Thrive Themes Membership Review 2018

If you have been following my blog, you will notice that I actually talks quite a lot about テーマの繁栄 and all its core products. But I have left out one of the most important factor that will affect your decision making — Thrive​​​​ Themes Membership.

Thrive Themes membership or Thrive membership is a subscription modal where paying subscribers will be given unlimited access to all the Thrive plugins and themes.

Here's the thing. I get it — not one loves commitment and the subscription model. If possible, you are looking for the pay once for lifetime membership. Me too!

But you know that life doesn't always come this way. Membership or subscription model is always a great option especially in technology and WordPress. With monthly subscription, you are guaranteed to have constant updates and support. For both advanced and beginners, both of these are often the deal maker.

Before starting this Thrive Themes Memberhsip review, I want to stress that Thrive Membership may and may not be the best for you. Here are some reasons why.

You Shouldn't Get Thrive Themes Membership If ...

間違いなく. Thrive Themes Membership isn't for everyone. 承知しました, the products are made for most people and certainly doesn't fit into the shoes of everyone.

WordPress plugin

The first reason is simple. You only need one Thrive plugin and not everything under the hood. この場合, you will save MORE money by just buying the product for a year and you are pretty much all set.

The second reason is probably because your website had been custom-made previously. 故に, there many be some codes installed by the previous developer which may clash with Thrive Themes products. While the odds for this to happen is very slim, who knows, 正しい?

save money

Lastly, the third reason I could think of is that you want to save money (and getting your hands dirty with coding). Don't get me wrong. Thrive Themes Membership can help you get a lot of thing done and fast, minus the hassle. But if you are a web developer or know coding skills, you don't need Thrive Themes Membership. You can start coding and putting your skills at work. もちろん, you may need to spend sometime here but at the end of the day, you are going to save quite a lot of money (imagine recurring fees per month multiple with three years).

You Should Get Thrive Themes Membership if ...

Thrive Themes Membership features

Thrive Membership is one of the best that I have seen in the market. The first reason to kick start this Thrive Themes Membership review is インクルードfeatures offered by Thrive Themes Membership. A pyaing member of Thrive Themes Membership will have unlimited usage to all the current. previous and future Thrive products. This means that you can use as many times as you want, whenever you want without spending a single dime.

The second most important for you to get Thrive Themes Membership is to save MORE money. Do you know that you save around $700 a year when you purchase Thrive Themes Membership? Instead of buying different plugins at a time, Thrive Themes Membership comes with over 10 different products which you can leverage for your blogging business.

Thrive Membership Support Review

The third reason why Thrive Themes Membership is so impactful is simply because the products and support are awesome. Creating a product is always one part of the equation — having excellent customer service and support is another. You may be using the best product but if there is zero or subpar support, you are going to feel frustrated and start focusing on other products that have better customer support.

Thrive Themes Membership Review — Going Under The Hood

知っている, you are curious of Thrive Themes Membership and is still at the crossroad in buying it. I get it and I promise this article is going to help you solve that!

What you will get when subscribing to the Thrive Themes Membership are:

  • Full suite of Thrive Themes WordPress plugins
  • Unretricted and unlimited access to new Thrive plugins
  • Members-only courses, special templates and content
  • check-square-o
    Unlimited, 24 hours a day and whole year round of support

This Thrive Themes Membership review is all about my experience using the plugins. 故に, here are several reasons why I recommend you to go for Thrive Themes Membership (it only costs $19 月額).

Reason #1: Thrive Themes — The Golden Opportunity

Premium WordPress Themes 2018

テーマの繁栄 is really an opportunity for bloggers and website owners to showcase their work. Regardless it is photography or content, Thrive Themes is a great addon to any website. 実際のところ, Thrive Themes is popular that it is often considered one the 上 5 プレミアムワードプレスのテーマ.

When you subscribe to Thrive Themes Membership, you will automatically entitle to unlimited usage of all the Thrive Themes.

Thrive Themes Premium Themes

With Thrive Themes, you can go from WordPress install to a functioning site in just minutes, with a wide selection of custom WordPress themes designed to suit your business and blogging needs.

Reason #2: Thrive Architect — The Best Drag And Drop Visual Builder

Thrive Architect Review

I have used many visual builders and Thrive Architect is one of the best you can find in the market.

With Thrive Architect, you see exactly how your website looks like in real time, making website building super easy and effective.

Instead of spending weeks trying to build a homepage or a landing page, you can just create one under 30 minutes with Thrive Architect.

You can also read my Thrive Architect review to understand how it works and why it is revolutionizing the drag and drop visual builder industry.

オーバー付き 207 fill-in templates for every purpose imaginable, you can easily create professional looking pages with a fraction of the cost and time needed!

The Thrive Architect standalone plugin costs $67 for one website and a full year support, but you will get it all free (included) when you are a paying member of the Thrive Themes Membership.

Reason #3: Thrive Leads — Advanced Lead Generation Tools

Thrive Leads Review

Generating lead is already a tough process and it should not get even more complicated. とともに Thrive Leads plugin, you can start build your email list or even grow it multiple folds in just a few clicks.

初心者のための, there is a huge selection of opt-in form templates that you can choose from. You can even do A/B testing to see which form performs the best and so much more.

Unlike other lead generation plugin, Thrive Leads comes with powerful drag and drop builder that will help you build higher conversion forms in just minutes. はい, no coding is required which is absolutely mindblowing to say the very least!

Thrive Leads is able to integrate with top email marking software 含みます AWeber, ConvertKit そして 滴下.

The Thrive Leads standalone plugin is also priced at $67 for one website and a full year support. Thrive Leads is included for free (unlimited usage) in the Thrive Themes Membership.

Reason #4: Thrive Headline Optimizer — Crafting The Right Headline Is Easy

Thrive Headlines Optimizer

Do you know that creating clickable headlines requires some skills and more importantly, hours of testing?

Thrive Headline Optimizer takes away all your hardwork by allowing you to test different headlines for all your blog posts, product titles and sales page hooks in just a few clicks. 一番良いところ?

You can set Thrive Headline Optimizer to run on autopilot and the plugin will automatically select a winner once it has fulfilled your pre-set requirements.

再び, this standalone plugin costs $67 a year for a website but members of the Thrive Themes Membership will able to use this plugin for free (minus all the limitation).

Reason #5: Thrive Quiz Builder — Entertaining And Converting Readers Into Customers

Thrive Quiz Builder Review 2018

Being an affiliate marketer, the competition is huge in the market space. Everyday new content pops up and it is really hard to get sales. ひどく.

I was at the brink of pulling my hair with all these competition until I came across Thrive Quiz Builder.

Here's the truth: Great content isn't going to make the cut in today's world. You need to think out of the box and that's what Thrive Quiz Builder is all about.

