How Can I Boost My Facebook Page?

Since 2005, I’ve been helping business owners with digital marketing matters. Last week, I was thrown into a question that sound just too familiar. ‘How can I boost my Facebook page?’ The more I help companies with their digital marketing, the more worried I got because with the enormous resources out there on the Internet, … Read more

How To Start A Killer Blog That Converts?

how to start a blog that converts

Anyone can start a blog, but it takes a lot more to start a killer blog. And apart from creating a killer blog, you need to create a blog that converts. Sounds like a challenging task, right? You bet! You see, starting a blog is easy. All you need is to purchase a domain and … Read more

Hootsuite Supports Personal Google+ Profile

hootsuite supports personal google+ profile integration

I wished that one day, Hootsuite will integrate personal Google+ profiles into its social media automation platform. The above was three years back when I first started using Hootsuite. If you are one of those social media marketers like me who loves Hootsuite and waiting for integration with personal Google+ profile, the wait is over. … Read more

How To Create And Keep A Consistent Blogging Schedule

blogging schedule

What is a blogging schedule? A blogging schedule is a schedule that reminds you to publish posts based on specific duration. Take an example of my latest challenge, #60DaysBloggingChallenge. Blogging schedule could benefit bloggers in many ways. Here are some: [bullet_block large_icon=”0.png” width=”” alignment=”center”] Great way to boost visibility Helps bloggers to grow email subscribers … Read more

14 Ways To Prevent Your WordPress Website From Being Hacked

how to secure WordPress website from hackers

‘How to secure WordPress website from hackers?‘ As a blogger (now, freelance writer), the above is one of the most common questions asked by new bloggers and website owners. My answer to them often goes into the deep conversation as I am a huge believer that securing WordPress website from hackers requires more than just … Read more

ConvertKit vs MailChimp: The Best Email Marketing Solution #60DaysBloggingChallenge Day 4

convertkit vs mailchimp

ConvertKit vs MailChimp. In today’s #60DaysBloggingChallenge, I’m going to compare two powerful email marketing services, ConvertKit and MailChimp. Before I start, I would like to highlight that I’ve been using MailChimp (paid account) for over three years before finally moving over to ConvertKit in September 2016. So, here’s the layout of this article. I’ll be … Read more