Making Money As A Web Designer Without Coding Knowledge

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If one of your primary money making strategies is to serve more Google Adsense banners or affiliate marketing, stop. You could get more money from one piece of stellar monetization method than months of praying and playing the hoping game.

Yes my friends, I am talking about becoming a website designer.

Before you even think of giving up due to thousand and one reasons, at least hear me out and who knows, you might be smiling at the end of this article. So tell me if this post gives you the ‘ah-ha’ moment.

Why is a website design important?

A good website template will portray your business brand

Website layout provide the first impression for your visitors

You might not have notice the difference if you are running a small and leisure blog. However, it is very different when it comes to blogging for business. As a matter of fact, I had recently published an article on how the right business website template turned my leisure blog into a full-fledged business … which I highly recommend you to read it, 3 steps to design the best business website templates.

In short, a website design portrays your professionalism and of course, you wouldn’t want to be an average Joe (and just like the other 60 million blogs out there).

For professional bloggers, you would probably want to have your own brand and logo. A website design is one of your brand.

Now, it you think that novice bloggers aren’t going serious with this, think again. I know many bloggers who are trying hard to build a great website design but many aren’t knowledgeable (coding works) like me.

Lack of coding or CSS customization makes building a website theme sounds so impossible. And of course, don’t forget that hiring a web developer could cost you at least $1,000 for a really good theme.

Do you see the opportunity here? Yes, the industry is still new and rather untapped by the big guns (yet). And I am not joking when I say that you can earn from a few hundred bucks to thousands of dollars as a web developer.

So, what happens if you do not know coding skills? Sounds like the end of this dream?

Not really … thanks to technology and a little passion.

Making money as a website designer without coding knowledge

How to become a web designer without coding skills?

With the right tools, you do not need coding skills to build beautiful web templaets

Yes you hear me right. The Internet is blooming and the market to find a good website designer is growing rapidly.

So, the biggest question is how do you leverage from this phenomena?

The goal here is to become a website designer without the knowledge of coding. As crazy as it might sound, this is very doable … and I done that before.

Being a website designer is all about having good imagination and of course, knowledge in coding. Yes, basically two simple elements that can make or break your designing business!

You need:

  • Truck load of ideas
  • The right developer’s tools

How do you get the ideas rolling in endlessly?

Ideas can be found anywhere especially with the help of the Internet

Where does your ideas originated from?

For me, this is probably the easiest part of all. Remember that Internet is your best friend. Scout around for the best header, navigation bars or even layout. Mix and match them to build the prefect web design.

As easy as it sounds, you need to ensure that those ideas are workable. Keep in mind that you are copy-pasting ideas from around the web.

Use these information you gathered to spark a new design.

When I say copy-pasting, it doesn’t mean literally copy and paste. What I meant was use those ideas and modify them. Typically, I uses other website themes of other popular sites as a guideline or base for my template.

This makes imagination on the ‘outcome’ … yes, much easier!

Two resources that I use to get more designing ideas are:

Bear in mind that the above are just examples. Feel free to mix and match anyway you like.

The sky is your limit, my friends. Yup, that’s the beauty of running your own business.

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Turning your ideas into beautiful website templates

How to do you turn ideas into a work of art?

What are the tools needed to turn your ideas into great website templates?

By now, you should already have the ideas at the back of your head and the only thing that holds you back is the lack of CSS knowledge.

I simply overcome it using two separate building tools which are:

  1. Dynamik Website Builder
  2. Genesis Extender

In short, both of these tools help you to build a website template from scratch (literally) … without the need of coding.

Want to change the fonts or probably increase the size of the navigation boxes? Both Dynamik Website Builder and Genesis Extender can do it for you using dropdown buttons.

Of course, Dynamik Website Builder is a great choice when you are thinking of building a website template from scratch while Genesis Extender performs wonders by customizing the current Genesis child themes layout.

The above two tools are just examples which proves that you doesn’t need any computer knowledge to build a stunning website design.

As for the record, a friend of mine in Romania recently got himself Dynamik Website Builder and he turns his passion into a part time business … you, you guessed it right! Web designing.

