Inspire Confidence: Building an Online Brand Your Users Trust in 2020

Want 2020 to be your most successful year yet? You need to run your website like a world-class strategic thinker, rising above the competition and adapting to the changing market. These days, trust is more important to your customers than ever before. They want a brand they can rely on, and they won’t settle for anything less. The good news is, inspiring confidence isn’t difficult. Once you start focusing on the needs of your users and working with them to achieve their goals, you’ll be on your way to building trust in no time flat.

Use Educational Content on Your Site

Maybe you already have a stellar website. So why aren’t you making the kind of sales you expected? One reason could be your lack of educational content. A solid base of informative articles, blogs, and how-to guides is essential to build customer trust. It’s the only way to help your audience learn more about your services and allow them to get the most out of your product conveniently and quickly.

If you’re selling something and nobody’s buying, that doesn’t necessarily mean your product is terrible. It could be that your customer base just doesn’t understand how it could benefit them or how they can use it. To make them understand, you need to educate them on what you provide and how they can take full advantage of it. The only way to do that is with educational content, and the numbers don’t lie: if you have a wealth of good-quality informative content, users are 131% more likely to buy your products. The reason for that is pretty simple.

Educational content serves both to enhance the overall user experience of your site and to place your brand in the role of a trusted advisor. What exactly does that look like? We can see a great example of user-focused educational content in popular online gaming brand 888 Poker, which offers up a full library of how-to guides and strategy lessons for its users.

Players here can rest easy knowing that they’ll be able to use these resources to learn how to play Texas Hold ‘em or other poker variants with ease and confidence, becoming better players in the process and getting the most out of the experience. Likewise, your site should show users how to take charge of your product and use it to its fullest potential.

Pay Attention to Voice & Tone

If you want to dominate the online e-commerce game like a poker master, it isn’t enough just to publish content and walk away. You want your content and your copywriting to shine and express you as a brand. The tone and voice of the writing you post on your site is almost as important as having the content itself. While respecting and adhering to the basics of search engine optimization, your writing must stand out from the crowd.

Think of the overall voice of your writing as the lucky hand of cards you’ll need to win that game of Texas Hold ‘em—except unlike in poker, you can actually control your copywriting. How can you ensure it brings you good fortune? It should be a resounding reflection of your brand’s image and what you want that to convey, inspiring confidence in your product and you as a merchant. You cannot have a weak voice when promoting yourself, or you’ll be drowned out by the voices of competitors.

The tone of your writing is more subtle than the voice, but it’s just as important. The tone will set the audience’s mood throughout an article or blog, and it will define which emotions they walk away with. Though your tone can vary from piece to piece, it shouldn’t change drastically—you want all your content to be done in the same general style, so readers don’t get confused.

To determine the style which is right for you, you’ll need to know your audience and what kind of overall tone and voice they’ll feel most comfortable with. You must write in a style that is appropriate for your product and your users, or there won’t be any trust.

Only you can determine your voice and tone, but it’s always good to stay professional. Be fun and upbeat without being immature or childish, and strive to sound confident in yourself without coming off as aloof. When you write conscientiously, your customers will know and understand that you care. They’ll trust in your intentions and put more faith in your product, while you rake in the sales like chips at the poker table.

Gather Feedback and Take Action

How many times have you visited a website and wished that the merchant would offer more payment options? More images? More testimonials? Anything your users dislike about your site can make you lose out on sales, so you need to find out what those things are as soon as possible. The only way to do that is by gathering feedback from the customer base.

There are quite a few ways to get feedback, from surveys to comment boxes to simply offering up a contact email for users to store in their phonebook. These things are simple to do and easy to integrate on your website, and they work wonders to improve your relationship with the people who buy your product. It’s a simple tactic, but it really works.

Gathering this feedback makes your clients feel heard and valued. Voicing their opinion makes them feel as though they’re connected to you and that you appreciate them. Knowing that you’re available to listen to complaints makes you more accessible, boosting their confidence in you and your product.

Of course, merely offering up your contact information won’t work all the magic. You need to take action when complaints do get filed, or when your customers have a technical problem with any part of your site. Make sure you respond to feedback in a friendly and timely manner, and your customers will stay happy even though they may have an issue.

Building trust is imperative for your e-commerce site to thrive in 2020. Right now, it’s easier than ever before to lend an ear to your users and provide them with the kind of high-quality, confidence-inspiring content they crave. With that in mind, there’s no reason to wait—go ahead and get started on the road to success today.

17 Small Business Ideas For Women To Make Money In 2020

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17 Small Business Ideas For Women To Make Money In 2020

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Here are 17 small business ideas for women to help you make more money in 2020. These are business ideas that you can easily scale and grow to 6-figures.
Small Business Ideas For Women

Excellent Small Business Ideas For Woman That Really Make Money

Ladies, are you looking for small business ideas that really makes you money and doesn't cost a bomb (or with zero investment)? Thanks to the Internet today, you probably had read a dozen of Internet marketing blogs sharing some of the best small business ideas for woman. However, you might not be convinced.

You have an idea (or ideas) back in your head and you need to validate the idea.

Don't worry, I have been there myself.

When my wife, Nicole asked me last year about small business ideas for housewives, I did some serious research for her. Okay, I wanted to be the husband that supports the wife, right? 🙂

I ended up with dozens of small business ideas for women that either:

  • Don't require any investment, or
  • Require just a small investment (like a couple of dollars) each month

So, what you will next are the best small business ideas for women with zero bluff, fluff and BS.

I sincerely hope you find this guide useful and if you find some gems here, please leave a message below and tell me all about it!

Table of Contents

Two Types Of Small Business Ideas For Women (In Today's World)

Women are strong characters and with the right tools and guidance, they are often better than most men (ouch, for me). This means that there is ENORMOUS opportunities for them to excel, and believe me, I have seen and guided some housewives to make over 5-figure salary each month from the comfort of their homes.

Here's the thing.

You need to understand this business model before you can actually take charge of your financials (before you can make money).

