Gutenberg vs WordPress Builder: What are they and how they work?

gutenberg vs wordpress builder

You heard about Gutenberg months ago. Gutenberg is powerful and more importantly, it is a facelift for WordPress. For years, WordPress has been sitting on the back seat allowing third party tools and plugins to take charge in visual building. In this post, let’s talk about Gutenberg and WordPress builder, shall we? What is Gutenberg? … Read more

5 Myths About WordPress Builder

wordpress builder

WordPress builder helps you build WordPress websites fast, effective and without using a single line of code. The problem? There are too many negativity and myths about WordPress builder which lingers around the mind of bloggers like you. I’ve been using WordPress builder longer than I can remember and I hope this article will provide … Read more

Two Tools To Create Custom WordPress Design (Without Hiring Developers)

create custom wordpress design

Custom WordPress design is eye-popping, head turning and above everything, awesome. However, the process of creating custom WordPress theme is long-winded and expensive. If you don’t have coding skills, you are going to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars in hiring web developers to get the job done for you. And that if you … Read more