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So, what if you know some coding knowledge?

Okay, you probably have been blogging over 5 years now and could have some knowledge about CSS and those mind-blowing stuffs.

If you are interested to test your knowledge on CSS, TIm Bonner had wrote a great article here; CSS for Beginners.

Believe it or not, it is even easier for you to make money by designing websites!

The trick here is easy. Find a nice website template that attracts you and grab the CSS style sheet. Now, you wouldn’t want to be ‘penalized’ or get reported on copyright stuffs and therefore, perform appropriate changes to the theme.

It could be as easy as changing the theme colour, fonts and layout.

Personally, make sure that you had changed ‘visibly’ enough before even selling the theme.

I bet this sounds easy to you right? Again, bear in mind that many bloggers are already doing small changes to the current theme files and resell it out.

You probably wouldn’t want to do that and never sell your themes if you half-baked it. Sell it as a whole package or don’t do it at all.

Food for thought: Have you ever thought of becoming a web designer?

Web designing is a very lucrative industry right now. If you are a blogger who is always trying to make a little more money, why don’t give this a try?

It only cost you less than $100 to build and design any WordPress theme without any coding knowledge. All you ever need is either Dynamik Website Builder or Genesis Extender.

If you are a web designer or have experience with this industry, do you mind sharing any tips with me and my readers? Use the comment form below and tell me what you think.

Reginald Chan

Reginald Chan

Professional Business Consultant
Reginald started blogging in 2005 and it soon went from just a hobby to a serious occupation. He specializes in content writing, marketing, social media and SEO. He also tweaks WordPress during his free time. Reginald is also offering paid services and if you need any help, feel free to contact him and check out the services he is offering or check out his latest project on social media marketing,
Reginald Chan
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  • Craig Davidiuk

    Wow Reginald, setting up a WordPress blog with Dynamik Website Builder and Genesis Extender sure sounds simple enough. I understand that the Genesis framework is very secure as well.

    – Craig

    • Reginald Chan

      Hi Craig,

      Thanks for dropping by! Oh yes, both Dynamik Website Builder and Genesis Extender are very good tool to build a WordPress website theme. For starters, it may sound very complicated but as time passed by, you should be just fine.

      It took me about an hour to finish a WordPress theme now and it is in fact, one of the best thing when it comes to web development. I love themes so much and I do it during my leisure time. With the money back guarantee, it is a no brainer too :)

      Drop me a line if you need any help. Will try my best to help out. Have a blessed week mate!

  • Enstine Muki

    Wow Reginald 😉

    You make it quite clear that anyone with a sharp brain can make money online. No need for some specific skills

    The Genesis Extender is surely very interesting man. I’m checking it out and thanks for sharing

    • Reginald Chan

      Hey Enstine,

      How have you been mate? Thank you for your kind words. I believe you are already doing it. Well, it really depends how ‘hardworking’ you are.

      For me, I rather choose a Genesis theme and use Extender to change it. If you have the time, you can easily use Dynamik Website Builder to build a theme from scratch.

      Extender is a mini version of Dynamik :)

      Last time, yes you need coding skills. Nowadays, coding skill is old school. What you need is time. Haha!

  • Kumar Chandan

    Hi, Reginald,
    Yes, true, our website is our branding and its leave a big impression on our visitors. So, if the design is good enough to attract visitor, can be helpful for us.

    I have never listen before about those online tools like dynamic websites build and other.
    Thank you for sharing. :)
    Have a great week. :)

    • Reginald Chan

      Hi Kumar,

      How are you old friend? Hope you are in good health! You looks busy! :)

      Both are these tools are about one to two years old. For starters, no one really look at them but when they started to work with Genesis, everything changed. Drop me a line if by any chance you need help and will try my best to do so.

      Talk to you soon mate.

  • Sunday

    I have heard it time without numbers that Dynamik Website Builder or Genesis Extender are two great tools for building websites without coding knowledge.

    The re-emphasis from this post is helpful and I would readily like to take advantage of it.