The two types of small business ideas for women are:

  • Ones with investments, and,
  • One without investment

Now, I'm repeating myself (if you read the above paragraph) but it is important for you to understand.

Most small business owners fail even before they start because their mindset is wrong. E.g. they can make money under X number of days, they can be financially free almost instantly, etc.

Most small business ideas for women require a certain level of commitment—and when you are committed, more financial opportunities will come your way.

Without further delaying, let's start discovering the best small business idea for women.

Start A Blog

My first choice is almost (definitely) starting a blog. Before you jump at me and say "this guy is full of BS", allow me to share with you some quick 'things' about blogging.

  • You don't have to write (if you dislike). You can go for video blogging (visual) or podcasting (audio)
  • Technology allows you to blog anywhere and anytime (there is no commitment)
  • Blogging is cheap (like a couple of dollars each month)
  • The opportunity to earn money as blogger goes as high as 6-figures each month
  • You don't need any coding skills to be good at blogging

I know.

When I speak about 'blogging' in conferences, I get the funny impressions from the listeners—you know, the ones such as "I don't think blogging is right for me."

But they are wrong.

Everyone of us are good in something. It can be gardening, cooking, preparing desserts, baking, child care or anything under the sun.

Use that ONE topic that you are good in as your blog concept.

And when you are blogging with things you are passionate about, you will be in love with it. Just like me loving to blog (and I blog for a living).

You see, blogging saved me. I went bankrupt 3 times in my life before I hit 30 years old and I nearly committed suicide because I was ashamed of myself.

When I blog, everything felt so calm and I am in love with words. I started blogging in 2004 and I had never look back.

Want to start blogging? Here are some cool resources to help you get started RIGHT NOW.

Start An Ecommerce Business

eCommerce is blooming right now. Like seriously.

Women are taking eCommerce by storm and if you are doubting yourself, here's an article on 31 incredible women taking eCommerce by storm.

When it comes to finding the best small business ideas for women, you don't need to overthink (well, we often do)!

If your heart desires, then you should go for it. At least, give it a try.

As Steve Harvey said, you got to JUMP at least once in your life because success is often at the other side of the hill. I wrote about taking the leap and having faith in God in his latest book, Jump. Check it out on Amazon.

eCommerce Small Business Ideas for Women

How to start an ecommerce business from home?

  1. Find a topic idea, product or service you want to promote. It has to be something you really passionate about. It can be anything that you love doing. Don't worry, there is always demand in the lamest topic too!
  2. Get started with Shopify (it's the easiest eCommerce store). I go for Shopify all the time because it is affordable and I can launch my store within an hour or less without any tech coding skills.
  3. Setup payment gateway (Shopify gives you 1-click integration with PayPal, Stripe and a dozen payment gateways).
  4. Promote your store from time to time on social media. This is the best and free way to get eyeballs to your products.
  5. You should only SCALE when you are generating profit or revenue from the eCommerce store.

Feeling overwhelmed? I bet you do and don't worry, I got you covered here too!

Allow me to introduce "Lady Boss Movement", a female entrepreneur who started as a flat-broke newbie (not knowing ANYTHING) built an online EMPIRE and took the leap of faith without any backup plans—and went on to change the lives of 1.3 million women around the world. 

If she can do it, you can too. Watch her story and video here (or click the image below).


Are you good in writing, administrative work or works related to computers?

Freelancing is one of the popular small business ideas for women who want to earn some money.

Here's the beauty of freelancing. You can earn couple hundred of dollars to thousands each month—depending on what you are offering to the employers.

Some works such as copywriting and social media management often fetch higher income compared to other freelance works.

Why should I choose freelancing?

  1. It is easy to start.
  2. It is free to start.
  3. You can bid and charge fees based on what YOU find fit (expertise, time and effort).
  4. Work from home, work from the cafe or work from anywhere you want, anytime of the day.

Freelancing resources for women

Funnel Builder / Funnel Hacker

What is a sales funnel?

A sales funnel is a step-by-step process that allows you to bring your potential customer one step closer to your offer and a buying decision through a series of marketing actions like automated emails, videos, articles and landing pages that will do the selling for you.

Sales funnel is often an important tool for any form of businesses in the world and the demand for funnel builders are always growing.

Funnel Hacker Small Business Ideas for Women

Take a look at ClickFunnels, the leading sales funnel builder in the world.

There are many members who are earning 5 and 6 figures each month just for building funnels for companies around the world.

Not all of them have a degree or masters, but they certainly make a decent living from sales funnel.

Take a look at ClickFunnel's Facebook Group to learn more.


Honestly speaking, I had no idea if the term Pinterest-ing actually exists. But I'm sure you get the point.

I have many female entrepreneurs who make more than just a decent living from Pinterest.

Pinterest Small Business Ideas For Women

But wait. How does Pinterest fits into a small business idea for women?

Here's some information taken from LifeHack.

Pinterest As A Small Business Idea for Women

  1. Follow your passion, build an audience and sell to them.
  2. Choose a company to promote, and ask for sponsorship.
  3. Promote affiliate products.
  4. Use search engine optimization (SEO) strategies to get found on Pinterest.
  5. Create contests on Pinterest to sell your own products.
  6. Re-pin others’ pins to win an audience and make money.
  7. Make money by teaching Pinterest strategies to others.

Quote of the day.

You don't have to start big. You just got to start today.

Freelance SEO Consultant

This a very niche small business idea for women. A freelance consultant provides a wide range of services, including website auditing, monthly SEO backlink projects/campaigns and manual link building services.

Freelance SEO Small Business Ideas For Women

If you are knowledgeable in search engine optimization, becoming a freelance SEO consultant can earn you a very stable and high passive income. 

Two quick wins if you want to start a freelance SEO business

  1. Build a strong portfolio in freelance platforms such as UpWork and Freelancer.
  2. Build a portfolio on your own without counting on third party platforms.

The differences between option #1 and #2 is the fees and commission. When you work/bid on freelance platforms, you will be charged a certain amount of commission. While freelance platforms provide a wider range of clients and other freelancing tools, the heavy commission might lead to a lower than expected earnings.