とともに Thrive Quiz Builder, you can use this to entertain your audience and at the same time, getting opt-ins and better insights.

Thrive Quiz Builder allows you to build quizzes based on your needs (and not others). This means these quizzes are created to help you engage your audience, spike social shares and getting more subscribers.

プラス, giving you important information about your audience and their thoughts.

Thrive Quiz Builder is included in the Thrive Themes Membership and the standalone plugin is priced at $67 for a single site.

Want more savings? Go for Thrive Membership at only $19 月額!

Reason #6: Thrive Ultimatum — Making Fear Of Missing Out Your Best Buddy

fear of missing out

Do you know that using the "fear of missing out" can boost your sales triple fold?

Thrive Ultimatum allows you to:

  • Add dynamic countdown timers
  • Automatic discount for new subscribers or existing ones
  • Creating automated, recurring promotions
  • check-square-o
    Leverage the true power of scarcity

Take a moment to think about this. Nearly every big business uses this strategy because it works.

Here's how a simple countdown timer on your blog or website can trigger the fear of missing out and help you improve your overall conversion.


Thrive Ultimatum is the only workable plugin that allows you to create evergreen timer which is great to lure new customers.

Reason #7: Thrive Ovation — Creating Perfectly Suited Testimonials In Just A Few Clicks

Thrive Ovation Thrive Membership Review

If you are business owner or consultant, one of the biggest challenge is to have your testimonial page setup correctly.

What is Thrive Ovation?

It is a plugin that allows you to set and forget testimonial collection and management system makes publishing quality testimonials all over your site automatically.

What does this means to you?

Simple. You can now place any testimonials on any page without rewriting them all over again. とともに Thrive Ovation, you can just click, set and forget which the plugin will run automatically on the backend.

一番良いところ? You can control all your testimonials under one roof!

Reason #8: Thrive Clever Widgets — Optimize Your Site To New Heights

Thrive Clever Widgets

Have you ever tried to code your side bar so that it only shows the right content to the right readers?

知っている, it's tough as hell!

With Clever Widgets, you can now display targeted sidebar content based on different blog post categories. This means that you will now display the right content to the right people, maximizing the visitor interaction and engagement with your site.

Why is Clever Widgets so powerful?

There are many plugins out there which provide pretty similar features. しかしながら, Clever Widget doesn't require you to do coding and it is upfront simple. Instead of creating different sidebars (offered by most of the other plugins), you can stick to one sidebar and set different triggers instead.

Clever Widgets is a great plugin and it is definitely one of my top favorites in the Thrive Themes Membership package!

How Much Is Thrive Themes Membership?

The Thrive Membership comes in several forms; quarterly and annual subscription.

Annual subscription starts at $19 月額 and it is best for individuals, marketers and entrepreneurs. If you are running an agency, it starts at $49 per month which will give you complete whitelabel feature.

If you decide to pay quarterly, Thrive Membership for individuals starts at $30 per month and Agency costs $69 月額.

Note: Paying annually gives you at least 24% saving instantly.

Is Thrive Themes Membership Worth It?

I get this question all the time. The answer is it depends.

Yes if you are like me. I hate not being able to create the blog that I like. ええと, my style, taste and everything in between. Thrive Themes Membership is best for you if you want to have complete control of your blog. Using Thrive plugins, I was able to transform my blog from a normal blog to a professional and highly engaging blog in just a few weeks. プラス, I love the fact that I am able to save more money through Thrive Themes Membership.

No if you are just looking for a single tool or plugin. ひどく, if you don't find more than ONE Thrive plugins that are importantly for you, you are better off buying the plugins seperately.

What Is The Best WordPress Hosting Site?

Best WordPress hosting site. I'm sure the answer varies and it is highly dependable to individuals. 私のために, I have my fair share of experiences using shared hosting, managed WordPress hosting and even virtual private servers (VPS). この記事で, I'm going to share with you the best WordPress hosting sites based on price and more importantly, サーバーのパフォーマンス.

The Best WordPress Hosting Site

Top choice: WP Engine - Excellent performance and customer support

Plans: As low as $35 月額 (25,000 visits)

Advantages using WP Engine

Limited Time Offer - 2 Months Free

Disadvantages using WP Engine


Secondary choice: FlyWheel - Affordable pricing and unique billing feature

Pricing: As low as $14 月額 (5,000 visits)

Advantages using FlyWheel

Try FlyWheel today!

Disadvantages using FlyWheel


Third choice: SiteGround - Excellent pricing with a scaled down performance

Pricing: As low as $3.95 月額

Advantages using SiteGround

Try affordable WordPress hosting with SiteGround.

Disadvantages using SiteGround


New entry: Kinsta Hosting - Blazing fast servers powered with Google Cloud Platform

Pricing: As low as $30 月額

Advantages using Kinsta

Click here to see all the benefits using Kinsta!

Disadvantages using Kinsta hosting


What is the best WordPress hosting site?

自ら, I would choose for WP Engine as my first choice. For the price of $35 a month, I can rest assured that my sites are always protected and secured. さらに重要なことには, downtime is never a problem and the support team over at WP Engine is willing to go beyond simply because they could. 私のために, this is definitely a deal breaker as I do not want to be charged for every support I require. Take a look at this post and you will understand why.

あなたは、Web開発者であれば, FlyWheel (or GetFlyWheel) is a great choice for you because it provides easy billing features. 言い換えると, you can transfer the charges over to your client through FlyWheel's dashboard. There is no more mess and you can focus on the thing that you are best in ... which is designing the site. The downside of FlyWheel is the plans are pretty much similar to WP Engine and therefore, you will get a better deal when using WP Engine instead. The Tiny plan from FlyWheel allows up to 5,000 visits in a month and let's be real honest -- that is really insufficient for most bloggers.

SiteGround is the lowest in the comparison tier. While the low plans are great for starters and beginners, the servers are optimized for WordPress hosting but they are still shared web hosting. This means that it is NOT managed WordPress hosting and you will get lower performance servers when compared to WP Engine and FlyWheel.

最後だが大事なことは, the newest entry is Kinsta hosting. Kinsta offers a simple solution for both entry level websites and business websites. With pricing starts at $30 月額, Kinsta offers top notch VPS performance (thanks to Google Cloud Platform) and inbuilt cache plugin that makes your website loads insanely fast. プラス, the support team is available 24/7 via live chat to answer all your doubts and challenges you may face in web hosting.

どう思いますか? Leave a comment below and tell me which web host you are currently using!

Thrive Leads vs OptinMonster - Which Plugin Is The Best Plugin For Building An Email List?

Thrive Leads vs OptinMonster.

There are many plugins for email list building but nothing comes close to what Thrive Leads そして OptinMonster can provide.

Let me share with you a simple fact:

Email has 2.6 billion unique users worldwide. 又, that number is expected to exceed 2.9 billion by the end of 2019.