    The benefit of building a template without coding cannot be ignored, and I appreciate the recommendations from this post.

    In, this post was shared and the above comment was left in the content syndication website.

    Sunday – contributor

    • Reginald Chan

      Hi Sunday,

      Thanks for commenting and sharing this on kingged. Both of these tools are great especially when you are lack of coding knowledge. All you need is probably a few hours during the weekend and you would be able to build a full-fledge (and working) theme from your own backyard. Plus, saving thousands of dollar.

      Of course, having some coding knowledge would be great though. Haha!

  • James

    Hi Reginald,

    I have been a regular reader and consistent follower of your blog post the month you started, and have been fascinated with different design layout and customization you have been giving your website till this present Genesis pro theme sixteen nine.

    For some time, I have been wondering how to insert Genesis affiliate banner below my blog posts.

    I will sure head over to both Genesis extension plugin and the dynamix builder.

    Thanks friend for sharing this helpful guide.

    • Reginald Chan

      Hi James,

      Thank you for your kind words. I love testings and most of the time, it is usually on A/B testing. Haha!

      Have you fund the way to add the banner below your post? Hit me up if you need help on that and talk to you soon.

      Oh yes, you are most welcome!

  • Jeevan Jacob John

    Hey Reginald,

    Up until recently (like last week), I put my resources into finding better themes, trying them out and buying the best ones.

    And, I do have a few licenses (including a license Headway Drag and Drop theme framework).

    Headway has a lot of options (and it is those options that overwhelmed). Well, last week, I decided to finally go for it, to try each feature (I thought, let’s just go for it. I haven’t launched the blog anyways? So, it won’t hurt to try).

    As for inspiration, well your blog is my inspiration for the font (right now, I am using Roboto for my blog :D). Thank you for that 😉

    I am glad that I made that decision. I am still playing around. I was thinking of buying a plugin/theme for the coming soon page, but now I have decided to use Headway to design one 😀

    Anyways, interesting thought you have here. I haven’t really thought about using drop and drop theme/frameworks to design themes and sell them. But, it could work out. I have added it to my money making ideas list.

    Thank you Reginald! Hope you are having a good week!

    • Reginald Chan

      Hi Jeevan,

      Actually the idea came to me when one of my readers bought Dynamik Website Builder from me. 2 months later, he PM-ed on Twitter and asked for suggestion. I realized he was running an agency and even teaching clients how to build their own theme. Instead of selling a ready made theme that could cost thousands, he taught them (with a small price) on using it and guess what!

      He’s making more money and clients are happier!

      Thing is, developers are going to hate this. Well, it is indeed a game changer and when Eric (the guy behind Dynamik) released the option to export the ready made theme, I knew that was it. Haha!

      Time is changing and those who change will succeed right? It happens but hey, that’s fun :)

      Thanks for commenting mate.

      *p/s There are probably dozens of web builders out there but I only use a few and those are the ones I will recommend 😉

      • Jeevan Jacob John

        That’s great. Yeah, it helps for customers to learn to design on their own.

        Oh, yes. But, times are changing and we need better solutions (of course, I was doing designing for a living, I wouldn’t have said). But, I think designers can use it.

        Unlike clients, designers have better knowledge of style and well, design (so they can use that help clients to design their own themes).

        No mention. Thanks for the reply!

        Hope you have a great weekend!

        • Reginald Chan

          Hey Jeevan,

          No problem. Oh designing huh? I thought I wanted but the workload and the time to learn it is insane. Don’t have much so decided to ditch it. Haha~

          Thanks for dropping by.

  • Tim Bonner

    Hi Reginald

    I bought the Genesis Framework and Dynamik Website Builder after I ditched the updated version of Pagelines.

    It’s made it so easy to design my blog and I particularly like that I can use custom CSS on the front end to see how it looks before I commit to the changes.

    I’ve not thought of designing websites for others but it’s something to think about for the future.

    Enjoy the rest of your week Reginald!