Option #2 is a better option once you have build a certain level of authority in the freelance SEO space. 

You can easily build a professional portfolio for your freelance SEO consultant works using a self hosted WordPress website and website builder such as Divi Builder (if you have no coding/tech skills).

Turning Leads Into Paying Customers

Managing your own portfolio is good but turning leads into visitors will be challenging part. I recommend using a sales funnel to drive the customers into 'buying mode' instead of strong headed and outright salesy tactics. 

Need to build a sales funnel under 15 minutes or less? Use ClickFunnels.

Become A Coach

Coaching is one of the highest paying small business ideas for women in today's economy. Coaching can cover a wide range, including executive/CEO coaching, team coaching, customer support coaching, entrepreneurship coaching, psychological coaching, fitness coach and writing coach. Coaching allows women to earn thousands of dollars and build a strong income stream with moderate work effort.

Female Coaching Small Business Ideas For Female

In most cases, coaching requires some level of certification or knowledge. I recommend you to start coaching on things you are confident with.

If you have no prior experience to the topic, the best way to start coaching is to take up courses to learn. I attended some of Tony Robbin's seminars and I find it really useful as a business coach. I think you will find it useful too.

Data Entry

If you are looking for a low commitment small business ideas for women, data entry might just be the right one for you. This particular job allows you to work from home (no outside sales) and you are often required to fill up spreadsheets with information. You will be paid by the hours you work and the level of expertise you have in data entry.

Data Entry For Women Small Business Ideas For Female

Data entry is one of the easiest small business ideas for women today and it doesn't require any upfront commitment to start.

Affiliate Marketer

If you are a blogger, you would most likely hear about affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing has long been one of the popular small business ideas for women around the world. It is easy to start and it allows you to work from home at anytime of the day.

Affiliate Marketer Small Business Ideas For Female

Most affiliate marketers use blogging as a platform for them to promote a product. Affiliate marketers can the process where you promote a product of others and you get a commission for every sale that you refer.

There are many affiliate marketing companies and platforms that you can choose from, including ShareASale, Commission Junction (CJ), JVZoo and ClickBank.

Free Masterclass: Learn How To Go From $0 to $100,000 in 12 months

Join this free 7 days course and learn exactly how I scale my affiliate marketing business to 6 figures without any coding skills or marketing knowledge.

Reserve My Spot

Start A Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing agencies are one of the most sought-after businesses in the world and this is definitely one of the best small business ideas for women. 

Over 50% of the businesses in the world are still operating on brick and mortar system. The thought of moving into digital is scary as hell for many. This is where a digital marketing agency comes into play.

Digital Marketing Agency Small Business Ideas For Woman

Starting a digital marketing agency varies based on several factors, including demographic. If you are planning to start a digital marketing agency, it is recommend you have it registered with the local government.

How to make a digtal marketing agency profitable (Even if you have no prior Business knowledge)?

  1. Do a research if there is a demand for digital marketing agency in your area (broad search).
  2. Next, perform a specific search for well sought-after services within your area.
  3. Next, figure out what your competitors are doing well at, including the services they offer.
  4. Reach over to UpWork and get several estimates on 5-stars freelancers (hourly rate, success rate etc.).
  5. Work out a rate card for you to promote to the local community.
  6. Generate leads through networking at events and through online traffic (I use ClickFunnels to segment my leads and definite if they are hot/cold leads).
  7. Work your way to grow your agency by hiring permanent staffers but allow them to work from home. I use ClickUp app to track their progress.

It is highly recommended that you have some basic/prior knowledge in digital marketing before starting a digital marketing agency. While it is possible to do without any prior knowledge, it will be a super uphill battle and you would need to rely completely on your team.

Sell Discarded Items

Do you some items left in the garage and no longer in use? If yes, this is the time to start selling them for some quick cash.

Females are great in arranging garage sales and a well-organized garage sale can fetch hundreds if not thousands of dollars in just one go.

Garage Sale Small Business Ideas For Woman

How to make the most money from garage sales?

  1. Always organize your items in order so that it is easier for the public to take a look.
  2. Create markups or tiers by percentage (if you would) so that you leave some room for negotiation.
  3. Keep your items clean before the sale. Items that are in good condition (and clean) often fetch higher price than those who are not.
  4. Be courteous to customers, even if they don't buy.
  5. Don't forget to ask them to tweet or share a Facebook post to help you build some traffic.

Home Baking

Do you inherit grandma's baking secrets? Are you passionate about baking?

If the answer is "yes", baking might just be an awesome small business idea for you.

Baking Small Business Ideas For Woman

Here's an important thing.

You can take baking online especially with selling books and eBooks on baking recipes. Take a look at this video to learn more!

Starting A Writing Business

Writing never runs out of trend and the demand for great writers are always growing. Writing can in a form of copywriting, blog post creation, sales pages, fiction and non fiction books.

Business Writing Small Business Ideas For Women

The beauty of writing as a side business idea for women is that it is really easy to start if you have the flair or interest. 

You can either start as a freelancer to gain experience or simply launch your first ever book on Amazon.

Best and free writing tool for new writers ➡  Grammarly

Become A Respondent

Full time respondent makes at least $150 per hour, and that's really crazy.

A respondent’s job is quite similar to filling out survey forms, except that you have to do them in market research studies.

You will need a PayPal account for this task as well, since most of the sites that provide or hire respondents bill using PayPal.

The best and the most legit platform for this gig, in my opinion, is They have different focus groups for students, parents as well as people from different professions and provide off-site employment, mostly to US Residents, but in many cases to international people as well.

Here’s a little tip to earn your first $100 with

When you sign up, try to fill out the details and the questions in as much detail as possible. I have done a respondent’s job and earned up to a $100 in 30 minutes. That’s quite an easy way to earn some extra cash.

How To Get Started With Completing Surveys (Using Respondent)?

The easiest way is to sign up for as it is the most legit survey site for beginners.

Next, fill up all your particulars and be as detail as possible.