ExactTarget had quoted, "Email is not only alive - it's the number one direct channel in terms of daily use and consumer preference for both personal and marketing communications."

Building an email list is no longer an option. It is a necessity for business survival. Regardless it is for affiliate marketing, blogging or business, email marketing is a very powerful tool if you use it right.

The first step in building an email list is to select an email marketing service provider, which I'm sure you already had.

The second and most crucial step is to find a WordPress plugin that will drive your subscription rate off the roof. 結局, having the best email marketing service provider isn't going to give you much assistance if you aren't converting visitors into subscribers.

To help you on this step, I've compared two of the best list building plugins on the market so that you can build your list in the most efficient way possible.


Thrive Leads

Introduction: Thrive Leads is the complete list building plugin for WordPress. It has every type of opt-in form including Sticky Ribbon, Popup Lightbox, Slide-In, Opt-in Widget, and Screen Filler.

概要: Thrive Leads is a good choice if you want to have complete control on how the plugin works. It allows you to tweak everything under the roof, without any coding skills.

Thrive Leads is one of the most popular list building plugins for bloggers nowadays because there is just so much hype around this plugin. What I love about Thrive Leads are:

What makes Thrive Leads an awesome plugin for list building is the ability to do anything with just one plugin. レコードのよう, ThriveBoxes is one feature that no other list building plugin had ever integrated and it works like LeadPages's Leadboxes feature (sorry LeadPages).

記録のために, Thrive Leads is included in the Thrive Membership and no separate purchase is required.

1. Configuring Thrive Leads

Love the basic setup? No worries. Here's the common setup you can choose with Thrive Leads:

opt in types thrive leads vs optinmonster

There are many ready-made templates you can choose from when you use Thrive Leads. Here are some examples:

Thrive Leads ready made templates

今, that's really a lot of templates, 正しい?

The guys over at Thrive Leads understand the challenges faced by bloggers and marketers. Not many of us are design-driven and therefore, having different types of ready-made templates and drag and drop builder helps us to create better forms to build an email list.

Disclaimer: My favorite is still 'Scroll Mat'. Just saying 🙂


2. A/B testing with Thrive Leads

それとは別に, Thrive Leads comes with the awesome A/B testing which is godly. With this feature, you can literally any testing such as:

You can start and stop the A/B testing at any time, as well as the ability to select the winner (either manually or automatically).

split testing feature with thrive leads


3. Precise targeting using Thrive Leads

Advancement of technology allows us to do a lot of things and one of them is to show relevant popups to the right type of audience. With Thrive Leads, you can display specific forms with just a few clicks:

customizing thrive leads

4. Powerful features that made Thrive Leads super powerful

Want to know why Thrive Leads is powerful? Here are four things you should know (if you are dead serious in list building using Thrive Leads):


5. What didn't I like about Thrive Leads?

Apart of all the goodies that Thrive Leads can offer, there are still things I wished they could be improved.

Thrive Leads doesn't play well with CloudFlare: I use CloudFlare to speed up my website and I have specific Page Rules to make my website blazing fast. The problem is Thrive Leads visual builder (WYSIWYG) doesn't work well when those options are turned on. もちろん, there isn't much Thrive Leads could do but if you want to use Thrive Leads with CloudFlare, make sure you turn off the 'Rocket Loader' on CloudFlare (temporary) while setting up forms using Thrive Leads.

What is Rocket Loader?

Rocket Loader improves page load times by:

Just too many customizations and made it confusing: Thrive Leads comes with so many customizations which it is really tricky for beginners. 承知しました, they have videos but let's be honest. Who views the videos unless you are desperate, 正しい? The options aren't really direct and idiot-proof if you know what I mean.


6. How much is Thrive Leads?

There are three different pricing structures you can choose from (each comes with one year support):

或いは, you can choose Thrive Membership which costs $19 月額 (with all plugins included for unlimited sites) when you pay annually.

When it comes to pricing, I would say that it is definitely worth the money because of the features that Thrive Leads provide.


7. Is Thrive Leads worth it?

Here's the biggest question. I've been using Thrive Leads since the beta stage and I would say that it is pretty well done. If I would comment, I would say that their finishing isn't as smooth as OptinMonster but apart from that, they are pretty much awesome to say the very least.


8. My verdict for Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads is best for advanced users who want to double their email list in just a short period of time. プラス, it is also a great tool because you get everything you need under one roof.

With the amount of features that comes packing with Thrive Leads, this is definitely one of the best list building plugins I had used for a long time. Highly recommend anyone to use this!

Click here to try Thrive Leads today!



Introduction: OptinMonster is not just a WordPress plugin. It's a complete web-based app that's available for different platforms including WordPress.

概要: OptinMonster is very smooth and easy to use. An absolutely beast that helps you build an email list fast, minus all the challenging configuration and hassle.

Just like Thrive Leads, OptinMonster had evolved a lot ... from a humble beginning to a massive email list building for WordPress users.

OptinMonster comes packing with a huge list of features which include:

一番良いところ? Each of these forms can be customized according to your liking through drag and drop.


1. Display rules on OptinMonster

OptinMonster display rules

Anyone who is serious about email list building knows that display rules feature is critical. 記録のために, OptinMonster is the first WordPress email list building plugin that offers Exit-Intent feature.

Let me give you a quick example.

If you configure your campaign to load after a 7-second delay and set a 50% scroll value, then your visitors will have to be on your site for 7 seconds AND scroll the page 50% or more to trigger the campaign.

The next step is to choose your intended audience who will see the form.

OptinMonster comparison versus Thrive Leads

Note: You can easily setup more display rules to further customize your forms on OptinMonster. This gives you more control on what your forms can and cannot do, thus giving you more precise audience targeting.


2. MonsterLinks

What is MonsterLinks?

MonsterLinks is the name of the 2-Step Opt-in technology from OptinMonster. MonsterLinks can turn any link or image into a 2-step opt-in process. When a user clicks on the link or an image, a popup opens up asking them to subscribe.

Brian Dean from Backlink uses MonsterLinks on the site to boost email subscriptions. Here's how it looks like in action.


The concept of Content Upgrades is based on a psychology principle known as the Zeigarnik Effect, which states that those who initiate are more likely to finish the process.


3. OptinMonster's Success Themes

要するに, OptinMonster comes with a list of ready-made templates for you to choose from. Wonder why they use the name "success themes?"

OptinMonsters success themes

上手, these are templates which had been tested out and prove to be extremely effective for your success.

I love OptinMonster's success themes because I have zero knowledge in design. Yup, no joke.


4. What didn't I like about OptinMonster?

I often compare both OptinMonster and Thrive Leads (Thrive Leads vs OptinMonster in my mind) and one thing I wished I had more are the ready-made templates.

OptinMonster doesn't come with that many ready-made templates compared to Thrive Leads.

