Beating The Competition In Business With These 5 Steps

Beating the competition in business isn't just about what price you put on your products or services, but it's about having a unique edge, it's about setting your business apart from all the others and making customers choose your product over anyone else's. Without a competitive advantage, your business has nothing unique to draw the customers in. So you either need to figure out what yours is, or you need to get one if you don't already have one. 

Up Your Prices

Many people think that in business, reducing their prices is the best option to get more customers and the perfect way to stand out and get attention. However, it's quite the opposite. Charging more and going with a method called "prestige pricing," will mean that you appeal to buyers and more importantly, it is the buyers who don't take cheap products seriously. This concept is an excellent way to boost margins, increase your brand, and raise your social capital. However,  if this is the route you're going to go, you do need to make sure that the quality of your product or services justifies the higher price point. 

Influence People

How To Influencer Marketing Works

Today the term "Influencer" is a slightly loose one; however, if you can become one in your industry, then it can be beneficial as the more people who know about your company and respect you as an industry expert, the more customers you will acquire. You can also gain this kind of notoriety by speaking at conferences, meetings, and other events in your field of work. This also impacts on the expansion of your company's perceived authority.

​Building awareness?

​If you are building brand awareness, you are going to love this guide by Real Thread: 20 Ways to Build Brand Awareness

Stay Ahead Digitally

As much as you might not want to do this, technology is the future, and you need to be on top of it, not just keeping up with it but staying one step ahead of the game, for example, get an app before everyone else in your industry does. It doesn't matter what industry you're in either, this applies across the board, for example as part of its Investment & Growth Strategy, SMD Sensors who manufacture pressure sensors reinvests a significant share of earnings back into the business so that they can continuously improve their products and processes and further improve its position as a technological leader.

Create Your Own Data

Create Your Own Data

Data is changing the way we do business. You should use data points and statistics in the marketing content you create, as this gives the appearance of authority and credibility. However, you don't have to use someone else's data; you could be the business that other businesses cite in their content. You can gather market data easily with tools like Google's Consumer Surveys and SurveyMonkey, and then you can package your results in a neat format for distribution, and you will soon see your industry presence grow.

Find Your Niche

Trying to be everything to everybody means you'll end up being nothing to nobody. Many successful business today are just focussing on the one thing, and they are doing it really well. People will then see you as the expert in that field, and when it's that particular product or service they want, they will come to you.