VirusDie Review: The Best Website Security Lifetime Deal?

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VirusDie review. In this article, we will discuss what is VirusDie, VirusDie pricing and VirusDie lifetime deal. Read this article to know more about VirusDie.
VirusDie Review

VirusDie Review 2020

VirusDie is an external website security program that offers on demand firewall, security and malicious code scanning for websites. It integrates perfectly well for most major CMS and therefore, allowing website owners and webmasters to have a peace of mind whole year round. I had used VirusDie for sometime now and I hope that this VirusDie review 2020 will give you a solid idea on what it is and if it is worth it.

As for the record, VirusDie lifetime deal is more affordable regardless you are securing a single website or hundreds of websites. The current pricing for VirusDie lifetime deal is $49 for every 5 websites. Click here to grab this deal (limited time available).

What Is VirusDie?

What Is VirusDie

Virusdie is a cloud service that acts as an antivirus for your server or website. The service does not require a software installation on your host computer, server or web hosting account.

What Does VirusDie Do?

VirusDie allows you to fix all your hacked sites in one click, as well as a software to protect your websites from future attacks with daily scans, automatic cleanup and a website firewall.

  • Remove malware in one click
  • Protect sites in one second
  • Integrated Firewall (WAF)

Scan sites and remove redirects, Trojans, backdoors, shell scripts and other malicious code from PHP, JS, HTML, images, system files and even binary files. Virusdie use its own anti-malware database to accurately remove malware from files and it works even for already hacked sites. It keeps your websites stable after cleanup. And no matter what happens, Virusdie makes automatic backups that you can restore in one click. If Virusdie detects malware that it can't cure on its own, you can investigate the issue yourself using our built-in file editor.

You can deploy Virusdie Website Firewall (a web application firewall) automatically in less than one second to protect sites from the most common attacks. It guards against hacking, malware, harmful requests and content grabbing, XSS attacks, SQL injections, malicious code uploads, suspicious activities and blacklists. Installation is automatic and takes just a second!

The Virusdie website firewall (web application firewall) deploys to your website automatically, synchronizes with the Virusdie anti-malware network, and protects your website from hackers, malware, attacks, content grabbing, XSS/SQL injections, malicious code uploads, suspicious activities, and blacklists.

VirusDie Dashboard

VirusDie dashboard is by far, one of the easiest to use and navigate with. VirusDie makes it really easy for both beginners and advanced users to have bird's eye view on the website security and enable/disable security features in just 1-click.

VirusDie Review VirusDie Dashboard Dashboard

How Many Websites Can VirusDie Manage?

The most basic plan (apart from the VirusDie lifetime deal) will manage 1 website security on automation. There are also unlimited websites that you can manage using VirusDie with their unlimited plan.

Scroll below to learn more about VirusDie pricing.

How Much Is VirusDie?

If you are able to secure yourself with VirusDie lifetime deal (here's the current LTD on PitchGround), then you can easily get it at $49 for every 5 websites.

Officially, VirusDie starts from $15 per month and goes all the way to $695 per month with various addons if you require any of them.

Here's how much VirusDie costs:

VirusDie Review Summary

VirusDie is one of the best value website scanner, malware removal and website firewall. Regardless for the lifetime deal pricing or the standalone pricing, VirusDie is definitely worth the money.

More importantly, it doesn't slow down websites and it is extremely easy to install.

Want to know more about VirusDie and it's latest promotions? Learn more below.

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