Another thing I didn't like about OptinMonster is the campaign setup. Coming from Thrive Leads, OptinMonster seems to be very specific when it comes to campaign creation. While there is nothing wrong with it (generally speaking), it certainly felt like each campaign is dictated by opt-in type. はい, in some ways that felt very annoying 🙁


5. How much does OptinMonster cost?

The pricing for OptinMoster is slightly different. 初心者のための, each pricing plan comes with very different features.

Basic: $19/month or $108/year (save 25%)

プラス: $29/month or $228/year (save 25%)

Pro: $39/month or $348/year (save 25%)


6. Is OptinMonster worth it?

知っている, you are not pretty much undecided if OptinMonster is worth it. Here's what I think.

OptinMonster is good and very intuitive. It is prior in the market and what makes it really good is that it is co-founded by Syed Balkhi, founder of WP Beginner. 今, this means that plugins created by him and his team are always very good and able to integrate to any WordPress themes without issue.


7. My personal verdict on OptinMonster

I love beautiful things (そして、プラグイン). 自ら, I would say that OptinMonster is well created and deserve all the credits in the email list building industry. Being an active OptinMonster user, I would say that there is no doubt in my mind that OptinMonster is good and worth the money.

See OptinMonster demo here!


OptinMonster vs Thrive Leads

The real comparison for OptinMonster vs Thrive Leads is probably the pricing factor.

Both OptinMonster and Thrive Leads are available as subscription-based service, which means that you'll always have to pay either a monthly or annual fee to use them.

Comparing OptinMonster vs Thrive Leads on the smallest plan, here's how it looks like:

今, as you can see, it is actually more worth it (and you get more savings too) when you opt for Thrive Leads. Even when using Thrive Leads with the smallest plan of $67, you save $41 per year and on top of that, you are not limited to the features as of what OptinMonster offers for its smallest plan.

全体, it is important to understand that while both offers very similar features, Thrive Leads is seen to be the best option since it doesn't limit you for any of its features.

When it comes to email list building, you certainly wouldn't want to be bolted down with restrictions, 正しい?

私はこのようにあなたを願っています OptinMonster vs Thrive Leads comparison. Which is your favorite email list building plugin?

Convertkit vs Drip vs MailChimp: The Best Email Marketing Automation

The introduction to email marketing automation (before we compare MailChimp vs ConvertKit vs Drip)

Email marketing automation is the thing right now. It doesn't matter if you are selling a course or simply trying to create a more engaged subscriber.

による Hubspot, success in email marketing automation comes down to two parts:

It makes all the sense if you think about it.

The first step is to start creating content that attracts the right type of audience and when they show up at your doorsteps, you need to bribe them with a powerful call to action (私が使う Thrive Leads for that matter).

The second part is to understand your audience before you are able to send emails that resonate closely with them. Hubspot said about "treating them like a real person" and that's what you should be doing!

Using advanced tagging tools, you will be able to send timely and powerful email contents to them and in return, you will get better click-through rates and engagement. プラス, you may even see a drop in people unsubscribing as well!

ボーナス: For a limited time only, I'm opening up an exclusive 7-days course to help you with affiliate marketing. Want in? Click here for more info!

MailChimp, ConvertKit, そして 滴下 are three of the most powerful email marketing automation software in the market today. I was searching for MailChimp vs ConvertKit vs Drip the past few days and sadly, I can't find one. 故に, I did mine and I hope you like it!

What made it worse is that most of the comparisons out there don't compare or even include MailChimp. そう, I hope this comparison between MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Drip will give you a great idea on which email marketing automation you should be using for your business.

This post would be pretty long since I'm giving a detailed explanation on all the three email marketing automation. 故に, here's a quick drive down on the overall summary for them.

I recommend you to read the full article to get the complete information which will certainly be useful for your decision making between MailChimp vs ConvertKit vs Drip.


If you are a complete beginner or running with very limited funds for email marketing

Then your best choice is MailChimp.

承知しました, MailChimp has several weaknesses (highlighted here) but it is still the best value for money. I have seen MailChimp grow a lot since two years back and now, I'm proud to say that it has evolved into an excellent email marketing automation system.

Here are the reasons why you need to be using MailChimp for email marketing:


How much does MailChimp cost?


Who uses MailChimp?

>> Try MailChimp Today <<


If you are a blogger or marketer trying to better manage your subscribers for better click-through rates and engagement

Then your best choice is ConvertKit.

ConvertKit is built for bloggers and marketers who want more than just email marketing. 実際のところ, ConvertKit is was built directly against what MailChimp is doing and ConvertKit is a great alternative to MailChimp.

Here are the reasons why ConvertKit is best for you:


How much does ConvertKit cost?

There are also custom plans for those who have a huge list of email subscribers.


Who uses ConverKit?

>> Try ConvertKit today! <<


If you are trying to sell eBooks, コース, and other paid media

Then Drip is your best choice.

Drip is just like ConvertKit, but with many other functions in it. What makes Drip different from the rest of the email marketing automation systems is the ability to tag each subscriber with extreme details.

Here are the reasons why you need to use Drip for email marketing automation:


How much does Drip cost?

There are also custom plans for those who have a huge list of email subscribers.


Who uses Drip?

>> Create a free Drip account here <<


MailChimp vs ConvertKit vs Drip - Complete Comparison

Now that you get a quick hang on what email marketing automation software and the importance of having the right tool, let's dive into the main topic for today, MailChimp vs ConvertKit vs Drip.


MailChimp Review

MailChimp is one of the best email marketing automation for beginners and small businesses. レコードのよう, MailChimp doesn't offer automation back then. But since May 2017, MailChimp had rolled out new email automation for every MailChimp user.

はい, you guessed it right! Even for the free accounts!

Email marketing automation can be a challenging business. あなたのためにラッキー, MailChimp is one of those email marketing providers that made marketing automation really that easy (even for beginners) to master!

It totally makes sense since there is so much competition in the market where MailChimp can no longer keep their hands clean and not doing anything about it.

For email marketing beginners, the MailChimp move is heavenly and timely.

I still use MailChimp for some of my projects and they are good. I have absolutely no complaints about them and I believe you won't have either, especially when you do not need advanced tagging on email subscribers.


Advantages using MailChimp


Disadvantages using MailChimp


My personal recommendations for using MailChimp

MailChimp is best when you do not require any advanced email marketing features. You can consider using MailChimp if you are just starting out in the blogging world or if you have a developer in-house to code your email for tagging reasons.

You can't go wrong using MailChimp and once you are comfortable enough with email marketing, there are better options such as ConvertKit and Drip to consider.

Start here: You can start using MailChimp using this link.


ConvertKit Review

If you like the interface on MailChimp, you are going to love ConvertKit too. Being a ConvertKit user, the best way to describe ConvertKit is MailChimp on steroids.

