Are you tired of applying numerous times for Google Adsense and failed?

Have you read countless guides but none of them seems to be working?

Did you signed up for other 'so-called' Google Adsense service but they failed to meet your expectations?

If you had unfortunately experienced any of the above, you have came to the right spot.

This service is easy. I will be helping you to get your Google Adsense account approved and unlike others, I do not practice any black hat or illegal methods.

Instead, I will be spending 3 months (yes, 90 long days) with you and help you build your portfolio before applying for Google Adsense.

It sounds great right? So, what happens if I fail to help you to secure a successful Google Adsense account within 3 months? Well, this is highly unlikely but if this happens, I will throw in another 3 months of Google Adsense service for you ... yes, for FREE!

Of course, I will review back your blog to ensure that you had followed everything I had advised and if everything is legit, I will provide my service for another round.

Details of Google Adsense Services

Duration of service: 90 days

How do we communicate: Email, Google Hangout and Skype

Payment method: PayPal

In the case where you do not have PayPal, feel free to contact me and maybe we could work out another payment method.

Cost: USD $50.00


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