From time to time, you may require to provide more details to be invited into some specific surveys.

Here's a real-life example.

Last week I received an invite to participate in a marketing research: $50 for 20 minutes of my time! Not bad as a creative way to make money by answering some questions!


A proofreader ensures content is free of typographical, grammatical, spelling, punctuation, syntax, formatting and other such errors. The job is all about tweaking the syntax and diction in a piece to ensure the most fluid, original projection of the content possible, explained Koles.

Proofreading Small Biz Ideas For Women

You can become a freelance proofreader on various freelancing sites, including my favorite UpWork.

This small business for women is best when you have strong gasp in language.


Translator is another cool small business ideas for women around the world. 

Allow me to give you an example.

Me and my wife are from Malaysia. She speaks 5 different languages and she work from home being a language translator. Depending on her client's budget, she makes a decent amount for every project she takes up.

Real Estate Agent

Last but not least, becoming a realtor is definitely one of the most sought after small business ideas for women. A real estate agent is often paid either by commission basis or commission + fixed salary. The majority of realtors that I know in most countries are paid based on commission basis.

Real Estate Agent Small Business Ideas for Women

Becoming a realtor can be very profitable for women. Since you are paid based on the commossion, you can make a very decent income every month.

But becoming a realtor is challenging. You need to drive traffic before being able to close a deal. It is important to setup your sales funnnel correctly to ensure that you are driving hot leads every day on automation.

How To Turn Visitors Into Hot Leads?

Build an air tight sales funnel to make sure every visitor counts. Here's how it is done.

Bonus: Get Paid With These Payment Gateways

Ladies, it is important to understand that working online means you are going to get paid online.

Therefore, make sure you have an active account for both PayPal and Payonner. If there is an option, I recommend you to go with Payoneer because is has a lower commission/procession fee compared to PayPal.

Summary: What is the best small business ideas for Women?

There are many small business ideas for women today—thanks to the advancement of technology and the market condition.

There is no right or wrong, best or worst side hustle ideas that you should or shouldn't.

Dive in to one or more small businesses and run it for at least 6 to 12 months before deciding which is the best small business idea for you.

If you need help, feel free to contact me or leave a comment below.

Reginald Chan
Reginald Chan
A meticulous entrepreneur by nature, Reginald is a sought-after success coach, digital marketing consultant and TEDx speaker from Asia. Currently, he teaches others how to make money online for free.

Grow With Confidence

Developing Leadership Skills: Unique Routes

Leading is no easy feat. Whether in a 9 to 5 management role in an office, or as a proprietor of a small, independent business, there are necessary skills that must be developed for a prosperous career. Considering CEO compensation has grown by 940% since the year 1978, there is plenty of motivation to strive for more. However, success isn’t the only concern; a positive sense of wellbeing also contributes to a stable, long-term career.

However, for any young professional who is beginning a new endeavour, identifying the necessary skills of effective leaders can be just as difficult as fostering these qualities. Luckily, many top skills don’t have to be developed by attending expensive conferences in big cities. In fact, there are dynamic solutions to be found in everyday life that help nurture the leader within.

Necessary Traits in the Office

Forbes recently listed their number one leadership skill as ‘fearless agility’. Games like chess, poker, and sudoku all help develop mental stamina and analytical skills that aid in quick decision-making. In fact, scientific research has shown that poker can stimulate the brain and enhance the mind; while playing chess has been linked to increased efficiency in problem solving for players. Sudoku, on the other hand, benefits the memory, while also stimulating the brain like poker.

These everyday activities can also help develop three more skills noted in the Forbes list: flexibility, learning quickly, and versatility. However, skills such as empathy, selflessness, humility, and listening (also on the list) may seem a bit less applicable. These skills present a divide between ‘Type A’ and ‘Type B’ people; Type A being predisposed to logical mental processes and Type B being more apt to use intuition to gain insight and understanding.

One quick solution for bridging Type A and Type B traits is to study body language to aid in employee interaction. There are ample resources, from books to online courses that can help an individual develop skills like empathy, selflessness, and listening skills. By gaining an awareness of the body, a leader can connect with employees and partners more seamlessly, as well as boost their own image.

Another list of top leadership traits focuses on self-development, which is also a great method for nurturing the trailblazer within. By creating opportunities for themselves, a leader will ‘lead by innovation’. That is, those working with the boss can learn from their example.

Having a positive, ‘can do’ attitude will also go a long way, as workers are more apt to thrive in a positive environment. After all, the American Psychological Association estimated in 2015 that 60 to 80% of workplace accidents were due to stress.

Leadership Skills

Leadership Skills

Developing a Sense of Leadership

To be confident enough to lead with the traits listed above, a leader must first analyze themselves to understand their motivations and natural aptitudes. In other words, it’s important to ask the question: what kind of leader do you want to be?

Some individuals are more apt to use a democratic approach, while others may prefer to coach or even command their employees. Then there are leaders who stick to their own vision and let others follow suit at their own pace. There are no right or wrong paths, but each situation calls for a thorough answer.

Learning about the self is crucial if a leader is to thrive, but learning about the self can be an abstract concept that's not easily applicable to the workplace. If a person can identify their own weaknesses and strengths, they’ll be able to explore areas for necessary development.

One easy way for any adult to get back in touch with their inner self is to try the “Yes Challenge”. The “Yes Challenge” has been popularized through social media, and most people associate it with crazy antics. However, the challenge, which requires an individual to agree to any proposal given within a certain time period (within appropriate boundaries), is designed to get people out of their comfort zone. Budding leaders will benefit greatly from small exercises like this, during which new perspectives and insights can be gained about their own natural aptitudes and weaknesses.

Click Funnel Testimonial: How I Went From $0 To $100,000 With Click Funnels

Click Funnel Testimonial: How I Went From $0 To $100,000 With Click Funnels

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What is Click Funnels? Click Funnels is a lead generation software that helps you to build high converting sales funnels. This is my Click Funnels testimonial.
What Is Click Funnels And Click Funnels Testimonials

Lead Generation Problem For You And Me

Turning leads into paying customers is challenging for every Internet marketer. You spend money and effort to drive leads to your landing page only to see that the traffic falls off right before turning into hot paying customers. When this happens, you waste hundreds if not thousands of dollars on ads just to see the sales going downhill.