ConvertKit is powerful because it serves three main purposes that most email marketing automation software isn't able to do:

Another selling point using ConvertKit is the forms, tags, and segments which will help you to segment your subscribers (a little setup required). Hit play on the video below to get more information.

Advantages using ConvertKit


Disadvantages using ConvertKit


My personal recommendations for using ConvertKit

You should be using ConvertKit if you are serious about making money out of your email list. ConvertKit even published an article on the 5 reasons why you shouldn't use ConvertKit and stick to MailChimp.

要するに, ConvertKit comes with a small price tag for some heavy duty email automation features.

Is ConvertKit worth the money? Absolutely!

Start here: Click here to check out ConvertKit now!


Drip Review

When I moved to Drip, I had my hat blown off. BIG TIME!

I heard about Drip sometime back and when LeadPages acquired Drip, I knew Drip was something. It must be, 正しい?

Drip is like putting ConvertKit on steroids. Why?

drip email automation

I am totally blown away when I created my first account with Drip. What I love (not like) the most is the introductory part where you would need to answer a few questions. The answers collected from the Q&A will be used to customize your email marketing solution when you first start on Drip.

言い換えると, you will start with many features turned on (which helped a lot with the whole process).

I do a lot of things with my website; from consulting business to selling courses. そう, it is a no-brainer to use Drip because of several advanced options under the hood.


Advantages using Drip

There are a lot of advantages using Drip (just like ConvertKit and MailChimp) and here is a list of them:

あなたは上記の見ることができるように, Drip does offer more advantages when compared to ConvertKit and MailChimp.

でもねえ, Drip has its disadvantages too!


Disadvantages using Drip


My personal recommendations for using Drip

Drip is not for everyone. 実際のところ, the same goes for MailChimp and ConvertKit. Drip is the best email marketing automation software if you know exactly what you are selling.

I use Drip for this website because I wanted to create powerful marketing automation funnels to deliver the right content to the right audience.

The Goal: Create powerful marketing automation funnels

Start here: Click here to see Drip in action now!


MailChimp vs ConvertKit vs Drip - 概要


This is a long comparison between the top three email marketing automation systems in the market today. どう思いますか?

Would you go for:

Leave a comment below and I'm happy to hear your thoughts.

AWeber Review 2017: Why Email Marketing Consultants Are Recommending AWeber?

In this AWeber review 2017, we are going to take an in-depth look at one of the popular email marketing solution (that are even recommended by most email marketing consultants).

[feature_box style="8" only_advanced="There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style" alignment="センター"]

Latest Update: Like email marketing? Read my latest comparison between MailChimp, ConvertKit, and Drip にとって 2017! 続きを読む.


We will go through everything you need to know about AWeber, including the advantages and disadvantages of using AWeber for business owners.

aweber review 2017

What is AWeber?

日まで, AWeber is one of the most popular email marketing and autoresponder tools for business owners and bloggers alike.

AWeber got its fame in the email marketing world because it offers excellent pricing, 特徴, templates, interface and customer support.


AWeber Review: What are the features of AWeber

I'm planning to make this post as the best AWeber review, and therefore, I want this post to be as informative as possible. This post on AWeber review is more than 2,400 words and therefore, feel free to bookmark this for future reference!

AWeber is a full-fledged email marketing and automation tool and here are the complete (はい, C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E) features that it offers:

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="1.png" 幅="" alignment="センター"]


Phew, that's a huge list of 16 email marketing and automation tools that will skyrocket your email marketing strategy.

No wonder why email marketing consultants always recommend AWeber, 正しい?


1. Creating Campaigns Using AWeber

[button_3 text="get-started-its-free.png" align="センター" href="HTTPS://"/]

What I love about AWeber is the ability to automate your emails.

ちょっと待って! You probably heard that AWeber can't do email automation like that.

はい, you are right, but that was AWeber back in 2016. AWeber is now able to perform email automation and do all the excellent tagging you always wished.

The new AWeber sleek drag and drop editor will be the only thing you ever need when it comes to email automation.

[feature_box style="8" only_advanced="There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style" alignment="センター"]

Through statistics, click through rates (CTR) for automated emails are up to 35% higher than broadcasts. そう, segmenting and automating your emails will be an effective strategy in building long-lasting relationships with your email subscribers.


When you use AWeber, you are no longer creating normal, boring email campaigns. With the inbuilt email automation by AWeber, you can not only schedule emails sequence based on time, but you can also create powerful action-based segmenting!

Here are three important email marketing strategies that you can use with AWeber (even though there are probably hundreds of them that you can build yourself):

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="1.png" 幅="" alignment="センター"]


NOTE: You can add elements like autoresponder emails and wait times, and set criteria for when someone starts a campaign.


2. Autoresponder Follow Up

Make no mistakes; AWeber email automation tool is powerful, and can skyrocket your email marketing to new heights.

AWeber autoresponder follows up sequence, you can:

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="1.png" 幅="" alignment="センター"]


Not only that, you can tag your email subscribers based on the actions they have taken. This ensures that you are growing your email lists and reduce the chances that your email goes into the spam folder and improve your unsubscribing rate as well!


3. Customer Support

AWeber customer support is good. At any point in time where you need help, you can fire up a question, and they are they to help out (unlike other AWeber competitors).

Here's what you need to know about AWeber customer support level:

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="1.png" 幅="" alignment="センター"]


Current awards that AWeber had are:

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="69.png" 幅="" alignment="センター"]


aweber testimonial


[feature_box style="8" only_advanced="There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style" alignment="センター"]

ボーナス: Click here and try AWeber for 30-days free (no credit card required).



4. Subscriber Segmenting

Segmenting is important because you want to send the right message to them, at the right time.

Always remember that segmenting ensures they only receive content that is relevant to their needs. 結果として, you have more engaged readers, better click-through rates, and more sales.

Here are a few ways you can segment your email subscribers based on their activities:

aweber segmenting


5. Email Sign Up Forms

Let's face this. You want to attract more subscribers to your email lists with sign up forms that look great on any device.

Need to grow your email list? AWeber can help!

AWeber comes with over 700 ready-to-use templates which make it easy to create professional sign up forms for your online business in minutes.

With AWeber, you can:

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="1.png" 幅="" alignment="センター"]



6. State-Of-The-Art Email Newsletter Software

Do you want to have an email newsletter software that connects you with your readers, and ultimately transforming them into die-hard fans?


With AWeber, you can deliver the best email newsletters with just a few clicks.

Want to know why I recommend AWeber for all my clients?

