Department of Continuing Education at the University of California, Irvine offers a wide range of programs for students. Opportunities provided include superior marketing instruction, postgraduate certifications, and comprehensive training to successfully teach undergraduate and graduate students.

Summing up

The profession of internet marketer ranks 6th in the list of the most in-demand professions, right after the IT sector. Today, more specialists are required than the labor market can offer - over the past 2 years, there have been 2 times more vacancies, and the facts indicate that the demand from the business will only grow. Experienced internet marketers can earn amounts comparable to top executives' salaries. A large number of competencies that marketers must have and the areas that must be mastered, as well as the fact that demand still exceeds supply, in this case, explains the high salary. So stop thinking, it's time to act! Apply to one of the universities on our list.

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