I've been through this as well and it suck. I wish there is a better word than this but there isn't. I hate wasting the money go down the drain and feeling helplessly for now being to do anything about it.

I have seen colleagues, friends and peers spending even more money hoping to get the sales rolling in but every lead that comes through sales funnel will just fall off the chart. Well, something might be wrong!

If you are not able to generate enough sales within a certain period of time, you are going to lose your marketing budget (and some sanity). It wouldn't take long before you run out of cash and have to scrap the entire marketing campaign.

Every challenge we face can be a turning point in our lives if we consider it as an opportunity — Unknown.

An Opportunity In Lead Generation

It was back in 2018 when I first realized that I had a problem with my funnel system. I was an inspiring Internet Marketer and doing decently well on a monthly basis.

I felt that I could solve all the problems ... except for one.

I couldn't convert ENOUGH people when they are in the sales funnel and I don't understand why.

I went through the hours watching lead generation videos on YouTube and even got myself some courses on lead generation.

I believe I was fortunate to came across Russell Brunson's video on the 1-funnel away challenge.

At that point, I was like ... "Man, I don't need this. I already have several funnels set up."

But since it didn't cost much and his Click Funnels software has a 14 days trial, I jumped in because there is nothing to lose. I could cancel on day 13 and I should be golden.

The Ah-ha Moment In Lead Generation

When I first logged in to Click Funnels, I was like "Wow, this is pretty easy to use." Mind you, I was an early user for OptimizePress and prior to Click Funnels, OP was my go-to funnel builder.

It took me about an hour to run through the Click Funnels backend and creating my first funnel.

Now, here's where the magic happen.

Click Funnels is setup with ready-made funnels—you know, funnels that you can copy and paste straight into your sales funnel. Since I had scripts for my sales funnels, I decided to do some tweaking and hit the start button on Click Funnels.

Click Funnels is NOT a traffic generation tool. You need to feed traffic to Click Funnels and watch the magic happens.

I loaded up $300 in Facebook Ads and fire up the ad and funnel sequence.

And then, BOOM!

It started with one sale (within the first hour).

And the second one.

Third one.

Little did I know, the ad was running around 12 hours and I hit 25 sales.

I had NEVER experienced such before and I decided to dive deep INTO the funnels I had copied and paste in Click Funnels.

Traffic Secrets

Learn how to fill your website with your dream customers

Click Funnels God's Features

Right off the bat, I noticed that Click Funnels has an upsell and downsell option—one that is not available in most funnel builders at that moment.

Having an upsell allows me to double/triple my sales value and downsell allows me to still get a small portion of profit (while slowly nurturing the buyers into buying higher value products at a later time).

The second part to Click Funnels's success is the ability to analyze landing page by landing page and from one funnel stage to another.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is golden. Really.

With Click Funnels, I can clearly see where my readers are falling off—and do the needed adjustment to get them progress throughout the funnel.

Working on parts of the funnel allows me to make my advertising budget work harder for me. In other words, I have lesser falloffs during the funnel which translates to higher sales opportunity and revenue.

Last but not least, Click Funnels has truckloads (plural) of raving fans. If you think this doesn't matter in lead generation, you are dearly wrong.

The Click Funnel Facebook Group is swarming with feeds and updates. At any point you need help with Click Funnels, publish a post and you will get real help from real customers.

There are two takeaways on this last feature:

  1. This product rocks (thus the raving fans)
  2. Support is always a click away

What Are Other People Saying About Click Funnels?

I felt this is an important part in this Click Funnels review write up. You probably have heard too much of my love for CF, so here is a glimpse of what others are saying.

Button Line: Click Funnels works with all businesses who want to sell online. It can be a low priced item such as a shaver or a high priced group coaching that costs over $10,000. Click Funnels works and the best way to experience Click Funnels is by trying out yourself. Here's 14 days free trial for you to start with zero risk.

How Much Does Click Funnels Costs?

The latest Click Funnels pricing comes in two tiers (the third tier is on the way).

Click Funnels Basic, $99 per month.  This is the basic version to get you start generating sales through properly setup funnels—from an intuitive drag and drop builder to adding custom domains. The beauty of Click Funnels is the ability to perform payment on behalf of you. Instead of paying a hefty fee to third party payment providers such as PayPal, you can use Click Funnels inbuilt payment gateway.

Click Funnels Platinum, $297 per month. This is the pearl of Click Funnels and this plan offers the heaviest firepower. Apart from getting all the basic features in the Basic plan, this package allows you to enjoy/leverage some of the best features around including:

  • Unlimited funnels and pages
  • Team members
  • Additional payment gateways (extra 6)
  • Additional custom domains (extra 6)
  • Unlimited follow up funnels (easily Connect and reconnect with your audience, even after they leave your funnel)
  • Priority support
  • Weekly peer review hackathons
  • Additional premium training courses on funnel building

Click Funnels Platinum gives you the ability and flexibility to create unlimited offers and unlimited growth.

Click Funnels Special Offer

When I first came across Click Funnels, I thought it was just another lead generation software.

Man, I was wrong. This lead gen software had helped me close more sales than me and my team ever did. And I cannot be more thankful to Russel and his team for this.

The Click Funnel pricing is very straightforward but I want to be honest with you. Click Funnels might not be for you.

So, I recommend you to grab the free 14-days trial using Click Funnels and decide for yourself. Remember that a sales funnel is always effective when you are sending decent traffic to the funnel.

Read This If You Are Thinking Twice About Getting Click Funnels

I know you might doubt Click Funnels and how it can turn your business from down there to up in the pinnacle. I had the same concern too before falling in love with the software.