    • Reginald Chan

      Hi Tim,

      Thanks for commenting. Well, I got to admit that i love Dynamik Website Builder, Extender and Genesis Framework altogether. And, I also know that there are many developers who hate them from inside out but why? Because it makes newbie looks good and building a theme makes it so much easier!

      I have yet to really sell it but I do build them and give them away for free (during my free time).

      Thanks for commenting and glad to see you here mate!

  • metz

    Hello again Reginald!

    It is quite revealing and amusing. “With the right tools, you do not need coding skills to build beautiful web templates” well that is nice to hear!

    Hmmn, Genesis Extender. I’ve heard several good things about Genesis and I like it. While Dynamik Website Builder is foreign to me. Well, thanks for sharing these tools with us. The worries were trimmed down because of this! Thanks!

    I found this post shared on, the Internet marketing social site, and I “kingged” it and left this comment.

    • Reginald Chan

      Hi Metz,

      Thanks for dropping by :)

      Oh yes, these tools make newbie bloggers and web developers look good! Haha! But of course, this is just a cheap way out and if you are not willing to spend hundreds of dollars.

      Well, if you are interested in making some money, it is also a good investment … I would say!

      Appreciate the read and share too.

  • Babanature

    Hello Reginald,
    I can see that you have finally switched back to the native wordpress commenting system :)
    Ok, let me tell you the truth. i have not heard of Genesis extender before, so checking the tool is my next stop to see if i can create me a customize theme :).
    Now my question is, since they are free, will they add their link anywhere or a hidden link. Just want to know how safe they are :)

    • Reginald Chan

      Hi Babanature,

      How are you? Oh yes, I swap back to CommentLuv or WordPress comment system because while having Google+ comment works well, it drag my loading speed over 1 sec to get data from big G. So, no way and keeping it simple back at WordPress system.

      Actually, both Dynamik Website Builder and Extender are both premium plugins (below $100). Eric is the owner of CobaltApps (the dev team behind both the plugins) and he is reputed. I mean, he works for WP Engine and as well as working with Brian Gardner in terms of getting the plugin ready for Genesis.

      So yes, you are in good hands. Just saying … Dynamik Website Builder is best when you are building a theme from scratch while Extender is used to modify the current theme. Also, both comes with 30-days money back guarantee with works 100% well.

      Hope this helps mate.

      • Babanature

        Hey Reginald,
        Thanks for the clarification :). i have browse both sites and they look awesome indeed. I might optin for one because i am thinking of changing my theme by the end of the year to customizing it to my taste will be a brilliant idea indeed ;).
        Thanks once again and do have a peaceful week

        • Reginald Chan

          Hey mate,

          No problem at all. I came across both by accident actually. Even though I am a huge Genesis fan, having some common theme with others is pretty weird. Haha.

          So I ended up using them on my free time. The problem is there are so many options to choose from until I can’t decide which is the best I should use. Haha! Crazy right?

          Thanks for replying to me mate. Appreciate it.

  • Susan Velez

    Hi Reginald,

    I had no clue about the Dynamik Website Builder and Genesis Extender. Definitely sounds like it could come in handy for someone who wanted to create their own theme.

    I always thought that you had to be a coder to create a theme. I know that getting one outsourced can be very expensive.

    These sources can definitely save someone a lot. Not to mention they could also turn this into a full-time business if they chose.

    Thanks for sharing this with us and I hope you have a great day.


    • Reginald Chan

      Hi Susan!

      How are you dear old friend?

      Haha! I used to dream of building my own theme but due to the fact that I lack of coding skills, I usually give up faster than ever! Thank God I found them both and hey, it really make my dreams come true.

      I don’t see my theme (I gave out a few though) but it was a great experience. Imagine building something that you put your heart and soul in.

      Thanks for commenting!

  • Aditya

    WOW!! You ideas and way of presentation are great!! Really checking out other blogs while commenting leads to new ideas and at last i have the “ah-ha” moment!! :) Mr.Chan

    • Reginald Chan

      Hi Aditya,

      Glad you find this useful mate. Of course, more tips coming and feel free to signup for my newsletter. Many tips coming through my newsletters 😀

      Take care mate.