How To Promote Gambling Website Using Online Marketing In 2019?

How To Promote A Gambling Website Using Online Marketing?

LATEST UPDATE: Me and my team no longer provide social media marketing services to gambling industry due to the constant change in algorithm. Now, we only provide SEO services for gambling industry and if you are keen to learn our SEO packages, click here.

If you are in anyway anti-gambling, this post is not for you. Sorry.

I created this post because this is one of the most common questions asked by many of my clients (yes, I’m a digital marketing consultant).

First of all, promoting a gambling website isn’t a bad thing but it is one of the most competitive industry to compete with — especially in the online marketing space.

The way to promote a gambling website is through proper planning and a whole lot of cash to spend on ads (to drive traffic to your website).

Carry on reading below for the best online marketing strategy to promote a gambling website.

1. Traditional online marketing no longer work

Traditional Marketing Promoting Betting Websites

The first step in promoting a gambling website is to understand that gambling is a very sensitive industry.

You need to have laser targeted ads, landing pages and a whole lot of tricks under your sleeves to market a gambling website.

While Facebook and Google Ads do not allow gambling(in many ways), they still allow some level of ads related to this industry. Therefore, the ability to create different types of campaigns will help you to reach a wider audience and reduce the chances of being hit with penalty.

2. Google advertisements for gaming websites

Google Advertising for Promoting Gambling Websites

Promoting a gaming site on Google is the most common strategy used by many website owners.

There is no denial that this strategy works — and while you are expected to pay through your nose for this, the opportunity to market your online gaming website is huge.

First off, Google ads allows you to reach to a wide range of audience (locally and internationally).

And secondly, there are tons of advertisers promoting gambling websites on Google ads.

Important disclaimer

Unlike normal Google ads, advertising on Google requires more than just credit card.There needed to be detailed planning to ensure that your ads is not violating the rules.

3. Facebook advertisements to promote gambling websites

Facebook Advertising for Casino Websites

Facebook has over a billion users each day and it is crystal clear that Facebook advertisements is going to reach a wide range of audience.

However, Facebook is not prone to gambling websites. Here’s what Facebook says in its policy:

Ads that promote or facilitate online real money gambling, real money games of skill or real money lotteries, including online real money casino, sports books, bingo, or poker, are only allowed with prior written permission. Authorized gambling, games of skill or lottery ads must target people 18 years or older who are in jurisdictions for which permission has been granted.

In other words, advertising a gambling site on Facebook is allowed —  but only to a certain extend.

Check out that link

Step By Step Guide In Creating A Strategic Gambling Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategies for Online Casino

This is where the juicy parts come in.

If you are looking for ways to promote a gambling website, this is it. Carry on reading below to learn more.

Step 1: Create a plan

Marketing Plans for Gambling Websites

The plan involves determine the platform you want to target (for paid advertisement) and the budget you are looking to spend in a day.

You should also decide on the conversion metrics … which in this case is the engagement or click-through rate.

Step 2: Focus on building a landing page

LandingPages for Casino Websites

A landing page is almost as critical as to converting website visitors into customers.

Many casino website owners do this wrongly as they do not focus enough on building an effective landing page.

Why is an effective landing page important when promoting a gambling website?

  • It reduces the overall cost of advertising
  • Ads will be less intrusive and able to reach a wider audience
  • Avoid being penalize by ads platforms

What is the best tool to use to build a landing page? Here are some of the best landing page builder that you should choose from.

Step 3: Optimize the landing page for conversion

Conversion Rate Optimization

Having a landing page is not sufficient — you need to optimize the landing page to focus on conversion.

If you are using tools such as Thrive Architect or ClickFunnels, you are in luck because these landing page builders are designed with conversion in mind.

In other words, these landing page tools have elements inbuilt in them to help you get higher conversion rates.

Here’s what a good landing page builder should include in every landing page design.

Landing Page Design for Promoting Casino Websites

This landing page infographic is created by Disruptive Advertising.

Step 4: Drive traffic to your landing page

Drive Traffic To Landing Pages

The next step is driving traffic to your landing page. In this case, you should be using paid advertisements to drive traffic … which is also the fastest way.

Since you are not promoting your casino website directly, configuring the ads to drive traffic to your landing page is much easier.

Here are two of the best advertising platforms you can use to promote your gambling website:

  • Google Ads
  • Facebook Ads

Step 5: Analyze and optimize the advertising campaigns

Analyze Digital Marketing

Last but not least, checking on the stats (from your advertisements) and optimizing the landing page and ads is critical for your marketing success.

On average, you should check on the stats once every week and perform the needed adjustments to ensure that you are getting the best results.

Do you know?

The industry rate for conversion is between 2 to 7%, depending on the industry you are in. Thus, make sure you that you are constantly optimizing the ads and the landing page copy to achieve better results.

Summary: How do you promote a gambling website in 2019?

Thanks to the ‘openness’ in gambling, casino and betting niches, it is way much easier to promote these websites using paid advertising.

Are you promoting a gambling website? If yes, leave a comment below and tell me more about it!

Need help promoting a betting website online? Talk to me and let’s see how I can help you out!

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