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Thank you for visiting my SEO tools page. This page is all about tools to help you with search engine optimization, link building, website optimization and even creating backlinks.

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Reliable WordPress Hosting Companies

If you are serious of running a WordPress site, then you should consider getting a WordPress hosting plan. These hosting companies specializes in hosting websites running on WordPress platforms only.

WP Engine

WP Engine cyberhostspecial13 Special Offer


  • Specialized in WordPress hosting
  • Excellent support and fast response
  • In-build cache system (good bye cache plugins and configurations)
  • Backup and ‘state of the art’ security system
  • Free and complete restoration of website(s) in case of being hacked
  • Crazy fast website loading speed without help of Content Network Delivery (CDN)


  • The most expensive web hosting service
  • Does not assist with website migration (only offers detailed step by step guide)


HostGator offers web hosting services at a very reasonable price with better than average customer support


To get additional discount, key in either one of these codes upon check out to get some extra savings:

*25% discount off the full bill (code: Reginald25)

*$9.94 off the full bill (code: Reginald994)


  • Customer support available through phone, email and live chat
  • Very affordable hosting service with no down time experienced
  • Constant discount created for new and existing users (who doesn’t love discount right?)
  • cPanel enabled
  • Offers free migration of website (one website per account) for signups


  • Automatic backup is done once a week (not good enough for me)
  • Customer support given is on basic inquiries only (additional inquiries would cost you some money)

Recommended Blog Themes and Frameworks for WordPress

Website themes are extremely vital as badly coded themes will slow down website loading speed and even lead to many search engine optimization issues. If you are using WordPress, then you are in luck as here are two of the best WordPress theme provider you could ever find.

Genesis Framework and child themes

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes offers a huge variety of WordPress child themes
StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes by Copyblogger Media offers the best WordPress theme solution for both beginners and experienced developers



  • One of the leading WordPress theme builders
  • Very robust and smart innovation in terms of WordPress theme
  • In-build SEO features
  • Very easy to configure and customized to suit personal liking
  • Many child themes available free and paid
  • Many website developers are using Genesis Framework for custom themes
  • One off payment which offers lifetime worth of support


  • Would require a little knowledge in coding to utilize Genesis Framework


Thesis Themes

Thesis 2.0 offers many customization and in built SEO
Thesis Theme is still very popular among developers



  • Latest SEO technologies in build with the theme
  • Offers many possibilities when it comes to website design customization
  • Many skins available (both free and paid)


  • Does not offer lifetime support and upgrade unless taking up the Professional Package
  • Users need to have good understanding of coding, CSS and HTML to fully utilize the theme
  • Learning curve is higher that most normal theme customization and frameworks

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