[step_graphics style="1" color=""][step style="1" text="1" headline="Segment%20Your%20List"]%3Cp%3ESegment%20your%20list%20based%20on%20people%20who%20read%20your%20last%20email%20or%20re-engage%20people%20who%20didn%E2%80%99t.%20It%E2%80%99s%20the%20simplest%20way%20to%20make%20sure%20the%20right%20people%20get%20the%20right%20messages.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/step][step style="1" text="2" headline="Create%20Your%20Message"]%3Cp%3EDrag%2C%20drop%20and%20edit%20-%20with%20AWeber%E2%80%99s%20email%20newsletter%20software%2C%20there%20is%20no%20design%20or%20coding%20experience%20required.%20Need%20images%3F%20We%E2%80%99ve%20got%20more%20than%206%2C000%20to%20choose%20from.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/step][step style="1" text="3" headline="Send%20AWesome%20Emails"]%3Cp%3EWe%20provide%20all%20the%20analytics%20you%20need%20to%20track%20your%20emails'%20success.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/step][step style="1" text="4" headline="Use%20a%20Template"]%3Cp%3EChoose%20from%20over%20700%20free%20newsletter%20templates%2C%20plug%20in%20your%20content%20and%20go.%20Need%20something%20extra%20special%3F%20We%20can%20build%20you%20a%20custom%20template%20too.%3C%2Fp%3E%0A[/step][/step_graphics]

はい, you read it right. The benefits of using AWeber is very clear. You have INSTANT ACCESS to over 6,000 stock images そして 700 free newsletter templates.

And AWeber allows you to integrate easily with your social media accounts!

email newsletter automation software


7. RSS to Email

Email marketing is a great way to boost readership but do you know why so many bloggers and business owners fail to achieve that?

They are not using the right email marketing software! A good email marketing software allows you to email blog articles directly from your website.

When you use AWeber, you can transform your most recent posts into a newsletter for your readers. And the best part, it is done automatically!

All you need is to hook up your RSS link to AWeber, and the rest are all taken cared of!

The technology that AWeber has allows you to broadcast email newsletter from all major blogs, regardless of the blog software you are using.

[feature_box style="8" only_advanced="There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style" alignment="センター"]

Do you know that the easiest way to keep your subscribers updated with blog content is through email automation? Sign up for free 30-days unlimited access to AWeber and skyrocket your blog traffic today!



8. Drag-And-Drop Editor

引っ張る, drop and send. How easy can that be?

Creating professional looking emails from scratch is easy. With the drag-and-drop editor, you no longer need to code and build your email templates.

A task that would take a few hours to complete could not be completed in just a few clicks.

Here is a few features of AWeber email marketing software:

aweber review 2017


9. HTML Email Templates

We receive hundreds of emails a day, and one of the best ways to make your email stand out is by making it memorable.

この場合, you wouldn't want to send those plain text email. You want to send them using a standard email template that is customized specifically for you!

But here's the thing. It is expensive to do one (apart from nerve-wracking with all the coding works).

When you use AWeber, you are going to benefit in terms of time saving and professional email template designs.

初心者のための, there are over 700 HTML email templates that you can choose from, ranging from 1-column, 2-column and yes, even plain text you're a die-hard fan of those.

There are also many color themes that you can use to match your website, and this is crucial. You want to brand your email marketing campaigns with the signup forms and even emails.

With AWeber, all of the above are achievable at no cost to you!

And if you are coming from another email marketing software or have your custom design in mind, you can upload it directly to AWeber.

custom email templates AWeber


10. App Showcase

Do you have landing pages and shopping carts that you want to connect to your email marketing software?

You can do it easily with AWeber.

There are hundreds of different integration that you can use with AWeber, 含みます:

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="1.png" 幅="" alignment="センター"]



11. Manage Subscribers

Do you wish to collect, manage and segmenting your subscribers with just a snap?

With AWeber, everything you need to build a healthy email list is available at your disposal, under one roof.

You can build your custom forms, tracking your subscriber's activity and action, segmenting your list or even moving your list from other email marketing services to AWeber can be done easily.

When I wanted to move my email list from GetResponse to AWeber, it took me under 15 minutes to completely import the lists. There was no need of support as it is just that simple!

aweber review


12. Email Delivery Rates

Email delivery rates are vital and seriously, make no mistakes from this.

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The ultimate goal is to get more eyes on your emails, and this can only be done when your email marketing software can deliver emails timely and accurately.


How good is AWeber delivery rates?

I would say it is excellent, and probably as high as 99.99%. With a good and clean list, you are pretty much able to get perfect delivery rates with AWeber.

And if you ever need help (which you certainly will somewhere down the road), AWeber regularly provide insider updates to ensure that you stay on top of the frequent changes that will affect your email marketing and delivery rates.

プラス, easy to read analytics will make sure that you know what's going on under the hood, any time of the day!

AWeber Delivery Rates


13. Email Tracking and Analytics

Ask any email marketing consultants (not marketers), and they will tell you that the only way to grow your email marketing is by understanding the analytics. ひどく.

Over the past decade, I've been helping business owners come in terms when email marketing; more specifically, helping them with email marketing consultancy.

One of the biggest concerns for business owners, entrepreneurs and bloggers is to understand the analytics. Strong understanding of email analytics will help you to:

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="28.png" 幅="" alignment="センター"]


Sending emails is always the first part of email marketing. The second part is to analyze the results. 最後に, you will know how you can maximize and make more sales!

[feature_box style="8" only_advanced="There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style" alignment="センター"]

Important tip: If you want to start getting your emails read and ultimately achieve your business goals, start analyzing your email marketing results. You should start analyzing the results of your email after a few days of sending the email.



14. Check stats via mobile (AWeber Stats App)

According to statistics, we spend more time with mobile devices than anything else on the planet. 故に, it makes all the sense that you are concerned about your email marketing strategy.

When you use AWeber, you can easily download the AWeber app on Apple App Store and Google Play.

What you'll get would be:

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="55.png" 幅="" alignment="センター"]


With this feature, you can now gain a holistic view of your campaign that gives you up-to-the-minute stats on scheduled broadcasts, sent messages, subscriber activity and followed up messages.


15. Atom App

今, hold on! AWeber also comes with Atom App which works as a mobile signup form that allows you to add new subscribers to your email list while you are on the go.

The magic starts when you successfully add the email subscribers to a list. 初心者のための, they will automatically receive your first follow-up message immediately. 結果として, you are not going to (ever) leave a new subscriber hanging and instead, creating the opportunity to connect with them instantly!


16. Email Marketing API

この. あります. Geeky. Stuffs.

When you use AWeber, you can easily integrate applications easily with AWeber's API.

As AWeber is one of the best email marketing software in the market, the company has created 'AWeber Labs' where you can set up and find apps to integrate with AWeber.

For beginners, you will 100% enjoy it since it is free to create a developer account and right after that, you'll have unrestricted access to all the information you need to start building your first app!


AWeber Review: Features (Recap)

[feature_box style="8" only_advanced="There%20are%20no%20title%20options%20for%20the%20choosen%20style" alignment="センター"]

If I would sum it in one sentence, I would say that AWeber is a great email marketing software that provides flexibility and tons of features for its users.