Here's what I had learn and I hope these help you in the decision making:

  • Thinking a hundred times is not going to chance the fact that you probably need a new lead generation software
  • There is absolutely no risk because you get a full 14 days trial at no cost to you (none at all, nada)
  • There are many other lead generation software in the market, but none of them are offering a comprehensive solution like what Click Funnels are doing

So, the choice is yours. I recommend you to get started right now because if you don't, your competitors might be!

Reginald Chan

Reginald Chan

A meticulous entrepreneur by nature, Reginald is a sought-after success coach, digital marketing consultant and TEDx speaker from Asia. Currently, he teaches others how to make money online for free.

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Recession 2020: Two Strategies To Beat The Great Recession

Recession 2020: Two Strategies To Beat The Great Recession

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The great recession 2020 is coming our way and it is inevitable. Here are two free masterclasses to teach you how to beat and overcome recession and make money.
Business During Recession

Truth: Recession Is Coming

According to the U.S. National Bureau of Economic Research (the official arbiter of U.S. recessions) the great recession began in December 2007 and ended in June 2009, and thus extended over eighteen months. seeing signs that recession 2020 is inevitable. With the Covid-19 virus looming around the globe, it has helped fueled the unemployment and retrenchment rate.

There is no bulletproof solution to avoid a recession and we are all worried about recession because it will lead to:

  • High unemployment rate
  • Falling of average incomes
  • Increased inequality
  • Higher government borrowing
  • Everything becomes more expensive to purchase
  • Increased cost of living

Recession 2020 will impact everyone, especially those who are living from paycheck to paycheck. As the economy takes years to recover from a recession, you got to be prepared to prepare for the word.

Parents need to think of a solid framework to generate enough income your kids and loved ones.

Singles need to focus in building a strong financial stability because you might lose your job overnight.

What's I'm about to share with you are golden stuffs—stuffs that will help you build strong financials and stability that I had personally used for over 14 years now. Bookmark this page and share with your friends now. This is an important time to take action.

Here's a quick summary of what you can expect from this post.

Table of Contents

Understand How Recession Will Impact You

Recession 2020 will going to impact you, me, your neighbours and everyone you know. Even the richest in the world will be impacted one way or another.

The goal here is to understand WHAT will happen when recession kicks in, not during the early stages but when it goes into a full-blown problem for the world. That's exactly when everyone will feel the pinch.

I'm sorry but this category of people will have the heaviest impacts. Because you are working from one paycheck to another, there is absolutely no room for error. You need to understand that you need to have secondary and tertiary income streams to ensure that you are constantly putting food on the table.

This group of people are most likely employees and look out for signs shall the company downsize or closing down.

Every kid needs education and education can be expensive. Sure, some governments provide subsidize for education but these only go that far. You need to understand that when you start putting money into your kids' education, your financials are going to be super tight.

I'm sorry but there is no way to sugarcoat this. It's your responsibility as a parent to provide the best (education) for them.

Another group that will be impacted badly from the recession 2020 is the younger generation—those who had just finished college and universities, and those who had just been in the workforce under 5 years.

You are most likely to draw a lower pay but if the company is going to downsize or close down for business, there is no escape.

The advance that the younger generation has is that they are often good with computers and Internet. If you are one of those, pay close attention to the next part where I'll show you exactly how you can build strong passive income quickly and without leaving your day job.

Last but not least, experienced employees are often the hardest hit during any recession. When recession happens, organizations (big or small) would want to reduce cost and probably downsize. The fastest way to remove huge overhead expenses is to remove the highest salaried employees and replace with less experience ones (with a pay cut).

During recession, everyone will be looking out for themselves and there will be a large majority who would take a pay cut just to survive!

Building Blocks To Keep Afloat During Recession 2020

This is the juicy part and I recommend you to read this part at least several times. Memorize them if you want, but you need to take action. What you will find here are actionable strategies that you must take to survive a recession, unemployment or retrenchment.

You don't have to follow them all, but you need to take at least one strategy and stick to it.

Building Blocks To Stay Afloat During Recession

It is important to understand that most of these strategies are going to force you out of your comfort zones. With recession 2020 coming your way, you can't stay pat in where you are and hope for the best.

You can only survive if you take action ... and take action right now!

Here's a summary of what you CAN and MUST do to survive the next great recession that is coming your way. You may click on any of them that you are comfortable with, or read them all of them before deciding.

Financial Strategies To Stay Alive During Recession

Start Your Own Business Right Now

"The best time for anything was yesterday. So, what are you waiting for today?"

The above quote was shared to me once by someone influential that I knew of.

Let me start by asking you some questions.

  • Is there a business that you want to start for ages (but never seem to get off the ground)?
  • Is there a burning passion to provide a service but you are worried of failing?
  • Have you quit a side hustle business in the past (due to time/financial constrains) and regretted badly?
  • Do you hate your day job so much that you can't wait to start something you can be truly proud of?
  • Are you working just enough to get a paycheck and not getting fired from work?

If the answer is "Yes" to any of the above, this is for you.

Start A New Business During Recession

There is no better time to start a business that you can be truly proud of. But before you start thinking that this is the bad time for business (due to recession), let me ask you this.

Food delivery industry had always been in the floating (life or death) for the past few years. With the uncontrolled emergence of the Covid-19 and forced controlled movement, food delivery companies are growing exponentially—more than anyone can imagine.

How To Start A Business Before A Recession?

This is exactly how you can start a business on the right foot and leverage the current economy.

  1. Start planning. Get a drawing board and plan what is needed in the economy right now. Focus on the pain and the solution. The business of choice can be in a form of a physical shop, fully online (eCommerce) or both. I recommend going with either eCommerce or a mixture of both to leverage the current state of economy. Plus, there are many tools such as Shopify that help you launch your online store within minutes not months.
  2. Test out the market. The fastest way to know if the business works is to test out. Reach out to the people experiencing the issues and create a pilot program. As time is an important factor, use tools such as ClickFunnels and GetResponse to collect data and build a following.
  3. Create a pilot group. Spend between $100 to $500 in social media ads to build your pilot group under 7 days or less. You should work with at least 10 to 100 people at one time, depending on the complexity of your idea.
  4. Tweak and tweak even more. Get feedbacks from your pilot group and make the needed changes to your service/program. These valuable feedback is going to create a nice base (revenue) for you, as well as opening opportunities to reach out to a wider range of audience.
  5. Nurture and build ambassadors. Great brand ambassadors are going to drive words of mouth and recommendations to your business on automation. They are chosen from your pilot program and often given better perks (such as commission) for every sale they make.

