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Thank you for visiting my SEO tools page. This page is all about tools to help you with search engine optimization, link building, website optimization and even creating backlinks.

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Free SEO Tools

We all love SEO tools right? Here are the compilation for the best and free SEO tools for bloggers and content writers.

Google Keyword Tool

The best SEO tips when using Google Keyword Tool
What makes Google Keyword Tool such a popular SEO tool?



  • One of the best keyword tool available
  • Free and unlimited usage


  • Limited capabilities in terms of keyword research


Freemium SEO Tools

They said paid SEO tools are usually much better. In this case, it is absolutely right! Most of these paid SEO tools could provide more reports, detailed SEO analysis and a better forecast when it comes to practising the best search engine optimization techniques.




  • Availability of free account (free for life)
  • Notification of keyword ranking (free and paid version)
  • Good way to track competitor keywords and rankings (paid version)
  • Detailed reports which covers different search engines (paid version)


  • Free version has very limited capabilities in terms of keyword research
  • Learning how the system work is important to fully utilize it


Scribe Content Optimization

Scribe Content is one of the best keyword research tool
Scribe Content offers easy keyword optimization with a few clicks of the button



  • Very detailed keyword research tool
  • Able to integrate keyword findings on social media to boost usability and enrich results
  • Provide reports on SEO score for both article and website
  • Offers recommended keywords and tags to use
  • Offers forecasts on how the article or website will rank on search engines
  • Provide a list of external links (other websites) and internal links for further link building


  • Monthly payment instead of one-off payment

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