When it comes to email marketing software features, AWeber is very much at the top of the crop because it provides features that are high in quality and more importantly, reliable.


AWeber Review: How Much Does AWeber Costs?

According to AWeber, anyone can succeed with email marketing for less than a few lattes a month.

AWeber costs $19 月額, for up to 500 subscribers and unlimited emails.

For $19 a month, you'll get:

[bullet_block style="size-16" small_icon="1.png" 幅="" alignment="センター"]


Here are a full list of features, as well as the different email marketing plans to fit your needs:

aweber pricing

Even one of my close contact, John Corcoran has nothing but excellent AWeber review:

how good is AWeber (Aweber review)

AWeber plans are very flexible and if you are starting out, consider using the lowest plan for a trial run.

And if you are looking for some AWeber discounts, going for quarterly and annual billing option will just do the trick!


AWeber Review 2017: Why Email Marketing Consultants Are Recommending AWeber?

When it comes to email marketing software, AWeber is one of the best in the market. Affordability and reliable, AWeber is one of the best I have ever used for both business and blogging. Email marketing consultants are recommending AWeber simply because it is really easy to use and extremely reliable.

I totally understand that AWeber may/may not be the best fit for you. If you are having trouble deciding or committing on AWeber, AWeber is offering a free 30-days trial. All you need to do is to click on this link and start sending emails today!

Try AWeber out and take it a spin for a full 30-days. If it doesn't fit, just cancel the account at no cost to you.

ボーナス: AWeber 30-days free trial doesn't limit you on email marketing. It comes with full access to all features, just like having a paid account.

Xのテーマ対テーマを繁栄: 今年のベストワードプレスのテーマ


わかった. あなたは最高の2に未定です プレミアムワードプレスのテーマ 市場に出回っています. あなたのためにラッキー, あなたは、両方の完全なレビューを見つけるだろう Xのテーマ対テーマを繁栄 この記事で.

そして、あなたが疑問に思う場合、私はそうする理由, それは単純だ. I've been in the same position as you in the past, そして決定するのは難しいです. レコードのよう, 私がテーマの両方を買ってしまいました!

熱心であること ワードプレス ユーザー自身, 私は完全にそれがあなたのブログのための最高のワードプレスのテーマを選ぶことになると、それは同じように感じたかを理解します. 一方では, あなたは人気があります テーマの繁栄, 別の, あなたが持っています Xのテーマ 最高のワードプレスのテーマとして評価されました 2015 CodeCanyon上.

Don't worry. この記事で, あなたはの完全なレビューを見つけるだろう Xのテーマ対テーマを繁栄 -- すべて一つ屋根の下.

もちろん, もし、このWordPressのビルダーのレビューのような場合, あなたの友人とそれを共有することができれば、私は感謝します!

あなたが間の比較を探しているなら代わりにテーマと他のWordPressビルダーを繁栄, ここであなたが見てみる必要がありますいくつかのリンクがあります:



WordPressのビルダーは、あなたが物事の一体の多くを行うことができます, それはあなたのWordPressのテーマをカスタマイズするに来る場合は特に. ほとんどのWordPressのテーマの開発で, 少なくとも1つのプロジェクトの缶コスト $200.

あなたは冒険を感じている場合 (予算上のタイト), 自分でWordPressのビルダーのテーマを取得するなど、テーマを繁栄やXのテーマは素晴らしい選択肢です.

WordPressのテーマを開発することは時間がかかり、ほとんどのケースであります, あなたは、コーディング中に特定の専門知識を持っていることが要求されます. WordPressのビルダーのテーマの出番です.

優れたWordPressのビルダーは、任意のコーディング知識がなくても素晴らしいテーマを作成するのに役立ちます. ほとんどの場合, あなただけのドラッグに必要な、お好みの究極のテーマを作成するために、別の列を削除しています. はい, 上記のすべてのいずれかのコーディングスキルなしで行われます.



市場はWordPressのビルダーの数十で飽和しています. 悲しげに, 多くはないメイクマーク!

そう, ここで良いのWordPressビルダーのテーマの要件のいくつかはあります:

あなたのためにラッキー, どちらも テーマとXのテーマを繁栄 上記の要件にかなり似た類似性を持っています (我々はこの記事に深く潜るれます).



あなたは私の最新のを読むことができます テーマレビューを繁栄, そして私は私の立場にしっかりしています; テーマは、市場で最高のドラッグ&ドロップのビルダーの一つであり、繁栄.

ちょっと待って! あなたはについてのテーマを繁栄は何を知っている必要があります?

The theme doesn't have tons of bloatware, そして、すべての繁栄テーマで構築されています スピードに焦点を当て、有料顧客に訪問者を変換します (または電子メールの契約者).

ブロガーやマーケティング担当者として、, you'll understand how important getting leads through your blog. And that's exactly what Thrive Themes can help you to achieve! 作成したテーマのすべての部分は、上で重点を置いています 変換を取得; 電子メールの購読者, お問い合わせ, 等.

1の場合, I'm a huge fan of StudioPressからテーマ そして、個人的に, 私は10年以上にわたってそれを使用しています. 私は私のウェブサイトのいずれかにテーマを繁栄使用することを決定した場合, 私は心配していたし、非常に正直に言うと, 私は繁栄テーマに納得していませんでした.

しかしながら, 私は繁栄テーマの利点について話して多くのブログ記事を読みます, そして 私はそれをしようとする誘惑されました. 結局, what's the worst case that can happen, 正しい?



経験豊富なWordPressのユーザーとして、, 私はマニュアルをスキップし、プレミアムテーマをインストールするに直接行ってきました.


(A) 繁栄テーマのインストール

この部分のための私の評決は、使いやすいテーマを繁栄ことです. It doesn't take long to install, そしてそれは同様に非常に簡単です.


(B) 使用するテーマを繁栄

作り付けのリードを繁栄とコンテンツBuilderの繁栄と繁栄のテーマの完全なコピーが来ます. 両方のプラグインの組み合わせで, あなたは完全なを取得します, オールインワン離れて、すべてのハードワークを取り、あなたのための素晴らしい結果を残しプレミアムテーマ.


(C) リード統合を繁栄

リードを繁栄任意のリード生成プラグインのための最も先進的なバージョンはかなりあります. OptinMonsterの大ファンとして、, リードは簡単に、最も一般的なリード生成プラグインは何ができるか上回る繁栄.


テーマユーザーの繁栄のために大きなプラスポイントは、それはリードがメールマーケティングプロバイダーの数十に統合することができます繁栄です. ひどく, それは、統合に来るとき、あなたは複数の問題に直面しているどのように多くのプラグインに驚かれることでしょう!