FREE Masterclass: Be the first 100 to join the masterclass and learn how to start an information product business in under 7 days! Register for free.

What Type Of Business Will Flourish During Recession?

It is important to understand that there is no bulletproof business that can withstand recession. However, there are certainly two types of businesses during recession:

  • Businesses that grow during recession
  • Businesses that fall during recession
Business During Recession

For business that grow during recession, there are industries that will enjoy growth rate compared to others. These are businesses that you need to start building right now before recession 2020 starts.

Here are some of the best businesses to start right before a recession.

Information Products

Regardless the state of economy, information always sells. The demand for information is on high gear and it will get even higher in the coming months.

Start An Information Product During Recession

Take a look at Udemy, an online space for course creators and tutors. Hundreds of thousands of students had enrolled and studied courses online.


Because information is powerful and yes, information is recession proof (kinda).

Specific Services

When recession hits, there are several things business owners would usually do.

  1. They understand that they need to 'do more' to turn cold leads into buyers.
  2. They are going to cut cost by reducing manpower.

So, how can they grow the business when they have a smaller workforce?

Chances are they are going to get the workers to multitask and some smart business owners are going to hire freelancers or outsource to get the jobs done.

Outsourcing Services During Recession

This can be from auditing, administrative works, social media marketing and branding strategizing.

Hiring freelancers or creative agencies allow business owners to get more job done under one roof and on project basis instead of paying for permanent employees which will increase the headcount dramatically.


Last but not least, freelancing is one of the best ways to make money during a recession (especially during recession 2020).

The demand for freelance writers are growing by the day because they are affordable and they get the job done quickly.

Freelancing During Recession

If you think that you have no skill, you are wrong.

We have skills (whether we know it or not) and it can be from painting, gardening or having meticulous mindset to do designing.

Platforms such as and are excellent mediums for you to get started quickly and without paying a single cent. You only need to pay a certain amount for every successful job you had been awarded to and completed.

Here are two guides I wrote about freelancing to get your started on the right foot.

Recession 2020: An Inevitable Event That Bound To Happen

Recession is coming and we need to prepare to brace for it. If you are a salaried employee, I strong recommend you to take action right now to build at least an additional stream of income.

I want to help you get started on the right foot. What you will find below are two different guides that I will be sending to you via email (once you opt in). Both of them are absolutely free—and I want to help you build a passive income stream in the coming 3 months or less.

Reginald Chan

Reginald Chan

A meticulous entrepreneur by nature, Reginald is a sought-after success coach, digital marketing consultant and TEDx speaker from Asia. Currently, he teaches others how to make money online for free.

Grow with confidence

Managing People from a Single Data Source

In the modern world, it is simply impossible for a company to make decisions - both on the macro and micro levels – without collecting and analyzing massive torrents of data. Most big companies with complex business structures and multiple business verticals have established a dedicated data-management system and even created a Chief Data Officer position to enable efficient data-driven management. However, a good number of them fall short of getting it right. 

According to a cross-industry study conducted by Harvard Business Review, on an average, less than 50% of an organization’s structured data is actively used in decision making. Less than 1% of unstructured data is being used, while almost 80% of an analyst’s time is spent in simply the discovering phase and processing the data.

A coherent data management strategy is needed for organizing, analyzing, governing, and deploying. A robust data management strategy promotes superior managerial decision-making which ultimately has a positive impact on the organization’s overall financial performance.

What is Single Source of Truth?

While there are several approaches to data management, employing a centralized approach enables integrating different functions of the organization that leads to a holistic view of the business. Such an approach streamlines the decision-making process by eliminating the inherent inefficiencies of compartmentalized (or disconnected) data sources.

In other words, a single source of truth (SSOT) ensures that everyone in the organization makes business decisions based on the same data. In order to help organizations manage their business using a single data source, PracticePro365 offers great new accounting practice management software that integrates multiple functions to help monitor the health of the business and plan for future growth. It emerges as an effective tool to manage your practice, projects and people from a single data source and easy-to-understand dashboards.

Advantages of Single Data Source

A single data source eradicates data duplication, thereby saving time, money, and effort. It also ensures consistency in data across the domains which are critical for error-free decision making. It also places accountability across different departments on a single data manager, thereby ensuring that data policies, standards, and governance are applied consistently across the span.

For example, Miller Grossbard Advisors (MGA), a tax and account advisor firm used to have its workflow, time, and billing data and reporting residing in different systems. In such a configuration, developing an overall meaningful picture meant jumping back and forth across different systems which were obviously inefficient from the point of view of decision making. After switching to a single data source system, the firm is now able to analyze data, maximize productivity, minimize waste, and identify new business opportunities.

A single data source helps you empower your staff and partners. For example, you can track the month-over-month billable hours of each staff member to ensure that the productivity goals are achieved. This way, you can get a high-level view of staff performance in terms of productivity that will help in evaluating annual performance and deciding compensation.

One can use workflow automation and data management software to identify points of improvement. With the tools for these aspects already in place, training the staff on specific management techniques can greatly improve efficiency. Be in a new marketing campaign, a client project or customer details, a single data source system provides a dashboard which can be used by the top management to monitor staff performance like the number of calls logged by the sales team, number of bugs resolved by the development team, and size of audience the marketing department has reached.

Challenges of Setting Up SSOT

The SSOT does come with challenges. For starters, setting up this type of data management is extremely time-consuming and complex. Extracting data from different platforms and combining them together without losing their meaning is a tedious process. Also, while they eliminate data silos, in reality, this approach creates a new silo in the form of daily reports of staff activity for the top management. Such a configuration hinders individual teams who are working on that data from seeing the big picture, thereby impairing team collaboration.