サイドノート: 私が使う Convertkit 私の電子メールマーケティングのための, そして、リードを繁栄とそれを使用して、絶対に問題はありません! あなたはまた、上の私の記事を読むことができます 私はのためにMailChimpを去った理由 Convertkit.


(D) コンテンツビルダーを繁栄

コンテンツビルダーを繁栄 またはTCB, 要するに, 繁栄のテーマと一緒に来て、強力なプラグインです. 代わりに、伝統的なブログを書いています, 繁栄コンテンツBuilderは、ドラッグアンドドロップオプションで強力かつ非常に効果的なコンテンツを作成することができます.

あなたは簡単にコンテンツを追加することができます, 画像, ビデオ, maps and other interactive '˜materials' within the blog post with using any codes. あなたがする必要があるのは、使用可能なオプションを選択して、書き込みを開始することです!


(E) テーマの読み込み速度を繁栄

間違いをしません. それは、ウェブサイトの読み込み速度になるとテーマを繁栄することは優れています. 私はいつも私のウェブサイトの負荷の下を作るに熱心しています 1 第2, and that's why I use WP Engine to host my websites.

StudioPressからテーマを持ちます, 私は下の私のウェブサイトを読み込むことができます 1 第2, そして、私は別のテーマビルダーを使用する場合, それは通常、全体を取ります 2 秒以上!

私はWP Engineとテーマを繁栄使用する場合, 周りの私のウェブサイトのロード 1.2 素晴らしいです秒!



私は遭遇しました Xのテーマ バック2年半. 当時, 私はStudioPressから離れて別のプレミアムテーマを探しました。. アダム・コネル (の創設者 ブログウィザード) Xのテーマを紹介してくれました, and I was instantly 'wow-ed.'

当時, Xのテーマは、市場ではまだ新しかったです, そしてそうだった はい. これは、機能のトンを提供し、おそらく私が今まで使用し最高の一つであります.

早送り今まで, Xのテーマは、長い道のりを歩んできました. 今, できる プラグインの数十とアドオンに統合, 素晴らしいである礎石を含みます!

私のために, Xのテーマは、それがそのボンネットの下に、多くの機能を提供していますという理由だけで、初心者から経験豊富なWordPressのユーザーの両方のための素晴らしい選択肢です.

初心者のための, Xのテーマは、電子メールのオプトインフォームなど、複数のプラグインに統合することができます, リードジェネレーション, 建設やソーシャル共有の下で. 代わりに、プラグインのトラック輸送を購入します, あなたはXのテーマとほぼすべてを見つけることができます.



上記と同様, I installed the X Theme and here's my honest review about X Theme.


(A) Xのテーマを使用してシンプル

Xのテーマは、以前よりも今使用する方法が容易です. テーマをインストールした後, あなたは、オプションからの輸入デザインや既製のレイアウトに選択することができます. 或いは, あなたは最初から自分のテーマを作成することができます.

Xのテーマはまた、あなたのWordPressのウェブサイトに直接インポートすることができます拡張デモが付属しています. Here's a short video of it.


(B) Xのテーマを使用します

あなたは正直な答えをしたいですか? Xのテーマは素晴らしいです, and there's a lot under its hood. しかしながら, それはそれは簡単ではありません (あなたが比較されている場合はXのテーマ対テーマを繁栄).

しかし、それはすべて理にかなっています, にもかかわらず. X Theme offers more features and is often very '˜heavy.' Compared to Thrive Themes, あなたはXのテーマでより多くを行うことができます.

欠点? There's a learning curve, あなたは完全にマニュアルをスキップした場合、それがいらいらすることができます (私のような).


(C) 礎石とXのテーマとの統合

それはプレミアムプラグインに来るときXのテーマは、ほぼ全体の戦いを失いました, ありがたいコーナー統合のための, それが今、再び軌道にあります.

そう, 礎石は何ですか?

礎石はあなたがXのテーマでほとんど何もすることができますドラッグアンドドロッププラグインです. それと, あなたが取得します WYSIWYG, そして、あなたは簡単にリアルタイムであなたのウェブサイトをカスタマイズすることができます.

めっちゃすごい, 正しい?


(D) Xのテーマを使用して複数の視覚効果

あなたのブログに強力で魅力的な視覚効果を愛しているタイプであれば, あなたはXのテーマにしようとしました.

自ら, それは3Dボタンやエフェクトを作成することになるとXのテーマは非常に良いです. ほとんどの場合, あなたは、ほとんどのプレミアムワードプレスのテーマに簡単に、このような機能を持ってすることはできません. あなたは、どちらかの必要ないくつかの深刻なコーディング作業を持っているか、さらにいくつかのプラグインをインストールすると、目的の結果を取得する必要があります.

Xをテーマにしました, あなたが必要とするすべては、3D効果のためのオプションを選択することで、あなたが行ってもいいです -- すべての下で 10 秒, 以下!



私を信じて, 私はこのに思考の多くを入れて、正直に言うと, I can't make a solid decision (文字通り話します). どちらも、同様に良好であり、はるかに簡単に決定を下します, 以下読んで運びます.


Xのテーマ対テーマを繁栄: 単純, 使用して高速な読み込み速度の容易さ

勝者はテーマを繁栄するようになりました. 承知しました, Xのテーマは良いです, だが このカテゴリにはるかに優れテーマを繁栄.

使いやすいです, もっと重要なのは非常に簡単で、, それは速い読み込み速度を持っています (周りに 1.2 付近でXのテーマに比べ秒 1.8 秒).

アクションでテーマを繁栄見たいです? 完全なデモはこちらをクリック!


Xのテーマ対テーマを繁栄: 設計, 特徴, そして、将来の統合/アップグレード

それがデザインになると, 私はXのテーマはまだ、上の手がテーマの繁栄と比較していることを熱心な信者です. デザイン上の Xのテーマは、多くの場合、より直感的で柔軟性があります, while Thrive Themes is very much '˜by default.'

さらに, Xのテーマは、常に一日1以来の新機能やアップグレードを追加されました. 故に, Xのテーマは1日、彼らがテーマに多くの統合を追加していく場合は特に、業界のトッププレーヤーもあり.



概要: Xのテーマの見直し対テーマを繁栄

I don't believe there is a clear winner when it comes to comparing Xのテーマ対テーマを繁栄. それはあなたがブロガー/ライターとして必要な正確に何に帰着し、これらのテーマは、あなたの毎日の使用で使用することができますか.

あなたは、変換が集中し、リードして高速読み込みのウ​​ェブサイトを探している場合, テーマの繁栄 あなたが使用されるべきものです.

あなたはカスタムテーマに対してよりますと、最初からテーマを作成する場合, 使用を検討してください Xのテーマ それはあなたがあなたのブログをカスタマイズを支援する機能の広い範囲を提供していますよう.

どう思いますか? 以下のコメントを残して、あなたの考えを教えてください.