A single data source system requires a company’s stakeholders to find a common ground in which key metrics will be used to measure business performance. During this process of alignment, the team will discover data quality issues or gaps. Experts recommend starting with an area where the limits of the data are clearly known. In other words, it is better to proceed with good data that can be refined and improved over time rather than halting the entire process and waiting for perfect data.

Effect of SSOT on Project Management

Imagine a scenario wherein you’re managing a big project that is divided into four sections and each part is being handled by four different teams. Every week, you receive a progress report from these teams and things seem to be going right on track. When the deadline is looming, you do a final check of each team’s work and you learn that while their progress has been good, they all worked towards varying goals. In the end, when put together, the project is nowhere near reaching its goal. It would take significantly more cost and effort than originally estimated to get the project back on its course.

This is what happens in a compartmentalized data management system, which is otherwise called Multiple Versions of Truth (MVOT). Each team followed what is believed to be its proper goal, but they need not necessarily align with each other on a macroscopic level. This is where the SSOT approach shines. It stores all of the information that is needed for the successful completion of the project and makes it accessible to all of the members of different teams that are involved. With the right project management tool and up-to-date data, SSOT makes life easier for employees at every level of the organization.

How SSOT Can Improve Employee Productivity?

According to a study by Harvard Business Review, employees of big companies spent a staggering 300,000 hours every year in a weekly executive committee meeting. That’s a combined time of 34 years in a single year just to report on the progress of the projects! The SSOT can help reduce the need for meetings to a great extent because a complete record of the project histories is available for everyone in the company to access a central reference point. It is also very useful in bringing new team members up to date and tracking the progress of the project. When you get a real-time update on the progress of projects at the touch of a button without having to interrupt your workflow for meetings, you have more time on your hands. This naturally translates into a huge improvement in productivity.

Improved Workflow, Transparency, and Accountability

Using your project management tool as an SSOT centralizes communication so as to eliminate secluded emails/chats and to accumulate all project information on a single platform. This approach has three well-established advantages.

1.     Workflow is improved as progress reports (daily and weekly) are available in one location for everybody to access. Employees can plan their tasks for the day based on other’s progress and pitch in if more effort is needed at a particular part of the project. The bottleneck situation is easy to identify and rectify.

2.     Everyone involved in the project has their own accountability thus everybody knows what exactly they are responsible for. It eliminates the “I thought you are working on it” situation that arises more often than not in a normal working environment.

3.     Everybody having access to the progress of the project makes for an open and transparent working culture within the company. This also helps the managers in empowering the employees to take initiatives based on the data.

SSOT Reduces the Chance of Project Failures

Changes in project objectives and inaccurate requirements gather are two prime reasons for project failure and both of these can be attributed to the lack of a central place to store the project’s progress. Team alignment is extremely important to ensure that all of the members prioritize tasks in a consistent manner and achieve smooth project completion, along with SSOT achieving it effortlessly.

According to Geneca’s survey, 80% of respondents admitted that they spend roughly half of their working hours on rework, which is a leading cause for project delays. Team alignment directly translates into reduced rework which in turn corresponds to timely completion of the project.

Moreover, at an organization level, SSOT helps the top management define an adequate vision that drives big long-term decisions. By centralizing strategy and planning, SSOT facilitates tracking the direction that the company is taking and shares it with project team members who will help in reaching the goal. A good organization-level SSOT should contain documentation pertaining to quarterly and annual planning documents, product roadmaps, KPIs and revenue goals, employee handbooks, market and audience research, and marketing position info.

Future Planning Made Easy by SSOT

So, we have established that a single data source system helps a great deal in ensuring timely completion of projects with high accuracy and efficiency. The data collected on all of the projects you have completed opens up a whole new avenue when it comes to planning future projects. Now, thanks to SSOT, you can predict how long a project will take with reasonable accuracy. The data will help you track how the people, resources, and budget influenced the previous project’s progress and use this knowledge to finetune the next project. No guesstimates or instinct-based approach is necessary. In the long term, this approach of relying on historic data paves the way for continuous improvement and this is one of the single largest advantages of SSOT.

A Brief Look at SSOT-MVOT Concept

If you are a huge organization with multiple business units, a centralized SSOT alone may not be sufficient to achieve the required flexibility to be agile. A new data management strategy combining the SSOT and MVOT could offer the best of both worlds. For example, Procter & Gamble has a centralized SSOT for customer and product data but the data management team realized the need for customized interpretations of data for various business units. So, the various business units are allowed to create controlled data transformations (MVOT) for reporting as long as the data can be reliably mapped back to SSOT. Thus, SSOT branches out from MVOT without compromising on the data consistency. This could be a sound approach for huge organizations with a presence in wide and varied business sectors. 

Naturally, the accountability for the data management will not lie with a single data officer in this case but each business vertical will have its own CDO. This hybrid method may appear straight-forward conceptually but implementation takes robust data control, standards, governance, and technology. SSOT ensures tight control of the data while MVOT adds flexibility to the way the data is managed. It is the responsibility of the top management to dynamically adjust between the two and find the right balance.

To sum it all up, the Single Source of Truth strategy of data management brings together the company’s various departments to work in line towards achieving the company’s vision, long-term goals, and the big picture. With proper configuration, quality data and the right tools, this approach has proven to be highly-efficient, fail-proof, and ensures healthy utilization of data. It not only helps top management take the right business decisions on a real-time basis but also improves cross-department communication seamlessly and assigns accountability to every employee individually

In the modern world where data is generated at a fast-paced rate, managing it strategically is the difference between a highly successful organization and a mismanaged one. If your organization is lacking a robust data management system and a refined data strategy, it is high time to work towards achieving them.

Almost every organization, irrespective of the size and structure, has huge room for improvement when it comes to the management and utilization of data. From an apparel brand to a huge bank organization, if your decision-making is not making efficient use of data and aligning your strategy with it, you are heading towards extinction and it’s not an exaggeration!